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   Gold/Mining/EnergyKITCO - Gold discussion

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From: Romanov6/9/2016 6:52:38 PM
   of 989
Carpathian Gold CPNFF +22% Yes Mugwump saw your posts, here's a link I posted this on Philbond007's site some time ago, I got it then at .02. Largest undeveloped gold deposit in Europe.

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To: Romanov who wrote (869)6/9/2016 7:36:00 PM
From: Roan01
   of 989
In the link seeking alpha says they will not use cyanide in their operation. So how will they get the gold out. If there is copper involved. I doubt the rocks would support gravity separation.

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From: Hambone6/9/2016 7:37:02 PM
   of 989
Objection? I thought we already had lots of SI types moderating.

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To: permabear1 who wrote (865)6/9/2016 8:44:38 PM
From: Rack
   of 989
Thanks for that Pb1

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From: ZZeus6/9/2016 9:15:10 PM
   of 989
MODERATION - APPOINTEE should be decided by the group.
--- > not by application without this group's review.

There, I've said it. As others have said, most of this group has been together since AlGore
invented the internet. Its dynamic should not be stifled.

We know how to behave, occasional political talk is OK by many, as is discussion of medical
and health issues, as it all adds to what otherwise would be a bored board.

We are DEFINITELY NOT PC. And Proud of it. BTW, that may not be tolerable at SI, so we
may have to occasionally pull our heads in on some issues while we're on SI.

That may limit our time here at SI, if we cannot interact as we have done @ voy. We were
unrestricted before, apart from Pyrite's infrequent intervention, and more recently Norwester,
Earl and a few others acting as Mod's. We were, in most instances, managed very well, and
with very little interference.

I'd like to propose a moderator headed by that same group here, for continuity purposes,
and also because we know they have not been heavy-handed in their mod roles.

With respect to Trinovant, I wish I knew something about how you would moderate this board.
Which is why I'd prefer a known mod. Or at the very least, a well-known poster who would
rarely intervene --- perhaps someone like Frus, Roan, Mugwump.
The mod has the capability
to upset the status quo, and lose posters, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

OK I've said my piece, now I'll STFU.

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To: Roan01 who wrote (870)6/9/2016 9:20:15 PM
From: Romanov
   of 989
Roan, project details in link here of mineralization, no mention here of cyanide. I have podcast of the CEO who is a real dealmaker like Trump.

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From: ZZeus6/9/2016 9:21:32 PM
   of 989
BTW, I can only recall 2 posters who were banned at voy in 8 years.
Forum Maturity --- comes with, or because, all of us being geezers I guess.

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To: ZZeus who wrote (873)6/9/2016 10:57:29 PM
From: SI Dmitry (code monkey)
   of 989
Dear ZZeus,

We are happy to put the Moderator role up for a vote of subject participants.

I was trying to extricate myself from the interim role as quickly as possible, sorry if I jumped the gun in the appointment. At the time, only one KITCO participant had expressed interest.

Please put up some names of other Members interested.



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To: SI Dmitry (code monkey) who wrote (876)6/9/2016 11:30:57 PM
From: oilboiler13
   of 989
I have no issues with who the moderator is, there are only a couple of problem posters and they are not here yet - but I am not sure that a moderator is needed here. By clicking on the name of the poster, I see that you have the option of ignoring him. If a poster was really nasty, there is a "report abuse" thingy. I would think that would take care of most issues, OCICBW.

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From: Hambone6/9/2016 11:35:03 PM
   of 989
Mugs is interested. Put Mugs on the ballot. Pyrite too.

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