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To: Jorj X Mckie who started this subject10/1/2002 12:17:26 AM
From: Lost1
   of 63513
The F State (Florida)

Among the 11 proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot in Florida is one to make pregnant pigs more comfortable by forbidding farmers to house them in "inhumane" 2-foot-by-7-foot cages, even though, reportedly, only two farmers in the state still use the cages, and they say the cages prevent injury to the pigs. If it passes, it will likely be the only animal right enshrined in a U.S. constitution. [Florida Times-Union, 8-10-02]

In August, the state attorney in Palm Beach, Fla., began investigating psychic Linda Marks after two former clients accused her of exploiting them. Veronica Lynn Boys admitted that she had paid Marks $1.1 million over a seven-year-period, including $150,000 cash on the spot at their first session, when Marks warned Boys of bad luck as a small snake emerged from an egg Marks had placed on a table. Also, an 88-year-old woman said she signed over her condo to Marks, and paid $22,000 for furniture and improvements to it, under similar circumstances. [Sun-Sentinel, 8-10-02]

Don Bates, 55, running for the school board in Inverness, Fla., as one of the self-proclaimed "God guys" who would beef up religion at board meetings, resigned in August when it came to light that he had been arrested in 1994 for masturbating (while naked from the waist down) in a parking lot in nearby Crystal River. The day before the story broke, he had asked supporters for unusually large campaign contributions, citing "the scriptures." [St. Petersburg Times, 8-17-02]

In Gainesville, Fla., in August, accused drug dealer Marcus Isom, 26, was convicted of ordering the murder of Lemuel Larkin, who he believed stole from him. According to testimony, Isom had consulted both Georgia spiritual adviser "The Root Man" and "Miss Cleo's" psychic hotline to find out who scammed him, and both gave descriptions that led Isom to finger Larkin. Investigators believe a man named Truth Miller was the hit man, killing Larkin as he emerged from Boobie's Bar in Archer, Fla. [Gainesville Sun, 8-17-02]

Four of the five county commissioners in Pensacola, Fla., were indicted for land-sales corruption in April, and by September, two had agreed to testify against a third (the alleged leader, the former dean of the state senate, C.D. Childers). Among the principals are a commissioner who owns a funeral home with a drive-through window (and who, as a payoff, arranged for bedroom furniture for his paramour, who rejected it as too cheap); a man who needed the bribe money to buy his son's wife breast implants because she said she was "tired of wearing a training bra"; a huge, cigar-chomping car salesman who always carries thousands of dollars in cash; and two commissioners who denied they violated the state open-meetings law during their private scam sessions, in that one of them was always careful to remain silent. [St. Petersburg Times, 8-11-02]

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To: Jorj X Mckie who started this subject11/21/2002 2:25:36 PM
From: Lost1
   of 63513
we're back baby...I'm summoning the Princess..rubbing the "lamp" as I<gg>

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To: Lost1 who wrote (63499)11/21/2002 2:26:27 PM
From: Augustus Gloop
   of 63513
Any oil left in that thing? <g>

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To: Ms. X who wrote (56096)11/21/2002 2:26:42 PM
From: Lost1
   of 63513
please come back Princess..we need some magic :)

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To: Augustus Gloop who wrote (63500)11/21/2002 2:27:19 PM
From: Lost1
   of 63513

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To: Lost1 who wrote (63502)11/21/2002 2:30:03 PM
From: Augustus Gloop
   of 63513
Way to go elmer

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To: Augustus Gloop who wrote (63503)11/21/2002 2:54:31 PM
From: Lost1
   of 63513
TXN..good short here with it's high PE or headed higher?
(I'm long from <14 on the big drubbing)

