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   Technology StocksDBD: oversold at these levels?

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To: Ted Gregg who wrote (48)5/16/1999 10:07:00 AM
From: Investor Dave
   of 79
Hi all,

I'm also a DRIP investor with DBD. I faithfully send my monthly DRIP contribution to Diebold and have great faith in the management and their products. Thanks for the post Gregg on the iris activated ATM machine. The other day I saw a CNBC television clip on this new ATM machine. Though Diebold wasn't mentioned in the clip, there was company logo shown on the side of the machine.

I have been exited about Diebold for a long time. I even become more exited when the annual report arrived a few months ago and there was a lot emphasis on restructuring and refocusing the company.

I believe we will see the stock move in the next year (makes me glad I was DRIPPING during depressed months).

I belive the slower sales for Diebold were caused by the slowing sales of the ATM machines to banking institutions (I believe Diebold is the gorilla in this field). The slowing sales were most likely seasonal. Diebold now has a new generation of ATM machines with newer technology. Banking institutions will upgrade their present ATMs with the newer machines. Lets face it, as the ATM machines get older they wear out, maintenance increases, and of course using the iris ID machines will save the cost of producing ATM cards. Also, with the Y2K fears subsiding, this will be positive for ATM machine sales. Good luck with Diebold.


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To: sea_biscuit who wrote (51)5/16/1999 5:42:00 PM
From: Michael W. Brom
   of 79

at least the stock is being accumulated again. i did not add to my position when it reached the low $20s, but i think the stock is still a good buy at its current price.

what other stocks do you own via DRIPs? i have INTC, PAYX, CL, GE, and KO. i'd like to add SGP, MDT, SCH, and maybe WAG or LU.


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To: Michael W. Brom who wrote (53)5/17/1999 1:26:00 PM
From: sea_biscuit
   of 79

I don't have any DRIPs. I own these stocks through a deep-deep discount broker. Sort of like setting up and managing my own DRIP, so to speak.

I have built my portfolio around stocks listed in "Moody's Handbook of Dividend Achievers". Apart from DBD, I have PLL, WRE, MCD, PBY, MO

I think you have a good selection of stocks. Of them, I think GE, KO, SGP, MDT and WAG are "Dividend Achievers".

Good Luck.

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To: Joseph S. Lione who wrote ()7/21/1999 6:16:00 AM
From: Joseph S. Lione
   of 79
WAKE UP!!!!! Earnings reported!!!!Whatcha think???????

Just glanced this A.M., looks good, but will check it out after work today. Anyone have comments? Maybe up from here now?


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To: Joseph S. Lione who wrote (55)8/6/1999 12:56:00 PM
From: Ken
   of 79
DBD mentioned in INVESTools Advisory column. Check it out!

Note in particular comment that DBD is selling at its lowest valuation
in a decade!!!

I love this company and have been steadily accumulating shares both in my IRAs and in my DRIP account.

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To: Joseph S. Lione who wrote ()8/23/1999 11:09:00 AM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
Diebold lands key ATM contract in China
August 20, 1999

Diebold is further tapping into the ATM market of China, considered a sleeping giant for the industry.

Diebold?s subsidiary, Diebold Pacific Ltd. has landed multimillion dollar deals to manufacture and supply ATMs to two major banks each in China and Taiwan, according to reports.

China Construction Bank has awarded Diebold Pacific a $9 million contract to install 350 full-function ATMs and cash dispensers as well as to provide service on the machines. In addition, Diebold was awarded a $1.25 million contract by Hua Nan Commercial Bank to produce 70 cash dispensers in Taiwan.

Although the new sales are considered relatively small compared to Diebold?s worldwide revenue of $1.2 billion, delving into China is significant to the company?s overall growth, said John Kristoff, a Diebold spokesman.

According to Kristoff, the orders mark the first major victory for Diebold in China since it established its new international distribution channel at the beginning of the year.

China Construction Bank plans to install the ATMs in 19 provinces throughout the country. ?Our major account strategy has been to deploy our resources in China closer to the customer than ever before,? said Daniel Hu, Diebold Pacific?s managing director in China.

The deal will also enable China Construction Bank to attain its goal of forming a network that spans 100 cities by year?s end, said Li Deran, China Construction?s vice president of information technology. Holders of China Construction?s Dragon Card will receive the same access and services in the new ATMs as they would at machines in their home cities.

Diebold has a cooperative relationship with China Construction and is now working to promote electronic finance in China as a partner of the bank. One of the five biggest banks in its country, China Construction has endeavored to participate in the competitive market by expanding its range of services and facilities accessibility to customers.

The cash dispensers to be installed by Hua Nan Commercial will utilize technology for display advertising.

Hu said the deal in Taiwan is pivotal. ?For a number of years, Diebold had been represented in Taiwan with a distribution channel, but our market share was not significant,? Hu said. ?We are finding that banks in Taiwan are welcoming us with much enthusiasm.?

