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   Microcap & Penny StocksSAFR - Safari Associates Inc.

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To: Neurogenesis who wrote (1)7/26/1998 5:11:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
Gee, I just thought he was fishing <g> for answers about the company.

As for his syntax, he actually used less than was in the original release. They had A LOT more in in bold and a partial use italics. The rest is as stated. The information I received from the company is that this was a Barrington International only release. The location in his profile explains how he received the info.We have had this for a month or two, faxed directly from the company.

We have a small position in this company and have held it for about 8 months. Little if any information was available on the internet, prior to their web page, which is a very new addition to the company. I have DAYS invested in that statement, but feel free to check for yourself <g>. Almost all of my information comes directly from the company or people closely connected to the company. It's just normal dd to check in once and a while to see how things are going.

Well Rory asked for some info first so I guess I'll go answer him.

BTW, If anyone mortgaged their house to invest in any BB stock I would consider them a fool! Of course that's just my humble opinion.

Check back in, you might even find them interesting.


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To: Rory McLeod who wrote ()7/26/1998 6:02:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
Rory here's some of my basic DD. I have had this going for some time. Much of what I have is now on the web pages with more detailed information. Here goes anyway:

Safari Associates Inc
64 Edson Street
Amsterdam, NY 12010
Telephone: (518) 842-6500
Fax: (518) 842-6657

Shares (approximate):

Issued / Outstanding 7,500,000
Restricted / Insider 4,700,000
Float 2,800,000

Transfer Agent:
American Registrar & Transfer Co
10 Exchange Pl # 705
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-5116
Richard M. Day, President

Major Products:

SAFARI Single Use Cameras
SAFARI Recoil Pad
SAFARI Shoothru Self Sealing Targets

Web Page:

SEC Filings:
None Yet. They are currently working on 4 years worth of back filings.My last update was that receive a phone call almost every day asking for more information. Sounds like progress to me.

Recoil pads:
Not being an avid long gun user the explanation is going to be basic. This product mounts on the butt of a rifle. It absorbs the "kick" of the rifle when it is fired. The person firing the rifle enjoys the sport and avoids the pains. Simple enough?
They also have a new product that attaches to clothing. It is thinner and not as effective. It was introduced to meet a specific consumer market, not replace the original. I guess if you really wanted to avoid a "kick" you could use both!
They also have a new product for skeet shooting.

ú Exclusive deal with Smith and Wesson for marketing.
ú Completed brochure April/May
ú Mailed to 3500 Stocking Dealers in June
ú Mass faxing to Gun Dealers
ú Placing/placed Ad in Shotgun News

Safari Targets:
ú Poly Material «'' thick
ú Takes 1000 shots (or more) before replacement
ú Bullet goes through and self seals
ú No flying ammo or target fragments, increased safety
Current Targets:
ú Made of Steel and are knock-down only
ú Can cause fragmentation of ammo and target
ú Products can be a safety hazard

Safari Cameras:
ú I have used a few of these cameras and the quality was great
ú Pictures taken by a six year old came out great too - ease of use
ú Diversified marketing program
ú Exclusive deal with Smith and Wesson for marketing the Law Enforcement Single Use Cameras

This is a tightly held "real world" company. It is not an "internet" stock. To the best of my knowledge we are the only ones on SI invested in the stock.

Hope this helps,


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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (3)7/27/1998 2:28:00 AM
From: Rory McLeod
   of 33

Thanks for your support and your DD. I had visited their website and rummaged around.

I've always thought it was just all too wise to seek info on a stock before plunging in ... what other way is there to do this other than asking a question?? Couldn't think of a better way to ask everyone on SI these questions than by starting a thread. I mean, I've seen incredibly stupid threads out there ... 'nuff said.

Thanks for your PM last week. Do you know whether the legal action started by Fuji has amounted to anything??

Cheers, Rory.