39.00 | | | 39.00
38.00 | | | 38.00
37.00 | | | 37.00
36.00 | | | 36.00
35.00 | X X + | | 35.00
34.00 | X O X O X + | | 34.00
33.00 | X 3 O X O X O + | | 33.00
32.00 | 2 O X O O X O X + | | 32.00
31.00 | + X O X 4 + O X O + | | 31.00
30.00 | O X O X + + 5 X O + | | 30.00
29.00 | O X O + O X O + | | 29.00
28.00 | O X + O X O + + | | 28.00
27.00 | O X + O O X X + | | 27.00
26.00 | O + 6 X O X X O + | | 26.00
25.00 | + O X O X O X O + | | 25.00
24.00 | O O X O X O + | | 24.00
23.00 | O X O X O X + | | 23.00
22.00 | 7 O O X O + | | 22.00
21.00 | O X X O X + | | 21.00
20.00 | O X O X O X O + | | 20.00
19.50 | 8 X O X O X O + X X | | 19.50
19.00 | O X O O X O + X O X | | 19.00<
18.50 | O 9 O + X O X |High| 18.50
18.00 | O + X X O X | | 18.00
17.50 | O X + X X O X O X | | 17.50
17.00 | O X X O X O X O X O | | 17.00
16.50 | O X O A X O X O B O X | | 16.50
16.00 | O X O X O X O O X O X |Avg | 16.00
15.50 | O X O X O X O X O X + | | 15.50
15.00 | O O X O X O X O X + | | 15.00
14.50 | O O X + O X O + | | 14.50
14.00 | O X + O X + | | 14.00
13.50 | O + O + |Low | 13.50
13.00 | + + | | 13.00
12.50 | | | 12.50

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To: Augustus Gloop who wrote (63503)11/21/2002 3:18:10 PM
From: Lost1
   of 63513
UPDATE - U.S. gov't posts $53.99 bln budget deficit in October
Thursday November 21, 3:03 pm ET

WASHINGTON, Nov 21 (Reuters) - The U.S. government kicked off the new fiscal year in the red, posting a $53.99 billion budget shortfall, the Treasury Department said on Thursday.

The gap in the first month of the 2003 budget year was larger than Wall Street analysts had been anticipating and was up sharply from October 2001's $7.66 billion shortfall.

However, October 2001 revenues were inflated by the delay of a corporate tax payment date. As part of the 10-year, $1.35 trillion tax cut enacted by Congress in 2001, one of four quarterly tax dates for companies was pushed from September 2001 to October 2001, artificially boosting the 2002 budget year's revenues by about $23 billion, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates.

In the 2002 budget year, which ended Sept. 30, the government posted a budget shortfall of $157.67 billion, the first annual deficit since 1997.

The 2002 budget gap had originally been reported as $158.52 billion. The Treasury said the revised figure, released Thursday, was due to additional reporting from various government agencies that resulted in less spending.

While the White House is projecting a $109 billion gap for the new budget year, private sector forecasts have ranged up to $200 billion. Economists polled by Reuters prior to the October report's release had forecast a $47.20 billion shortfall for the month.

The return to deficits has led Democrats to fault the Bush administration's economic policies. But the Republican-led administration has blamed the shortfalls on lower revenues due to the weak economy and the falling stock market.

In October, government revenues totaled $124.93 billion, down from $157.16 billion in the same month a year ago. The decline was led by a 13 percent drop in personal individual tax revenues, which along with Social Security monies, make up the bulk of the government's income.

Spending was also up sharply, rising to $178.93 billion from $164.82 billion in October 2001. Defense spending alone totaled $30.39 billion, reflecting the war on terrorism and the buildup for a possible military confrontation with Iraq. In October 2001, defense spending was $26.37 billion.

Medicare spending also jumped, rising to $21.68 billion from $17.17 billion, the Treasury said.

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To: Lost1 who wrote (63499)11/21/2002 3:21:23 PM
From: Jorj X Mckie
   of 63513

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To: Jorj X Mckie who wrote (63506)11/22/2002 7:53:34 AM
From: Lost1
   of 63513
long fried DOH!? Krispy Kreme Profit Rises 55 Percent
1 hour, 21 minutes ago Add Business - Reuters to My Yahoo!

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (Reuters) - Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. (NYSE:KKD - news) said on Friday third-quarter earnings rose 55 percent as robust doughnut sales were complemented by a new coffee-selling initiative.

The company, known for its "hot original glazed" and other premium doughnuts, reported net income for the quarter ended Nov. 3 totaled $10.1 million, or 17 cents a diluted share, up from $6.5 million, or 11 cents a diluted share, a year-earlier.

Wall Street analysts, on average, had been expecting the company to earn 16 cents per share, according to research firm Thomson First Call.

Systemwide sales, including sales from company-owned and franchise locations, rose 26.5 percent to $195.3 million. Sales in stores open for at least one year -- a key measure known as comparable store sales -- rose percent, and increased 10.1 percent systemwide.

Looking ahead, the company said it expects fourth-quarter earnings per share to rise nearly 30 percent to 18 cents per share from the 14 cents per share earned a year earlier. That is in line with current Wall Street expectations.

Krispy Kreme shares, which are down about 16 percent so far this year, ended Thursday up 5 cents at $36.95 in Nasdaq composite trade on the New York Stock Exchange (news - web sites).

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