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   Microcap & Penny StocksSAFR - Safari Associates Inc.

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To: Rory McLeod who wrote (9)7/30/1998 11:44:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
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I know Jan & Feb are similar. I told the company the problem (IMHO) was that they missed the ticker in the release. Did they listen, learn, who knows.

Had enough?! I'm sure we have more! Digging as I type<g>!

It's a long for us and we'll continue to share what we have, provided you still want it!


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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (13)8/16/1998 1:41:00 PM
From: Cavalry
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To: Cavalry who wrote (14)8/16/1998 4:07:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
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Well we didn't receive a copy of the entire report, only the Safari portion. Send the number on, PM if you wish I would call. My copy came directly from the company. I guess they were trying to keep us focused.<g>

We did know it was an International only release, but was not aware who generated it. The name of the underwriter is one piece of information we do not have.

I have hoped for some time that Mort would do SOMETHING in the way of IR and promotion. Their new website is defiantly a step in the right direction.

To date I have been unable to verify the legal proceedings from an unbiased source. This didn't make me run out and buy more. As said in an earlier post I think the release was overstated, even when only discussing recycled cameras. From what I've been told the other guys do it too, they just don't tell you! Taken with a grain of salt this would still be an excellent thing for Safari. We would be happy with a reasonable percentage of their target price.

To date Mort has continued to use his available cash to build the company. His focus has been on advertising in specialty magazines like Shotgun News, mailings to S&W stocking dealers and faxing to other gun dealers. With this they market the recoil pads, targets and Hunter/Outdoorsman Cameras. They also exhibit at specialty trade shows where all of the products are available for purchase and with someone ready and waiting to take down that large order. Most of their deals at shows are samples taken for testing before someone places an order.

The cameras are marketed in a variety of ways. They use distributors, retail and direct sales via the Internet. Some of the distributors have targeted promotions, which have proven very successful. I was thinking of a Stockholders Meeting/Party Special. There would be two versions. One with ticker tapes, confetti and champagne bottles and the other with pitchforks, axes and a hangman's noose. What do you think?

For the reasons above I can't say if it was a paid promotion or not. Even if it is I dare you to find another one in their 5-year history! He continues to market the company and not the stock. As we are investors in this stock we tend to agree with his focus, but our portfolio sure would look better if the price moved (up that is)!

We were invested well before this release. They don't have an investor kit available so it's been long chats with Mort Berger and others involved with the company. We have seen literature on the recoil pads, felt the product, used the cameras and seen the other products. Regular calls are made to check on progress.

The company is real, functional, on the verge of profitability, has a reasonably small float and is tying up loose ends to bring the SEC Filings to date. This is why we are invested, not that release.

I had lots of notes on the company but much of it is now on the website.
He doesn't even have an investors page there yet!

Have a nice weekend,


p.s. How's the WAMM count going?

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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (15)8/16/1998 5:53:00 PM
From: Cavalry
   of 33 full report, union trading of norway, put 011
in front of # sorry, i was rude how i did that, scam was harsh, paid report is better wording, look at aldm now afri thread, same players.
ps won't do that again, hope i'm wrong just since that barrington report starting going around si only two sales ever for safr, i was watching hoping it's real, makes no sense about law suit, fuji stopping their own imports? why, would they? good luck may be home run you are at the all time low, make sure you don't have an offshore transfer agent and see what union trading has to do with safr, make sure they aren't doing a big secondary offering in europe which will dilute your shareholder value, do they have a proprietary technology, leasing from smith & wesson is nothing, what makes them different or special you need to find a copy of some legitimate verification of that lawsuit, surf international patent type web sites i will lurk to see if you find any good info, if you convince me i will post a retraction and apology am interested in outcome

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To: Cavalry who wrote (16)8/16/1998 9:52:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
Thanks for your reasonable response. I found the info and didn't even realize it was on the net. You did raise some interesting questions that I will pursue further.

I can answer, or address, some of your comments now:

makes no sense about law suit, fuji stopping their own imports? why, would they?

IMHO I don't believe they are not trying to stop imports, just ones without patents. The "legal action with the International Trade Commission" leaves Safari out of the mix. From what we understand all the work on the recycled cameras is done in the US. One of the films they use to reload IS Fuji. With Safari they make money either way!

Anyway could you imagine this company going against a US company that recycles plastic and saves it from our dumps?! They wouldn't even need lawyers, Bring in one or two of the major ecology groups and they would do the work for them! I don't feel they would even want to go there.

