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   Non-TechAuric Goldfinger's Short List

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From: Joan Osland Graffius5/9/2014 6:13:39 PM
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Anyone have any ideas on buying puts on LRCX, ORCL, SNDK, XLNX and/or LLTC?

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To: StockDung who wrote (16505)5/20/2014 3:18:10 PM
From: Glenn Petersen
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David Loev was the CFO of

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To: Glenn Petersen who wrote (19410)5/20/2014 4:13:41 PM
From: StockDung
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To: StockDung who wrote (19411)5/20/2014 4:24:53 PM
From: Glenn Petersen
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Someone I know who has a shell was referred to David Loev. I told him that I would do some research. I have vivid memories of the sage, but had forgotten Loev's name. The SEC needs the authority and the resources to pursue criminal charges.

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From: StockDung12/11/2014 6:24:49 PM
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'Insane' $300 million James Bond movie Spectre 'told to use fewer trains' Latest emails leaked in the Sony hacking attack show studio wanted to cut costs of what would be one of the most expensive films ever

Lea Seydoux, Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci Photo: Reuters

By Nick Allen, Los Angeles

4:10PM GMT 11 Dec 2014


The new James Bond film will be the superspy’s most expensive outing yet and studio chiefs wanted to cut costs by using fewer trains in a dramatic fight scene, according to leaked emails.

Correspondence released by hackers suggested the anticipated budget for Spectre was at one point well over $300 million (£190m), which would see it become one of the costliest movies ever made.

The emails have not been confirmed as genuine but are part of a vast tranche of information released online by Guardians of the Peace, a hacking group many experts believe is linked to North Korea.

It has been targeting Sony Pictures Entertainment for the last two weeks.

The latest emails were first reported by CNN which has been reviewing thousands of leaked documents. According to the email exchanges Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM Studios, wrote: “There are expectations we must meet for the audience.

“Still, we must find further cuts. This is not about ’nickel and diming’ the production.”

Suggested cuts included reducing the number of train carriages in a fight scene from four to three, and dropping a planned ending in the rain to save on special effects.

Other suggestions included shooting a night scene, when the characters are supposed to be in a villa in Rome, in London.

It was also estimated that $6 million could be saved by using more footage of Mexico, which is giving financial incentives to film there.

The film, which begins shooting this week, is being distributed by Sony. In one email Sony Pictures Entertainment chief Amy Pascal reportedly wrote: “It’s insane and you know with no script this movie is gonna go overbudget.”

According to the emails the movie’s producers refused to cut the number of trains or film the villa scene in London.

In a further leaked email exchange, Sony Pictures Entertainment executives joked about US President Barack Obama’s race, according to reports.

Amy Pascal, co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, reportedly asked top producer Scott Rudin what she should ask Mr Obama at a November 2013 fundraising breakfast.

Mr Rudin wrote: “Would he like to finance some movies.” Ms Pascal replied: “I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked Django?” Mr Rudin responded: “12 Years [a Slave].” The pair then named other films starring black actors.

Sony Pictures had not replied to requests for comment on the authenticity of the leaks at time of writing.

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From: StockDung12/28/2014 5:07:01 PM
   of 19419
1:14-bk-15079 | Geoffrey J Eiten and Hildy S Eiten

Court: mabke
Case Type: bk
Chapter: 7
Filed: 10/30/2014
Last Filing: 11/26/2014

Last Updated: 11/26/2014 2:32 pm

#DescriptionDate Filed/EnteredDate Terminated
27 Order to Update

26 Order on Motion to Convert Case to Chapter 7

25 Convert Case to 7

24 Order on Motion to Extend

23 Extend Time

22 Chapter 13 Plan

20 Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor

19 Chapter 13 Agreement

18 (Ch13)Statement of Current Monthly and Disposable Income (Form22C)

17 Order on Motion to Extend

16 Extend Time

14 Order on Motion to Extend

12 Extend Time

11 Order on Motion to Extend

10 Extend Time

8 Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice

4 Order to Update

3 Statement of Social Security Number

1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 13)

No Accessible Documents Found

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From: StockDung9/7/2015 7:48:34 PM
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Confirmed: Sam Smith is Doing the James Bond “Spectre” Theme Song (And We’ll Hear it Tuesday Morning)

by Roger Friedman - September 7, 2015 11:44 am

EXCLUSIVE I’ve confirmed it, definitely and most absolutely. After months of speculation, Sam Smith — the male version of Adele as it were– is doing the James Bond theme song for “Spectre.”
The song will be released Tuesday morning.

Secrets always have a way of coming out

— SAM SMITH (@samsmithworld) August 30, 2015

Sam joins Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Sheena Easton, Duran Duran, and of course Adele in the long line of singers who’ve had this moment in pop history.

Yes, I did think Ellie Goulding was doing the song. But my sources tell me that because she did “Fifty Shades of Grey,” she was out of contention.

And Smith, despite plagiarism problems this year with Tom Petty over “Stay with Me,” is the breakout star of the year. Just like Adele, he took the Grammy Awards. I don’t know why anyone thought Radiohead, which drones on on and on like an electric fan, would be singing a pop song for a pop movie. That was weird.

Stay tuned and keep refreshing for more updates.

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From: StockDung9/8/2015 7:30:39 PM
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New James Bond gets a live-in girlfriend and 'outspoken' gay friend A cast of new characters drags James Bond firmly into 2015

Sean Connery And Honor Blackman during filming Of James Bond Film Goldfinger In March 1964 Photo: Rex

By Hannah Furness, Arts Correspondent

5:41PM BST 08 Sep 2015


For decades he has swaggered through life conquering women, chain smoking and saving the world, untroubled by the sensitivities of the 21st century.

