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To: The Osprey who wrote (21)5/27/1998 8:42:00 AM
From: Rocket Red
   of 39
The way i see it its a gift of .40c US I Can't resit i will buy more

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To: Rocket Red who wrote (22)5/28/1998 12:38:00 AM
From: Mr Metals
   of 39

Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd

Joint venture with Rio Algom

Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd AMCD.U
Shares issued 14,700,000 May 26 close $0.45
Wed 27 May 98

Anatolia Minerals Development Limited (AMDC) is pleased to announce the
signing of a definitive Letter Agreement with Rio Algom Limited (Rio) for
joint exploration of base and precious metal prospects in Turkey. A
comprehensive Formal Agreement is expected to be executed by mid-July.

Under the Agreement, Rio will purchase 1,764,706 common shares of AMDC at a
price of US$0.85/share (US$1.5 million total). Of this, US$1,000,000 will
be directed at further exploration of AMDC's 'Yenipazar' and 'Armutbeli'
prospects over an 18-month period; US$500,000 will go into AMDC's general
funds. Rio may buy up to US$2.5 million more of AMDC shares at a 10%
discount to the then 10-day market price to further fund exploration and
extend the pre-earn-in period by an additional 12 months. In addition, Rio
will have a right of first refusal on other AMDC properties during the same
18 to 30 month period.

Rio must spend an additional US$10 million per property to earn a 60%
interest in each property or, at AMDC's option, spend up to US$27.5 million
per property and produce a feasibility study of a form and detail as is
customarily required for project financing to earn a maximum 70% interest
in each. AMDC will be operator until Rio earns a majority interest and Rio
thereafter. Project financing may be arranged by Rio, if development is
economically justified.

Rio shall appoint one voting member to AMDC's Board of Directors and will
participate in the approval of Annual Budgets and Programs. Rio's nominee
to the AMDC Board has not yet been named. AMDC looks forward to working
together with Rio to explore and develop a wide range of prospects in

AMDC has 14.7 million shares issued and outstanding, 24.1 million shares
fully diluted.

For more information, please contact:

Richard C. Moores II
Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd.
3721 Hwy. 74, Suite 14
P.O. Box 3925
Evergreen, CO 80437-3925
Telephone: (303) 670-9945
Fax: (303) 670-9947

George Duggan
Investor Relations
Michael Baybak & Company
4515 Ocean View Blvd., Suite 305
La Canada, CA 91011
Telephone: (818) 542-6880
Fax: (818) 249-7024


Mr Metals

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To: Mr Metals who wrote (23)5/28/1998 12:40:00 AM
From: Rocket Red
   of 39
Excellent news is right but you go figure stock at .45c just were i bought it so i bought some more its free money (40c) thats the way i see it

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To: Rocket Red who wrote (24)5/28/1998 12:55:00 AM
From: Mr Metals
   of 39
Me too:-)

Mr Metals

PS. I think DIR on the Montreal Exchange might start heating up.

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To: Mr Metals who wrote (25)5/28/1998 8:28:00 PM
From: stuffbug
   of 39
Better be careful boys. There's no floor on the additional
shares. If the stock remains at US 0.45 for ten days after this deal closes, RIO will be able to purchase approximately 6 million more
shares for $2.5 million. This will give RIO over 30% of the company
(plus the option to earn 60% of the deposits) for $4 million plus
exploration costs. This assumes that the statement regarding 24 million shares fully diluted includes these additional shares that
RIO may eventually purchase. It is in RIO's best interest to keep the stock as low as possible until they have purchased their additional
shares. Let's hope that there is some sort of trading restriction on the shares just purchased by RIO. Otherwise, RIO could sell these shares to depress the stock price and then pick up millions of very
cheap shares.

This is a great deal for RIO. It remains to be seen whether it is a good deal for AMCD shareholders.


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To: stuffbug who wrote (26)5/28/1998 8:37:00 PM
From: Mr Metals
   of 39
It remains to be seen
whether it is a good deal for AMCD shareholders.

I will be but when?

Mr Metals

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To: Mr Metals who wrote (27)6/8/1998 5:43:00 PM
From: Stew
   of 39
Did u get that fax from "Natural Resource Investor" recommending this co.?

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To: Stew who wrote (28)6/8/1998 5:46:00 PM
From: Mr Metals
   of 39
Can you post it.


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To: Stew who wrote (28)6/9/1998 9:37:00 AM
From: Mr Metals
   of 39
+ US$1.5

HOURS 6 / 4 / 98

Anatolia Minerals (CDN: AMCD.U) has justified
our expectations with a
tremendous joint venture letter agreement with a
world-class major. Going
public only three months ago, Anatolia recently
announced a US$10 million jv
with Rio Algom Ltd. for joint exploration of its
outstanding base and precious
metal prospects in Turkey. Rio has to spend
US$10 million per property in
order to earn a 60% interest in either the
Yenipazar or Armutbeli projects.
Or, at Anatolia's option, Rio has to spend up to
US$27.5 million per property
and produce a feasibility study to earn a
maximum 70% interest in each
property. Under the letter agreement, Anatolia
will be the operator until Rio
earns a majority interest.

