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   Microcap & Penny StocksLFZA: LaForza Automobiles

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To: Larry I who wrote ()10/29/1998 3:28:00 PM
From: Goinlong
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Shamus and Christo,
Sorry I took so long to respondto you. I have been on a much needed vacation. I am back now and did want to respond to your messages.
Let me start by saying that I think the Laforza concept is a great idea. Unfortunatly that is followed with a " but" they have a terrible PR writer, nobody knows about them, and they are non responsive to investor inquiry. They are also a non-reporting company if I remember correctly.
What I offered them was to be a voice for them on the internet as well as helping write PR material. At one time I offered to do it pro-bono just because I thought the company had outstanding potential. As far as I am concerned the potential is still there but they are a long way from tapping it. Also, since your messages, the stock has continued its slide. At this point people (those who know about it) view it as a penny stock. (under $1)I would jump in to this company again with both feet if I knew things would turn around.
My offer still stands to help the company, although I would now ask to be compensated with a small amount of shares (restricted or un, either would be fine.)
Any more questions, just ask.

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To: Goinlong who wrote (19)11/11/1998 7:05:00 PM
From: Chatty
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Dear Goinlong- I have been reading your posts and your responses seem to make sense! If you are interested in contacting the company and doing some PR work give me a call. I can put you in touch with the right people at Laforza. The company has had a lot of good news lately. Call me for more info.Jeff Chatfield 888-282-6255.

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To: Larry I who wrote ()3/20/1999 11:16:00 PM
From: snoopy
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Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread...

I just found out about LFZA on 3-16-99. Looks like a pretty good company right now. I'm thinking real hard about investing in this one. I'm posting the article that I received, for your review, just in case some of you haven't seen it. Sorry for the first part of this e-mail, it's about FNTT and EGPDF. I wanted to make sure you received the entire article. Just skip over the part about those two. Here's the article:

Superstockpick Newsletter

March 16, 1999 Volume II, Issue 16

Email :

To Superstockpick Members:

There is a lot of information to cover in this edition. Our primary
focus is on LaForza Automobiles, (OTC BB: LFZA), our January 1998
profile. We will also bring you a comment on our current profile, Engineering Power Systems (OTC BB: EGPDF), and the results of our
On-Line Referral Contest.

Congratulations to those members that decided to invest in our parent
company, 1st Net Technologies (OTC BB: FNTT). When we released the detailed information on 1st Net, the stock was at $3. It closed at
nearly $4 by the end of the week for a 25% gain over five days.
Today, the stock pulled back into the $3.50 range for those that feel they may have missed a good entry level. Remember, message boards on 1st Net can be found by clicking on Raging Bull or Silicon Investor. Any questions or comments you have will be handled directly by the CEO, Greg Writer. Save both of these stock threads in your favorites on your browser.

LaForza Automobiles (OTC BB: LFZA)

LaForza Automobiles was one of our earliest profiles. We released it in
January of 1998 at about $4 per share. Since that time, the stock has
traded as high a $5, and as low as $.6875.

This is the first in a series of two exciting turn around situations
from companies we featured in 1998. We specialize in small,
undiscovered companies, and sometimes in this area there are delays and problems with the executions of their business plans. Two of our 1998 client companies are in the midst of exciting turn arounds, and
sometimes the value of their stocks drops so low that they represent an excellent investment opportunity once the Companies right the ship.

LaForza is the first of these two companies we will cover. If you have
never seen a LaForza, we strongly recommend that you go to their
web-site, and spend some time surfing around looking at pictures of the vehicle. This car is a feast for the eyes. Their site can be found at

The LaForza Automobile is described many as a "Ferrari Version of a
Range Rover". This is a Sport Utility Vehicle with a totally unique
"hybrid" manufacturing process.

The frames, bodies, and interiors are built and assembled in Turin,
Italy. The bodies are actually manufactured at the same factory where
Lamobourghini manufactures its bodies. The finished product, known as a "Rolling Chassis" is then shipped to San Diego, California, where a Ford 5 liter V-8 and drive train are installed. The cars come out with a Ford warranty on the engine and drive train.

The finished product is know as the "LaForza". It is a beautiful sports
utility vehicle, with classic Italian styling, and Ford reliability
under the hood. To see a picture of this beautiful car, simply click
here. We have interviewed numerous owners of the car, and they all
unanimously agree that this vehicle, as compared to the equivalently
priced Range Rover, has more power, a better turning radius, and better handling characteristics than the Rover, but is priced at about $5,000 less at about $60,000.

The LaForza was introduced in January of 1998 at the LA Car Show. The company was immediately overwhelmed with orders for the car and dealer franchise requests.

They purchased a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility in February of last year, and geared up to deliver as many cars as they could produce. In fact, we felt that based on their margins, the company could earn as much as $.50 per share in 1998 if they could produce and sell 100 cars.

As soon as the first Rolling Chassis's arrived from Italy in March of
1998, the problems began. It took them close to three months to solve an electronic ignition problem with the Ford Engines related to an anti theft device. Then, once they got the engines running, they discovered problems with the plates in the front differentials which came from Italy. Net result- a nine month delay in delivering the first cars to the dealers, and they simply ran out of money as a result of losses which were incurred.

They raised additional capital in the Fall, and they retooled their
factory with two assembly lines. They are now back on track to achieve the type of results we anticipated they would achieve in 1998. If you are the type of investor that likes turn around situations, this might be just the stock for you. Here are some key factors to consider if you interested in this situation:

* The stock is currently trading in the $1.25 range. Last year at
this time when the market thought the company would be selling
cars, the stock traded in the $4 to $5 range.

* The production facility for the car is now complete, and two
assembly lines with three stations each are now producing cars.

* LaForza Automobiles now has enough rolling chassis in their
facility to fill the orders for the coming year.

* The dealerships which were planning on handling cars are still
going to carry the cars this year.

* LaForza still has unlimited demand for the vehicles.

* A special $100,000 custom made version of the vehicle is being
introduced in conjunction with the hip racing clothing manufacturer
NO FEAR. There will only be 10 of these cars produced.

* In the Saturday, March 19th edition of the San Diego Union, there
was a major feature article on the company which covered the latest corporate developments. We will provide a link to this article for you as soon as an electronic version is available.

* There are only 3 million share issued, and only 700,000 publicly
traded. This is such a small amount, that the shareholders
recently approved a 2 for 1 stock split, which should happen within
two weeks. Stock splits are almost always viewed as positive by


The company took a great deal of video at its recent annual shareholders meeting, and we will be providing a full multi media video audio presentation over the Internet. You have to see this car and the
production facility to get the full picture. In order to attend this
presentation, you need to download our Audience Management Software, which can be accomplished by clicking here.

In short, the stock is now trading at 25% of its value one year ago, and
the company is now positioned to accomplish the mission they set out on in 1998. They still need to prove that they can successfully produce the LaForza Automobile at a profit, but for those members that look a bargain basement turn around situation, this might fit the bill. You be the judge, and always remember, it's your money.

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To: Goinlong who wrote (16)3/22/1999 12:17:00 PM
From: Josef Svejk
   of 22
Humbly report, All, WARNING - LFZA is among the stocks hyped the same players as in FNTT.

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