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To: Jacques Chitte who wrote (163)4/1/1999 12:15:00 AM
From: Jacques Chitte
   of 174
A place to put this for safekeeping.

> ----------------------------------
> Beethoven: "Erotica" Symphony
> Telephon 1-900-453-5646
> Amsterdam Concertgeboom Orchestra
> Bernard Hijinks, conductor
> Beethoven: Infidelio
> Endive 647876
> Chorus and Orchestra of the Vienna State
> Opera for the Criminally Insane
> Kari Rictus, conductor
> Berlioz: Harlots in Italy
> Seraglio 1648
> William Pimpnose, viola
> Montmarte Philandermonique de Chambre
> Nikolous Hardoncourt, conductor
> Bloch: Schlemiel
> Epic 1-989
> Mischa Mainsqueeze, cello
> Cantspell Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
> Vladimir Ashcanausea, conductor
> Debussy: La Merde
> Nosuch II 455
> Academy of Prince Albert in the Can
> Sir Colin Divot, conductor
> Gershwin: Rhapsody in Puce
> Odium 288
> MTV Symphony Orchestra
> Leonard Sideburns, conductor
> Liszt: Les Quaaludes
> Angle DS 847569
> L'Orchestre de la Swiss Fromage
> Karl Boom, conductor
> Mendelssohn: Accidental Music to " A Midsummer Night's Dream"
> Capitalist 3777
> Bathroom Festival Orchestra
> Daniel Barenbomb, conductor
> Mendelstotter: Peace March of the Priests
> Deutsche Gestalt Gemxtlichkest 3330-676f
> Stxttgart Chamber of Commerce Orchestra
> Raymond Leper, conductor
> Mozart: The Magic Schoolbus
> Argyle ML 34277
> Chorus and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Covert Garden
> Sir Adrian Dolt, conductor
> Mozart: Symphonie Disconcertante
> Enigma 67580
> Anne-Soapy Mutter, violin; Pamela McCuddles-Edelweiss,viola
> The Fitzwilliam Hippocampus Consortium of Miami University
> Akira Nintendo, conductor
> Offenbach: Orpheus in his Underwear
> Erratum STU 77080
> I Solisti de Zig Zagreb
> Loren Mazeltov, conductor
> Orff, Carmina Piranha
> Douche Gramphon 7201-75
> Academy of St. Christopher on the Dashboard
> Sir Neville Marinara, conductor
> Purcell: Trumpet Involuntary
> Serigraph S 64749
> Winton Veal Marsala, trumpet
> Disneyland Wind Ensemble
> Wilhelm Fahrtwangler, conductor
> Respighi: Ancient Errors and Dunces for the Lout
> Telefunk CX3 42256
> Dumbarton Oaks Chamber Pot Orchestra
> Rafael Freshbatch de Burgers, conductor
> Respighi: The Mountains of Chrome
> Turnover TVA 64784
> Eastman Kodak Symphony Orchestra
> Howard Handsome, conductor
> Respighijklmnoops: The Pines of Sol
> Archaic DT 9477356
> Halley's Comet Orchestra
> Sir John Barbarian, conductor
> Rimsky-Of-Korsakov: Le Coq au Vin
> Turnoff TWA 503472
> Vienna Volkswagon Orchestra
> Richard Boingg, conductor
> Sherbet: Unfurnished Symphony
> Deutsche Gewurztraminer Gazelleschaft 8988
> New York Philanthropic Orchestra
> Earnest Answer-man, conductor
> Shostakovich: Concerto #1 for Piano and Strumpet
> Decadence 95648
> Zoltan Coccyx, piano; William Hips, strumpeter
> Bidetfest Symphony Orchestra
> Wetold Loutaslapstick, conductor
> Smetana: The Battered Broad
> Argot ZPG 746
> Barbarian Radio Orchestra
> Hanns Upp, conductor
> Stravinsky: The Firebug
> Arson Nova 911
> Manuel de Falla Society Orchestra
> Krrysstof Paindernecki, conductor
> Tacobell: Cannon in D
> Megaphon 3455 34
> English Bedchamber Orchestra
> Claudio Abbadabbadoo, conductor
> Tchaikovsky: Tobacco Variations
> Panatela 4655
> Bert Phillips-Morris, cello
> The Philadelphia Tabernacle Strings
> Eugene Mormondy, conductor
> Tchaikovsky: Marche Slob
> His Master's Vice ARSE 8574
> London Pandemonic Orchestra
> Michael Teeter-Totter, conductor

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To: Jacques Chitte who wrote (164)4/6/2000 9:11:00 PM
From: Jacques Chitte
   of 174
and this too: ©

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To: Don Pueblo who started this subject12/31/2000 3:27:47 PM
From: jmhollen
   of 174
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John :-)

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To: Jacques Chitte who wrote (157)5/6/2001 7:48:58 PM
From: Don Pueblo
   of 174
What's that? I must have dozed off. Sorry.