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To: Rory McLeod who wrote (4)7/28/1998 12:08:00 AM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
As I said I've found nothing on the case. For anyone else who wants to follow another point of interest here is a FUJU related news release:

One-Time Use Cameras and Wholesale Distribution Represent
Growing Industries

Business Wire - June 15, 1998 16:42
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 12, 1998--Emerging Company Report, the nationally syndicated television program
that profiles emerging- growth companies (, produced their weekly show "On-Location" from The Chicago Money Show and featured interviews with the people behind Page International Inc. (OTC/BB:PGII) and PSI Industries Inc. (OTC/BB:PSII). PSI Industries is a national distributor of photo film and supplies for companies like Kodak (NYSE:EK), Fuji (Nasdaq:FUJIY) and Polaroid (NYSE:PRD). The company also has developed and is marketing a unique one-time use camera, "The Message Camera," which includes customized greetings and color messages printed on each photo. "It is ideal for birthdays, graduations, weddings, you name it," said PSI Industries Chief Operating Officer Ben Cohen. "The Message Camera can also be customized with corporate messages; we have already produced private label cameras for Harley Davidson (NYSE:HDI) and Compaq (NYSE:CPQ). We are selling our retail cameras in outlets like K-Mart (NYSE:KM) and Toys R Us (NYSE:TOY)."

Page International Chief Executive Officer Tony Page described his 12-year-old company as being in the wholesale distribution business. "We are one of the largest distributors of Timex watches," said Page.

"From our 37,000 square foot plant in Kentucky, we also distribute umbrellas, compact discs, children's books, Seiko watches and Zippo lighters. As profit margins become slimmer in retail, companies find themselves looking to cut costs and administration by outsourcing. This is exactly where we fit in."

Other companies discussed this week include:

-- Sims Communications Inc. (OTC/BB:SIMS), whose transaction automation solutions are a step forward to bringing the cashless society to reality.
-- Internet-based companies like America Online (NYSE:AOL) and Excite (Nasdaq:XCIT) have been the talk of Wall Street lately. Likewise, Maxnet Inc. (OTC/BB:MXNT) and its Internet directory has company officials enthusiastic about competing with Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO).
-- Steroidogenesis Inhibitors International (OTC/BB:STGI) and Gene-Cell Inc. (OTC/BB:GCLL) are two companies whose medical breakthroughs have joined companies like Genentech (NYSE:GNE), Entremed (Nasdaq:ENMD) and Abbott Labs (NYSE:ABT) in making news within the medical and financial communities.

Emerging Company Report is seen Friday evenings at 11 p.m ET, 8 p.m. PT, and again on Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. ET, 8:30 a.m. PT on 140 cable TV systems nationwide. The program is also broadcast "On-Demand" at its Web site,

CONTACT: Emerging Company Report

Keep in mind Safari only does recycled cameras. Someone needs to produce the shells first! What's good for them is good for Safari.


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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (5)7/28/1998 3:11:00 AM
From: Rory McLeod
   of 33
Jeff (and Debra!),

I'm not too familiar with these disposable cameras, I've always had my 35mm with me, are the shells just clear plastic with a cardboard (whatever) over top?

I ask because I'm curious about the cost of the paper product vs a new process developed by a French company. The process, N. American rights owned by OTCBB:KOLR - KolorFusion Internation, directly applies a design, etc into the finish layer of the product, whether it be plastic, wood, or metal. I would suspect such a process would be of great interest to SAFR. Not only do I think it might be less expensive, but a large reduction in paper products, better for the environment, etc.

Just thinking outloud. Any thoughts??


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To: Rory McLeod who wrote (6)7/29/1998 1:20:00 AM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
You are correct in what you consider to be the shells, however they are often opaque. And yes, more often than not, they have cardboard.

The process you mention does not sound like it would benefit Safari. They do not manufacture the shells, only recycle them. IMHO, A permanently marked shell would not benefit Safari. It may require more cardboard to "cover up" the original design and to display their product.

Safari receives shells from 1500-2000 sources and reconditions them prepares them for sale. If you review their page in detail you will note they can provide packaging specific to an event. I look forward to seeing them at the annual SI picnic, whenever they get it started!

I don't feel this would be an avenue they would wish to pursue. Of course this is MHO.

BTW, where exactly is Macedonia? I think I heard the people there were nuts <g>! Neva was reel gud at spellin'


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To: Rory McLeod who wrote (4)7/29/1998 1:55:00 AM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
Since you mentioned the PM let me clear the air. IMHO the release is, somewhat, overstated. The company will claim to be the largest, on the East coast, except for (what's their starts with a K) the other guys. Well they're in the 80's and have 300+M outstanding. I can live with being #2!

It also only addresses the cameras. I have always considered this income while they develop their more unique products. Frankly I don't care what carries the company, as long as it makes money!