In my area law REQUIRES us, to recycle at our place of business. Isn't that what they are doing?<g> Of course this is JMHO and food for thought.

make sure you don't have an offshore transfer agent and see what union trading has to do with safr, make sure they aren't doing a big secondary offering in europe which will dilute your shareholder value

This I can't answer but will research.

do they have a proprietary technology

Yes. This is on the recoil pads and the targets. From what I understand they do not want to patent the products. A patent will protect then in the US, and numerous countries that respect / reciprocate our laws, but this makes the process public. I understand Mort's logic and feel he is more knowledgeable than I on the subject than I am.

The only example I could cite goes back many years. I grew up around the film / developing industries as I had family in the business. Avoiding names just to keep us clean, this is all JMHO.

The P Company had the patent for instant pictures, actually they had two. The one they used and the one where they held as a hedge on competition. At this time the K Company made their film (bet you didn't know that!). The K Company didn't have any instant cameras. When the P Company positioned themselves to make their own film the K Company determined they were going to suffer a substantial loss in manufacturing. As they were already in this business they began to manufacture a product, at least similar, to the second patent. I never found out who won. My money is on the lawyers!

leasing from smith & wesson is nothing, what makes them different or special

With this I STRONGLY disagree. Licensing with S&W adds a MAJOR credibility factor to an otherwise unknown company. I don't believe S&W would sanction this if they didn't believe in the products. They have to be concerned about liability. It increases sales for SAFR and increases the bottom line for S&W. I have always loved a win-win deal! From what I understand they are looking at expanding the relationship.

surf international patent type web sites

We haven't figured out the OTC yet! For people who only seem to learn the hard way, additional pain and suffering isn't in the foreseeable future! <VBG>

Any information you find would be appreciated.


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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (17)8/17/1998 1:45:00 AM
From: Cavalry
   of 33
that was some solid dd you have in on this one, i apologize again
you made some excellent points and i will rethink my earlier comments
with safr at an all time low, and the squeezy tight float you could get a nice pop with a decent piece of news or two, good luck on this one

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To: Cavalry who wrote (18)8/18/1998 12:30:00 AM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
Accepted, but I agree you raised some questions worth asking.

After reading THE BARRINGTON REPORT I noticed the statement that says "Barrington Financial is a subsidiary of Union Trading Financial Ltd. - a full-service discount brokerage firm with headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands." I decided to save an INTERNATIONAL dime and take both of you at your word.

As for them being the Underwriter I called the company and was told this was not true. My DD file for this item is blank because they currently do not have an underwriter. Their underwriter was Churchill Securities who is no longer in business.

Mort did acknowledge that several underwriters, both here and abroad, interested in SAFR have contacted him. He also said he was not connected, in any way, with Union Trading Financial Ltd.. He also said this was not a paid release. Maybe this is their version of a free sample! <g>

The conversation on a secondary offering was less clear. What I did get out of the conversation was that it would not be done without increased shareholder equity. We have previously discussed his attempts for international distribution. These items may be connected.

After being burned on another stock or five I had some very direct questions to Mort, in our earlier conversations, on dilution. IMHO his answers were always very positive. He feels that additional dilution should equal additional shareholder equity. Sometimes I leave these conversations wondering if this is really a penny stock! Gullible, maybe. Hopeful, yes! Watching, always!!

I should be the one to apologize! These long posts are a result of holding the stock for a long time and only having a very few to discuss it with! You insight and objectivity are appreciated.



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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (19)8/18/1998 12:38:00 AM
From: Cavalry
   of 33
these posts are a piece of history, there are many good companies
which aren't flashy or trendy who need investors like you to get the word out, if any of my other stocks finally go up and i can take some profits i will look at this one as a possibilty
thank you for your response

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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (19)9/3/1998 10:52:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
The following is an OCR version of the current investor letter, in case anyone is interested. If there any "typos" please blame me and not the company. I think that all the OCR problems are cleaned up but proofing is not my forte.



64 Edison Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010

Voice: 518-842-6500 Fax: 518-842-6657

August 27, 1998

Since our last letter to stockholders, there have been some very positive developments in our business. Your Company now has four new wholly owned operating subsidiaries. We have been granted an exclusive license to make, use and sell Smith & Wesson single-use and conventional cameras and Smith & Wesson recoil pads. Your Company acquired all of the issued and outstanding stock of Shoothru Inc., through which we now market unique self-sealing reactive pistol and rifle targets. We are presently negotiating new relationships in order to increase our product line with more unique products that will fit into our distribution network.