On top of this, Rio has agreed to purchase
US$1.5 million of Anatolia's shares
at a price of US$0.85/share. Of this amount,
US$1 million is to be directed to
exploration of the Yenipazar and Armutbeli
projects over an 18-month pre-earn-
in period. Rio also has the option to purchase an
additional US$2.5 million of
Anatolia shares at the then-current market price,
less a 10% discount to
extend the pre-earn-in period by 12 more
months. As well, Rio gets the right
of first refusal on other Anatolia projects during
an 18 to 30-month period.

Anatolia management says that its definitive letter
agreement with Rio Algom
will translate into a comprehensive formal
agreement and the private placement
at US$0.85 is to be completed no later than


If Anatolia had signed this agreement any time in
the prior two years, we
think its stock would be trading $3 to $5/share. In
the current depressed
markets it's understandable that the stock does
not properly reflect the
importance of this jv with a world-class major.
However, we have been
astonished that, with the news of this deal, the
stock showed little or no
reaction. Our conclusion is that the institutional
holders in the stock - who
have universally elected to get out of all mining
shares - are simply pushing
out all shares they hold regardless of values in
any particular deal. So, it's
no surprise that this exceptional stock is only
trading US$0.40 on strong
selling pressure. It's also no surprise that
sophisticated retail and
industry-oriented investors are buying it up avidly
at these levels.

Our opinion is that when the selling pressure dries
up this stock will rapidly
move toward the US$1.00 level - particularly with
the Rio Algom private
placement to be completed by mid-July at the
latest at a price of US$0.85.
While calculations of how much more stock
remains to be force-fed to the
market by institutions is necessarily imprecise, we
think that perhaps on a
worse case there may be up to an additional 1-1«
million shares to go before
this unseemly and unconsidered binge-selling
dries up. Accordingly, we
actively recommend aggressive purchase of this
stock in the first phase up to
US$0.60 per share; and thereafter, an aggressive
buy up to US$1.00 based on
the projected completion of the Rio Algom
agreement in mid-July.

Strong Anatolia projects:

1. AMDC is to Turkey what Newmont Mining
was to Peru. They were first in, and
grabbed off the richest mineral exploration
positions in the country. Right
now, Anatolia holds over 1.7-million hectares of
prospects in Turkey with
outstanding potential. This includes nine major
project areas with known
exciting mineralization, including:

(a) Yenipazar: 105,000-hectare polymetallic
volcanic massive sulfide (VMS)
prospect in central Turkey. Large base and
precious metal geochem anomaly near
ancient open-pit coincides with strong IP and
gravity. Four holes drilled at
the edge of anomaly all hit near-surface ore,
averaging 51 meters of 2.5% base
metals, 1.3 grams/t gold and 32 grams/t silver.
Best intercept is in last
hole, a 200-meter stepout, with 78 meters of ore
including top 14 meters at 5%
base metals, 8.4 grams/t gold and 141 grams/t

(b) Armutbeli: 35,000-hectare massive
copper/gold replacements, gossans and
shear zones in south-central Turkey. Intense
copper anomaly and gossan zone
over 3 square km (up to 10%+ copper, 1.2 grams
gold and 171 grams silver),
underlain by very strong shallow gravity anomaly.
Three dozen massive gossans
average 1.24% copper, 0.15 grams gold and 8
grams silver. Seven recon samples
of 2-kilometer-long shear zone ran 2-11 grams

(c) Bulancak: 9,400 hectares in a rhyodacite
dome near the Black Sea in
north-central Turkey. Square kilometers of VMS
and stockwork base metals
mined for over 4,000 years, with 12% copper
shipped in the 1960s. Recon
drilling and channel sampling gave up to 170
meters of 1% base metals and 3
grams silver.

2. AMDC's CEO, Dick Moores, is a proven
mine-finder. Prior to forming
Anatolia, he brought two major copper projects
into AZCO Mining (AMEX:AZC),
and identified and obtained financing for a major
Mongolian copper SXEW
project. Moores is a no-nonsense operator who is
highly regarded by the
fraternity of mining majors.

Risk/reward ratio is rated as outstanding for stock
bought in the US$0.60
range, and up to US$1.00. The stock closed June
3 at US$0.33/share. (The
company was financed at US$0.60 18 months
ago and at US$0.50 last fall).
Strong buy.


For immediate AMCD.U corporate information,
call 303-670-9945. Knowledgeable
U.S. broker is Ben Johnson at 800-547-4898.

Published by NRI/WGSR, 501 W. Glenoaks
Blvd., Suite 340, Glendale, CA, 91202.
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frequency as events dictate. For subscription
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Forward-looking statements are subject to
risks and uncertainties that may cause actual
results to differ materially.
The company has no obligation to update any
such statements. Readers should
consult their own investment counselor regarding
information or editorial
viewpoints expressed herein. NRI/WGSR has no
affiliation with any broker.


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To: Mr Metals who wrote (30)6/9/1998 9:51:00 AM
From: Stew
   of 39
Hah! So what do you think?

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