This stock was our first venture into the OTC. As we learned about this board a friend, GaBard, suggested that we determine why we owned the stock. While deciding if we should bail we called the company more often and formed a solid, educated opinion. We decided to continue to invest in this company.

The BMOC's name is Mort Berger. Actually I'm not sure of his official title other than he is the COO and the guy who seems to make things happen. I don't think they have that many titles but, to me, this one is important.

We've posted all you need to check them out, Let me know if you need more info.


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To: Debra&Jeff who wrote (7)7/29/1998 2:49:00 AM
From: Rory McLeod
   of 33

The process you mention does not sound like it would benefit Safari. They do not manufacture the shells, only recycle them. IMHO, A permanently marked shell would not benefit Safari. It may require more cardboard to "cover up" the original design and to display their product.

I understand now why this wouldn't work. Although the process can be done at anytime ... during the manufacturing of the shells or anytime afterwards ... there's the possibility of receiving a shell with the design on it, but not wanting it there. Good point.

BTW, where exactly is Macedonia? I think I heard the people there were nuts <g>! Neva was reel gud at spellin'.

Ah, Macedonia. Or more specifically, FYROM - The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - is directly north of Greece. It's a small country formed out of the collapse of Yugoslavia and is struggling to promote it's independant identity to the International Community.

I'm with the United Nations and am a part of a small peacekeeping force (I'm not military - anymore) established to prevent any foreign incursions into this country. A point of interest: FYROM is the only country that gained it's independence from Yugoslavia without a bullet being shot in anger.

Of course things are heating up at the moment with Kosovo becoming the latest powderkeg in the Balkins. The border with Kosovo (a province in Serbia {Yugoslavia}) is only 15 kms (10 miles) from here. Our mission was slated for closure effective 1 Sep 98, but has now been extended for at least another 6 months and will include an increase of approx 300 more military ... to defend the borders.

Didn't think you'd get a history lesson, did you!! ;-)

Cheers, Rory.

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To: Rory McLeod who wrote (9)7/30/1998 11:29:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
Since you mentioned history....

The following two posts are news releases, from Smith & Wesson, which I have not been able to find elsewhere. These have been retyped but I can scan and forward my copies if someone wants to see the letterhead.

I had a problem with visiting the S&W website and not finding these releases until I realized two out of the three items were out of date! It appears they acknowledge the internet, but don't support it, yet!

OUR turn for a history lesson<g>!


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To: Rory McLeod who wrote (9)7/30/1998 11:32:00 PM
From: Debra&Jeff
   of 33
Jan 98 Release:

Smith & Wesson


Smith & Wesson and Safari Enterprises, Inc. have entered into an agreement granting Safari exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture, distribute and sell the complete line of Smith & Wesson recoil pads.

Incorporating innovative technical design and materials, the Smith & Wesson recoil pads achieve the ultimate in recoil absorption and distribution. "we put five years of research in development to create the best recoil pad now on the market," said Morton Berger, President of Safari Enterprises, Inc. "We have a complete inventory of Smith & Wesson Recoil Pads to fit 90% of the rifles and shotguns made. Within the year, Smith & Wesson handgun grips will be available that incorporate the same recoil materials."

We think this to be a superior recoil pad that reflects our high standards of quality and innovation. That's why we've included the Safari Enterprises products in our licensing program." Said John Steele, Director of Licensing and Apparel Merchandising. "Smith & Wesson recoil pads will be available through gun dealerships worldwide."

In addition to the recoil pads for attaching to guns, a stick-on recoil pad is now available that fits every shooter. The washable material is self adhering to shooter vests, tee shirts, jackets or any other clothing worn during shooting. The product is available in decorator colors, can be removed from clothing without harm to either the clothes or the pad and completely renews its self adhesive abilities with each wash.

Smith & Wesson, the worlds leading manufacturer of handguns for sporting, law enforcement and military use, is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. Safari Enterprises, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Safari Associates, Inc., is locate din Amsterdam, New York.

For more information on the Smith & Wesson Recoil Pads, call Safari Enterprises, Inc. at 1-518-842-6500. For the nearest Smith & Wesson Stocking Dealer, call 1-800-331-0852, ext. 2904, or visit the Smith & Wesson home page at hhtp://

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