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   Technology StocksDBD: oversold at these levels?

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To: Shawn M. Downey who wrote (61)1/19/2000 4:17:00 PM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
Procomp subsidiary earns biggest deal in
Diebold history

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Procomp Amazonia Industria Eletronica, the
recently-acquired subsidiary of Diebold, Incorporated, has received
the largest contract in Diebold's history.

Brazil?s Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (TSE), responsible for all
elections throughout the country, has purchased 186,800 Procomp
polling terminals and accessories, software development, installation,
training, logistics and service. The order is valued at US $105.5

"For Diebold, this is the largest single order in the company's
141-year history,? said Ernesto R. Unanue, Diebold corporate vice
president and managing director for Latin America. ?More
importantly, however, this will mark the first time in Brazilian history
that 100 percent of voters, visiting more than 300,000 polling
stations, will be able to cast their votes using advanced digital

The technology is implemented by authorized personnel who load a
database with voter and candidate information, including a photo of
the candidate, into each voting terminal. Registered voters may then
use the terminals by entering the number assigned to each
candidate. They receive visual confirmation of their selection on the
liquid crystal display and the vote is stored. At the end of the day,
authorized personnel download the information to diskette, make a
hard copy using a thermal printer and transmit votes to a central
location to be tallied.

In addition to the more than 186,000 new machines, the TSE
intends to use 90,000 machines Procomp supplied them for the 1998
national election, as well as 78,000 machines that Procomp
upgraded in 1998. The new terminals will be manufactured and
delivered between April and August 2000, when estimated daily
production will reach 2,000 machines per day.

Elections for Brazilian mayors and city councils are scheduled for
October, and any necessary run-off elections will take place in

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To: Joseph S. Lione who wrote ()3/22/2000 11:13:00 AM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
Diebold names new CFO

ORTH CANTON -- Gregory T. Geswein, 45, has been named Diebold
Incorporated's senior vice president and chief financial officer.

Geswein was most recently senior vice president and CFO at
Pioneer-Standard Electronics Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio.
Pioneer-Standard, a $2 billion distributor of electronic components
and mid-range computer systems, was recently named number three
on the PC Week Fast-Track 500 list for its aggressive implementation
of e-commerce, business extranets and Web technologies.

According to Diebold, Geswein is noted for his expertise in global
acquisitions, including absorbing acquired organizations into existing
financial processes and systems. Diebold recently acquired Brazilian
ATM manufacturer Procomp Amazonia Industria Electronica, S.A
and the financial self-service of Groupe Bull.

"We've been expanding significantly and simultaneously in
numerous international markets in recent years and need a CFO with
experience not only in the global technology industry, but also in
integrating diverse acquisitions with existing corporate systems and
processes," said Walden W. O'Dell, president and CEO.

Prior to his tenure at Pioneer-Standard, Geswein spent 13 years at
Mead Corporation of Dayton, Ohio, a $4 billion international paper
products manufacturer, in a variety of senior financial posts, including
vice president and corporate controller and corporate treasurer.

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To: Shawn M. Downey who wrote (63)3/24/2000 10:07:00 AM
From: Bob Hawk
   of 79
Hi, Shawn,
Thanks for keeping us informed of developments at DBD. The question I pose is : will DBD be able to compete against NCR's larger size and new innovations such as its Tetra-data warehousing software? Ncr has already signed a number of large contracts based on the Tetra software. Are you aware of any trade magazine articles that compare their products, service and reach?

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To: Bob Hawk who wrote (64)3/24/2000 10:25:00 AM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
The ATM business is really not my field of expertise. So I am not up on all of DBD's competitors.

I was introduced to DBD through our investment club. The thing about DBD that is interesting, is the SSG analysis we do in the club. How ever you analysis DBD it looks like good buy. Even if you introduce the most conservative projections, the stock stays in the buy range. This is very unusual.

Of course, this is value investing and no one is getting rich buying value stocks these days...

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To: Shawn M. Downey who wrote (65)3/24/2000 10:41:00 AM
From: Bob Hawk
   of 79
Wow, that was a quick resonse! I suspect that you, too, might be a NAIC member (??). Yes, my analysis indicates it is a good company and still at a reasonable price. My stock market experience (albeit limited,5 years), however, has taught me that it is essential to understand the competition, hence the query. Good luck!

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To: Joseph S. Lione who wrote ()4/18/2000 2:04:00 PM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
April 18, 2000

Diebold announces first quarter results

NORTH CANTON, Ohio -- Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD)
announced its first quarter results, which showed improvement in both
revenue and earnings per share.

In the quarter ended March 31, Diebold reported net income of
$31,260,000 or diluted 44 cents per share (71,444,000 shares), on
revenue of $344,592,000. Excluding the anticipated dilutive effect of
Procomp, earnings per share were 46 cents. This compares to first
quarter 1999 net income of $29,124,000, or diluted 42 cents per
share (69,177,000) on revenue of $283,483,000.

Total revenue increased 11.2 percent, excluding Procomp and prior
year trade sales to Procomp, led by strong U.S. and international
product results. Service revenue increased 8.6 percent, excluding
Procomp, from the year ago period.

International product revenue showed dramatic improvement,
evidenced by more than 100 percent revenue growth in Asia-Pacific
and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"We are very encouraged by the performance of our worldwide
business during the quarter, particularly the gains we made in Asia
and Europe," said Walden W. O'Dell, Diebold president and CEO.

