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   Technology StocksAmerican Access Technologies AATK

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To: Robert Meany who wrote (69)9/10/2000 9:37:56 AM
From: Nancy McKinney
   of 104
If he's posting under all those handles, he has something up his sleeve; perhaps more than just shorting? I can get to the Yahoo board, thanks, but no thanks. I don't care to read all his shorter's drivel. This is just the kind of bashing that seriously impairs a co.'s stock, and what investigations are made of. If you are a long, you might consider informing AATK's investor relations about him.

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To: Nancy McKinney who wrote (70)9/19/2000 6:18:08 PM
From: Robert Meany
   of 104
Nancy and all interested:

may get some questions answered, encourage all to send in questions.


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To: Nancy McKinney who wrote (70)9/25/2000 7:42:19 PM
From: seven_reader7
   of 104

Since I don't know you (at least under the Nancy handle), I will answer your post. I have spoken to Lacy Loar of AATK by email of two occasions. The first time the TAROT took a long position at 6 1/2 and turned negative on it at 13.00. That turned out to be a little premature for AATK continued over the next couple weeks to the 18.00 level. I again sent an email to Lacy Loar in July of this year, after recieving several contacts from someone on instant messanger claiming to be an advisor to the company, and asking me to have the TAROT support AATK. I blew this off a couple of times and then sent Loar the email requesting verification of this individual. The reply was that AATK would not state if he was or was not and advisor. This I felt was an honest answer and the "card" readings at the time were excellent for AATK so we took a position at 4 1/4. Over the next couple of weeks, AATK climb to 9 1/2, the Yahoo board began turning very negative towards the TAROT and investors in general. This is never a good sign. This type of energy often times changes the flow, and did in this case. The card reading turned NEGATIVE, we posted on our site this new reading, and placed AATK under our DEATH CARD. We use the DEATH card very sparingly. However, as the current price proves, this time the CARDS were in fact correct. The energy of many AATK longs have since progressed to a height that has cause a very DARK cloud over the stock, and our new reading is now posted on our message board. You may read it if interested by accessing our site at":

or directly at the message board:

Many will post we are BASHERS. This is simply not true, our post on the board at many different times when we were very positive on the stock, begged the longs to changed their attitude, to help us get the "good word" out about AATK. Yet they continued to laugh at us, and make fun. Thinking that AATK was now over the hump and headed to limitless levels. We had no choice but to follow the card readings, since that is how we chose our stocks as our site tells. If we could have had our way about it, everyone would have worked together, since we had a couple of "now ex-tarots" and friends on that board. One of which was Robert Meany. He was at one time a member of the TAROT CLUB. So as he posted, he does know us very well.

You will believe what you wish. I am not here to change that. Only to clarify the inference on your post that I had other movitives.

Do I post under other handles. Yes, I do. Many of them. Most poster do have other handles. Robert states he don't. But I do believe Robert to be another poster on Raging Bull, who Touted "SCUR" to us when it was trading around the 2.50 level. That was a good recommendation from him and we have thanked him for it. But we also appreciate those who recommend selling our winners if they feel they are taking at turn. That is what we have done. The rest and this battle has been a result of the LONGS on AATK not approving. Yet we went negative on AATK at 9 1/ is now trying very hard to break 5.00 to the downside. So who was right?


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To: Robert Meany who wrote (71)9/26/2000 8:44:24 AM
From: Nancy McKinney
   of 104
Do you think the advent of wireless technology is the cause of the demise of AATK? Seems fitting. I sold all my position. Tell me why any co. would want all those AATK cables in their ceiling when they can get a wireless connection? If my brain is not working on this one, feel free to say so.

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To: Nancy McKinney who wrote (73)9/26/2000 9:07:41 AM
From: Robert Meany
   of 104

No I don't think so, we will have cable requirements for many years, and they are big into fiber optics as well. The big problem is they have not "shown me the orders", from their conferance last week, sounds like big deals pending with some fortune 500 members as well as private label. Herman Miller will also be actively selling their product. This white paper they just had published was needed to give them some credibility in the market.

Time well tell, but imho, they have a good business plan in place, have hired Will Boyd, who has good contacts in industry (AMP and GE Supply).

I should have sold when it was in high teens, and reentered, but hindsite is always 20/20!


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To: Robert Meany who wrote (74)9/26/2000 9:15:37 AM
From: Nancy McKinney
   of 104
Thanks for the reply. Even though I sold all, I am still keeping my eye on it. It may still have some bottom left; no telling when market sentiment will change about AATK, that's another mystery.

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To: Nancy McKinney who wrote (75)9/29/2000 6:52:20 AM
From: seven_reader7
   of 104
Love to say I told you so, but I told you so,

AATK could not move against the TAROT card reading yesterday with 3 news release (both PR and PL DEAL). Not to say there might not be another "selling bounce" but until some energy changes with the shareholder the last TAROT CARD PREDICATION will come to pass. Since June 22nd when the TAROT went negative on AATK at 9 1/2 three of four targets have been taken out...the first was 6 1/4....the second was 4 7/8 the third was 3 7/8 (taken out temporily on 09-27-00, when AATK hit 3 11/16)....the last TAROT predication currently is .60.

Told you so.


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To: Nancy McKinney who wrote (75)9/29/2000 12:00:21 PM
From: Alfred W. Post
   of 104
I am new at this. Bought in AAtk a long time ago because the cabeling had me convinced especially when they claimed it to be 70% cheaper. Now I know that I made a mistake.
Just read the news of their Omega subs.having recieved a nice army order but do not understand the connection between this and their main business. Is this just a small side business or does it matter?? I know the stock is way down but there still is some value. Should one sell and take the loss?? disapointed Fred

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To: Alfred W. Post who wrote (77)10/1/2000 10:38:16 AM
From: seven_reader7
   of 104
second opinion goes to an AVIOD on AATK

Enter New Symbol | Market Edge Home | Help
1 Year Chart | 3 Month Chart

Weekly Second Opinion - AATK

Symbol: AATK
Exchange: NMS
Wk. Open 5.03
Wk. High 5.03
Wk. Low 3.69
Wk. Change -1.00
YrHigh 17.75
YrLow 2.88
Mo Chg (%) -33.0
Resistance 4.75
Support N/A
Volatility (%) 7
Position 12

OPINION C-Rate 0.0
09/11/00 5.75

Mo Chg (%) -1.1 *
U/D 0.4 Slope DOWN
Obv BR *
Pos Obv BR *
Neg Obv BR *
MFI 10 Slope DOWN

Beta 0.60
50-Day R.S. 0.46
10-Day M.A. DOWN 85
21-Day M.A. DOWN 76
50-Day M.A. DOWN 65
200-Day M.A. DOWN 51
STO(Slow %K) 20
STO(Fast %K) 23
Wilders-RSI 22
Bollinger Bands 79
RSV 20



Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicates a BEARISH TREND
Chart pattern indicates a WEAK DOWNWARD TREND
Relative Strength is BEARISH
Up/Down volume pattern indicates that the stock is under DISTRIBUTION
The 50 day MOVING AVERAGE is falling which is BEARISH
The 200 day MOVING AVERAGE is falling which is BEARISH



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To: seven_reader7 who wrote (78)10/10/2000 11:10:31 AM
From: Alfred W. Post
   of 104
Thanks for your elaborate reply. I thought I knew a lot about the stock market but after seeing your reply I realize that I should go and learn a lot more. But where do you find all those values and their meaning you are refering to?Would love to learn about it. Thanks for your help.Fred

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