The agreement includes both new installations and replacements of machines previously installed by NCR, according to reports.

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To: Ken who wrote (35)8/26/1999 1:28:00 AM
From: Ken
   of 79
Would Tyco International (TYC) be interested in DBD?

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To: Joseph S. Lione who wrote ()9/2/1999 4:55:00 PM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
From ATM Magazine
September 1, 1999

The cult of Diebold

Fill a room with bankers at a conference, and the last thing one
might expect to find is two of them jamming on bass guitar.

Yet that's exactly what happened at a national meeting of The
Advisory Group TAG, a Diebold user's group, in Nashville, Tenn.
Board member Steve Pidgeon, an assistant vice president of ATM
services for Union Federal Bank in Indianapolis, and his colleague
Matt McClellan traded licks as part of a presentation on MPEG video
at the ATM.

Pidgeon, who didn't let the fact that he just learned to play deter him
from a solo of "Mary Had a Little Lamb", said the duo's musical
interlude sprang from a desire to do something different. McClellan,
who has been playing the bass for 15 years, turned in a far more
accomplished version of "Mary."

"We hate seeing speakers that are just dead boring," Pidgeon said.
"Listening to someone talk about the float". "That puts me to sleep."

Far from putting attendees to sleep, Pidgeon and McClellan got a
rousing round of applause for their efforts.

TAG president Chad Lynch sees Pidgeon's presentation as one sign
that creative minds are at work in the group. "(TAG members) are
willing to address change", he said. "In our industry, you have to
change or you die."

Lynch, an ATM services manager at Riverdale, Utah-based America
First Credit Union, also lauded the "synergy" found in the conference's
roundtable sessions. "We encourage everybody to share. It's not a
classroom style where one guy just lectures for 45 minutes."

In addition to annual regional and national conferences, TAG
benefits include a quarterly newsletter, a directory of members, a
technical assistance hotline, escalation procedures and discounts on
supplies and classes.

The regional and national conferences were combined this year. The
move was so popular with members, it's likely to happen again.
According to Gretchen Thomas, a TAG West region director, the first
day will feature regional networking and small breakout groups, while
the final two days will be devoted to national concerns.

Networking is one of the biggest draws for Thomas, who works in
information systems at First Republic Bank in San Francisco. She was
assistant manager of a bank card department and "hated ATMs from
being out in the branches" before changing her career path. "Without
the group support, I would have never made it in my job", she said.

She added, "You can call anywhere in the country and get different
perspectives on market trends. You don't find that in a lot of user's

Originally formed in 1978 as a beta test group for Diebold machines,
TAG has evolved into an independent user's group with about 140
members. Some members own as few as three ATMs, while others
have a network of thousands.

In the early days, "ATMs were a new venture for financial institutions,
so there was a lot of ground to investigate together", said Charles
"Hank" Collette, a special projects director at Diebold and company
representative to the TAG board of directors.

According to TAG's mission statement, the group will "provide a
network of communication between membership and Diebold for the
purpose of sharing information on industry trends relevant to Diebold
products, services and systems."

Noting the emergence of many new developments in the industry
after several fairly static years, Collette said it's more important than
ever to provide a forum for exchanging ideas. "If somebody wants to
try something new, they can find a TAG member who has done it."

Collette believes TAG's independent status is one key to the mutual
admiration between the group and Diebold. "The cooperation
between the two is because it's beneficial to both. It's not mandated
in any way", he said.

Keeping the line of communication open seems important to both
sides. A message from the company appears in every TAG
newsletter. TAG directors often attend Diebold divisional meetings to
speak with sales and service representatives. The company's
executive committee answers member questions during a forum at
the national conference; their responses appear in the newsletter for
members who were unable to attend.

Diebold VIPs get up-close and personal with TAG members at their
conferences. Lynch recalls attending his first national conference in
St. Louis and watching senior vice presidents split up and work the
crowd at lunch, making their way from table to table.

"When you get that kind of commitment from senior-level executives,
everybody gets enthusiastic", he said.

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To: Shawn M. Downey who wrote (59)1/7/2000 3:14:00 PM
From: Ted Gregg
   of 79
Looks like DBD is showing a little post-Y2K life today.

Happy investing, Ted

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To: Ted Gregg who wrote (60)1/7/2000 4:14:00 PM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
From ATM Mag.
January 7, 2000

Diebold wins contract to install 450 ATMs
for Chinese bank

SHANGHAI -- Diebold has received an $11 million order from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for 450 ATMs to be installed at 16 provinces throughout the country, according to the official China Daily. ICBC's existing ATM network already includes 10,000 locations, the report quoted bank officials as saying.

China's banks are eager to improve their services because trade agreements struck recently with major World Trade Organization members mean foreign banks will be able to conduct local currency business with Chinese companies within two years after its entry. This access will be extended to the retail market after five years.

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