This Company is licensed by Smith & Wesson Corp., to exclusively make, use and sell Smith & Wesson single-use and conventional cameras. It is now producing Smith & Wesson single-use cameras for sale to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. There are over 20,000 police departments In the United States. We believe that with proper marketing, many of these police departments will purchase Smith & Wesson single-use cameras to be issued to all of their field personnel and that the Smith & Wesson single-use law enforcement cameras will become standard equipment for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Smith & Wesson has been an American tradition as a law enforcement supplier since 1852. It is known for its high standards of quality and innovation. At $4 50 each, law enforcement agencies cannot afford not to arm themselves with Smith & Wesson single-use cameras. Law enforcement is a growth industry, which we are penetrating with our Smith & Wesson cameras and Shoothru self-sealing targets.

We are now dealing with a major camera manufacturer in the Orient to design and produce a 35mm time and date camera that we intend to sell to law enforcement agencies to supplement the single-use camera Our plan is to sell to law enforcement agencies and tie in a two year agreement to supply the agencies with photographic film. We recently commenced marketing the Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Camera by direct mail, fax and advertising. Preliminary results have been very promising. Our direct mail and faxing is directed to about 1,000 law enforcement agencies a month. Enclosed is an article reviewing the Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Camera that appeared in the June, 1993 issue of Law & Order Magazine. This magazine is read be law enforcement personnel throughout the United States and has resulted in sales and inquiries. We use this article in our marketing by direct mail and faxing.


Over 76 million single-use cameras were sold in the United States in 1997. Approximately 20 million of these cameras wire produced in the Orient, predominantly China. Fuji has commenced a legal action in the United States Trade Commission to stop these cameras from entering the United States as they allegedly violate Fuji patents. Because of the uncertainties caused by this lawsuit, retailers and importers are purchasing fewer of these cameras. Safari Camera Corporation is taking advantage of the Fuji lawsuit, which does not apply to Safari Camera Corporation. Safari has established a national field rep organization to offer its cameras to retail stores and as premium and promotional cameras. The market for single-use cameras has grown 1900% since 1985 and is projected to grow 2O% a year for the next five years Automobile insurance companies are now recommending that every vehicle be equipped with a single-use camera Safari Camera Corporation intends to penetrate this new market Your Company is now producing private label single-use cameras for the Price Chopper food chain, the New York State Museum, the Battleship New Jersey Foundation which is dedicated to bringing the Battleship New Jersey home to New Jersey and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry which is operated by the Delaware River and Bay Authority.


This subsidiary has an exclusive license from Smith & Wesson Corp to make, use and sell recoil pads under the Smith & Wesson name The Smith & Wesson recoil pad is vastly superior to any other recoil pad now on the market. Recoil pads are affixed to rifle and shotgun buns to reduce the impact caused by recoil when rifles and shotguns are fired. Our marketing includes selling to rifle and shotgun suppliers. distributors, gunsmiths and owners of rifles and shotguns who want to replace existing recoil pads.

Within the next four months, we will be distributing a self-adhering recoil pad that is without competition. The new recoil pad will adhere to any outer garment worn by the shooter and can be removed, moved and will adhere to any other garment. The "Stick-On" recoil pad is approximately 3/8' inch thick. It is believed that the new Stick-On recoil pad is appropriate for mass-market merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and Sports Authority. When in full production, and after marketing, the recoil pad market can be a high profit revenue source.


Shoothru lnc., was acquired by Safari Associates Inc., in January, 1998. This Company distributes Shoothru self-sealing knock down and knock down-spring back targets. Shoothru Inc, has these targets manufactured targets will replace steel knock down targets that are now being used by law enforcement agencies, shooting ranges and individuals throughout the United States and Europe. Steel knock down targets cause many injuries by reason of the spatter, fragmentation and ricochet that results when a bullet strikes the target. It is expected that the use of steel knock down targets will be prohibited by law within the next three years.

Shoothru Inc., has commenced marketing of its targets to federal and state law enforcement agencies, shooting ranges and individuals. With proper marketing, it is expected that this will be a very substantial profit center.

Your Company is actively pursuing mergers, acquisitions and other arrangements for the purpose of increasing its product line and sales potential. We will make you aware should any of these ongoing negotiations result in any of the foregoing.

We are now preparing our financial statements so that the Company can file with the baited State Securities and Exchange Commission to become a Reporting Company

Finally, your Company has a new website at If you wish you can email any inquiries you may have by using the email on the website or simply email


Morton Berger

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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (21)9/17/1998 10:21:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
An SI poster with level II was kind enough to get the MM's for me.

Since I'm talking to myself anyway, here you go Jeff:

Market Makers:
Very odd looking screen. These are the MMs:

Thanks k. By the time we get level II the real investors will have level III!


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