"After a weak start, business increased throughout the period, ending
with a very strong March. The company's ongoing shift toward
advanced-function applications and services, and emerging
opportunities in Web-based self- service applications, positions
Diebold well for the remainder of 2000 and beyond."

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To: Shawn M. Downey who wrote (67)4/25/2000 2:23:00 PM
From: Ted Gregg
   of 79
Up over 10% to a new 52 week high. Was this strength due to earnings or something else?

Happy investing, Ted

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To: Joseph S. Lione who started this subject7/26/2000 1:47:12 PM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
Diebold, Loomis Fargo sign national cash
handling agreement

HOUSTON -- Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) and Loomis, Fargo
& Co. have signed a national cash handling services agreement that
will help streamline Diebold's Fast Line offering, which encompasses
the company's first-line (basic, limited-technical) and cash handling

Under the two-year non-exclusive agreement Diebold service
professionals will perform first-line maintenance, while Loomis, Fargo
& Co. will provide cash management services on Diebold's behalf.

Instead of signing an individual contract for each customer, the
agreement between Diebold and Loomis, Fargo & Co. will allow for
the use of standard pre-approved terms and conditions. The ordering
process between Diebold and Loomis, Fargo & Co. requires only the
completion of an exhibit that lists the tasks the individual customer
requires, such as pickup of prepared shipments, loading currency into
cash cassettes, sweeping ATM deposits and returning non-dispensed

"This agreement brings together two companies that have a
long-standing tradition of quality and customer satisfaction," said
William M. Fletcher, vice president, ATM Services for Loomis Fargo
& Co. "In many ways, this agreement simply formalizes a relationship
that has become mutually beneficial for both parties and, most
importantly, for our shared customers."

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To: Joseph S. Lione who started this subject7/28/2000 3:39:46 PM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
July 27, 2000

Diebold announces improved 2nd quarter

NORTH CANTON -- Diebold, Incorporated's (NYSE: DBD) second
quarter results showed strong improvement in revenue and earnings
per share.

In the quarter ended June 30, Diebold reported net income of
$35,833,000 or diluted 50 cents per share, on revenue of
$442,102,000. Excluding the effect of the acquisitions in Europe and
Brazil, earnings per share were 51 cents. This compares to second
quarter 1999 net income of $31,561,000, or diluted 46 cents per
share on revenue of $296,996,000.

For the six months ended June 30, Diebold reported net income of
$67,093,000, or diluted 94 cents per share, on revenue of
$786,694,000. For the same period in 1999, the company reported
net income of $60,685,000, or 88 cents per share, on revenue of

Excluding goodwill amortization, second quarter earnings per share
were 55 cents. This compares with 46 cents earnings per share
excluding goodwill amortization for the second quarter 1999. The
significant increase in goodwill amortization is due to Diebold's
recent acquisitions in Europe and Brazil. For the six-month period,
excluding goodwill amortization, earnings per share were $1.01. For
the same period 1999, the company reported 89 cents, excluding
goodwill amortization.

"We are very pleased with the progress made during the quarter,
particularly in our custom maintenance and professional service
businesses," said Walden W. O'Dell, Diebold chairman, president and
CEO. "As we continue to establish the company globally by
integrating key acquisitions, our expertise in delivering solutions that
meet our customers' needs places us in a strong position heading into
the future."

Total revenue for the quarter grew $145.1 million, or 48.9 percent.
Products and services were up 7.8 percent, excluding the
acquisitions. Total service revenue, excluding the acquisitions,
increased by $12 million, or 10 percent, reflecting the company's
emphasis on providing a greater mix of value-added services to its
customers. The company's security business increased 10 percent,
largely because of growing opportunities in emerging markets, such
as retail, and increased share in established markets.

Total service revenue increased 42.9 percent. U.S. service revenue
increased 4.8 percent, while international service revenue was up
47.3 percent excluding acquisitions. As a result, Diebold service
revenue increased 10 percent.

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To: Joseph S. Lione who started this subject8/31/2000 9:17:20 AM
From: Shawn M. Downey
   of 79
ATM Magazine -
August 30, 2000

Diebold makes play for off-site market with
ATM franchise program

NORTH CANTON, Ohio -- Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) is
introducing the first-ever ATM franchise program in an attempt to get
more of its machines into off-site retail locations.

Retailers will lease space to Diebold, which will install and service a
Diebold cash dispenser. Diebold will own the machine, and retailers
will recycle their own cash by depositing money directly into the unit.
The merchant will pay Diebold a monthly fee of $84, which will be
waived when transactions exceed 150 a month.

Diebold will share surcharge revenue with the merchant, based on
the number of monthly transactions. A retailer will get 40 percent of
surcharge revenue at the 150-a-month transaction level but could
earn up to 95 percent of the surcharge if transactions exceed 750 a

"It's a win-win situation for everyone involved," said John Titko,
national sales manager of Diebold's Retail Division. "People typically
associate a franchise with fast food chains, but we've taken it a step
further with a solution that lets merchants pass on a value-added
service to their customers."

Diebold designed the franchise program to provide more continuity
and stability for merchants.

"Other ATM programs have been very disappointing to many retail
merchants who have experienced the unanticipated removal of the
ATM," Titko said. "The Diebold program is designed to ensure
contract fulfillment by being economically viable at lower transaction
levels and distributing transaction revenue in a fair and equitable

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