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To: Jacques Chitte who wrote (165)6/8/2002 9:26:17 AM
From: Don Pueblo
   of 174
The Big Scientist Party

Everyone gravitated toward Newton, but he just kept moving around at a
constant velocity and showed no reaction.

Einstein thought it was a relatively good time.

Coulomb got a real charge out of the whole thing.

Cavendish wasn't invited, but he had the balls to show up anyway.

Cauchy, being the only mathematician there, still managed to integrate well
with everyone.

Thompson enjoyed the plum pudding.

Pauli came late, but was mostly excluded from things, so he split.

Pascal was under too much pressure to enjoy himself.

Ohm spent most of the time resisting Ampere's opinions on current events.

Hamilton went to the buffet tables exactly once.

Volt thought the social had a lot of potential.

Hilbert was pretty spaced out for most of it.

Heisenberg may or may not have been there.

The Curies were there and just glowed the whole time.

van der Waals forced himself to mingle.

Wien radiated a colorful personality.

Millikan dropped his Italian oil dressing.

de Broglie mostly just stood in the corner and waved.

Hollerith liked the hole idea.

Stefan and Boltzman got into some hot debates.

Everyone was attracted to Tesla's magnetic personality.

Compton was a little scatter-brained at times.

Bohr ate too much and got atomic ache.

Watt turned out to be a powerful speaker.

Hertz went back to the buffet table several times a minute.

Faraday had quite a capacity for food.

Oppenheimer got bombed.

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To: Don Pueblo who wrote (168)6/8/2002 1:29:39 PM
From: S. maltophilia
   of 174
Everyone revolved around Ptolemy.
Kepler was a bit eccentric.
The Curies glowed.
Fermi split.
Kirk & Watson spiraled around.
DeBakey & Barnard danced their hearts out.

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To: S. maltophilia who wrote (169)10/2/2004 8:13:19 PM
From: Jacques Chitte
   of 174
He asked for some change.
I found two bits. He spurned them.
I still have the quarter.

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To: Don Pueblo who wrote (168)7/30/2007 1:23:38 AM
From: Jacques Chitte
   of 174
And Lavoisier had a gas.

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To: Grainne who wrote (141)7/30/2007 1:44:01 AM
From: Jacques Chitte
   of 174
It's been nine years; can you believe it? In any case I have just looked at this exchange, and only one word comes to my mind.
I had no intention of participating ina flame skirmish. And yet, incontrovertibly, I did just that. The doctors have a nice neat "syndrome" that explains how such a successful (until 2001/06, the Collapse) intellect can be yoked to an effectively stillborn capacity to "read" the nonverbal cues of anyone else.

So be reassured: This is not the Grammar thread, and I will do my utmost to practice patience: downplay the format and concentrate on the message. I hope this'll work.

Cheers and thanks, LRR

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To: Jacques Chitte who wrote (172)10/24/2007 11:12:04 PM
From: Jacques Chitte
   of 174
I am wondering if this might be a good place to deposit autobiographical and philosophical musings. My health has become a sometime thing, and there have been times recently when I was convinced that I was in the ten-items-or-less line. Also, I am suffering from progressive memory loss. If I use this independent backwater of the Web as my notebook, at least some mark of my convictions, passions and general self-delusions will survive me ... especially if the slow, insidious progression suddenly turns into a powered dive.
I am leaving this post here for a spell, in the hope that old friends from a more innocent and community-spirited epoch in the evolution of the Silicon Infestation might drop by and say Do this, or Don't do this, or You can do this better; I suggest (_____). Chance surfers are also welcome, so lomg as you might respect my request to keep all opinions honest and courteous. I am grown weak; I ask that consideration. The floor is yours ~
cheers j. chitte

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