In a new book, however, James Bond will be getting a dose of modern morality, as author Anthony Horowitz reveals the tricks he used to drag the spy kicking and screaming into the era of political correctness.

Horowitz, the writer of new Bond novel Trigger Mortis, said he had worked carefully to preserve Ian Fleming’s original character and ensuring his 1950s attitudes remained in tact.

But he has introduced a cast of new characters to point out the error of his chauvinistic ways, including messages about smoking causing cancer, women who give him a run for his money, and an “outspoken” gay friend.

Horowitz, who has been given access to Fleming’s own notes to research his latest update, said he had inserted “little twists” to make the story work for modern readers.

Anthony Horowitz read from Trigger Mortis Photo: APTN

"The book is true to the character and keeps him as fans would want him, which is as the original hard-bitten guy,” he said. “But then it always challenges and nudges and says ‘well wait a minute’."

Among the surprises for fans includes the return of Pussy Galore, who has moved in with Bond in London and spend the mornings squabbling in quite the opposite of domestic bliss.

It is the first time a Bond storyline has followed a Bond Girl forward, beyond the spy’s conquest and inevitable desertion.

Trigger Mortis sees the new couple living in 1957 Chelsea and irritating one another over their boiled eggs, with “an uneasy silence full of dark thoughts and words unsaid”.

Pussy Galore will feature in a new novel 'Trigger Mortis'

On the challenges of making Bond work for modern readers, Horowitz said he had realised there was an issue with the original plot, in which Pussy Galore is a lesbian who is overcome with lust for Bond.

"One of the challenges of writing the book was that attitude that a heterosexual man can change a woman's life and make her go weak at the knees,” he told radio station RTE.

"That's something that would be challenged, I think, in the 21st century.

"So it's how do you square that circle? How do you remain true to the original creation and concept and yet at the same time not offend people in the 21st century?

"If you read Trigger Mortis, you'll see actually there is a little twist to the tale in that particular story which I think sort of pays him off for his slightly patronising attitude.”

Saying readers must remember Ian Fleming 's novels were "of their time", he added: "I think the answer is that in the book I remain true to every one of Bond's things.

Anthony Horowitz at the Hay Festival last year

"He does smoke cigarettes, he smokes many many cigarettes. But then what I do is I nudge him with a little reference to a newspaper article he happens to glance at which just reminds him that these things will give him cancer.

"With women, he has this sort of patronising carnal attitude with them which is absolutely accurate to the Bond of the books. But then by creating very strong women he is given quite a run for his money and his attitudes are challenged.

"I also gave him a very outspoken gay friend, who chides him and says 'come on Bond, you're living in the 20th century now not the Middle Ages.'”

Horowitz, creator of The House of Silk, Moriaty and the Alex Rider children’s series, added: “My first duty, my first responsibility was to be true to the original feel of the book, to be true to Ian Fleming: his creation, his world and his ideas.

"What I was trying to do was wrap myself in his mantle and write a book that would be worthy of him.”

Trigger Mortis was awarded four stars by the Telegraph, with reviewer Jake Kerridge saying Horowitz has “captured the spirit of Fleming more successfully” than any other author permitted to write the Bond continuation novels. It is on sale now.

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From: StockDung9/9/2015 3:06:08 PM
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James Bond Girls – Then And Now (click on next for slide show)
By Jason Owen | August 13, 2015

Eunice Gayson

Eunice Gayson was the Bond girl who started it all. She starred in the first two Bond films from 1962 and ‘63, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, respectively.

Gayson was originally to play the role of Miss Moneypenny, but ended up playing Sylvia Trench, Bond’s first film crush. The studio floated the idea to allow Gayson to play a recurring role in the series, but they eventually nixed that idea. Still, she’ll always be known as our first Bond girl.

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From: StockDung3/16/2016 3:36:18 PM
   of 19419
Did this shady pro-Bernie Sanders super PAC just dupe James Bond?

New filing raises more questions about shady pro-Bernie Sanders group

Sanders campaign has decried Americans Socially United super PAC

By Michael BeckelemailDave Levinthalemail 6:50 pm, September 17, 2015 Updated: 3:12 pm,

Did this shady pro-Bernie Sanders super PAC just dupe James Bond?

Americans Socially United, a super PAC that recently received nearly $50,000 from James Bond actor Daniel Craig, has submitted its first official campaign finance report to the Federal Election Commission.

And it’s a mess: The report from the group that claims to support presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is riddled with anomalies and raises as many questions as it answers.

The filing by Americans Socially United — whose founder, Cary Lee Peterson, has a history of financial and legal problems and is a wanted man in Arizona — came nearly seven weeks after the mandatory report was due and a week after the Center for Public Integrity raised questions about the super PAC’s operations.

The money from Craig appears to have come at a critical time for Americans Socially United, as the super PAC’s new report states it ended June about $50,000 in the red.

The new report further indicates Americans Socially United had raised about $100,000 from its formation in February through the end of June, although the exact amount is unclear.

That’s because one section of the report lists the super PAC’s total receipts as about $91,000, while other figures indicate it collected about $114,000.

Americans Socially United also states in its report that it refunded a significant portion of the money it collected. But the exact amount is again unclear.

One section of the report states the super PAC refunded about $54,000 in total to donors. Yet another indicates that that number is higher — nearly $80,000 — including $50,000 from a foreign national identified as Alejandro Fernandez of La Paz and $25,000 from a second foreigner simply identified as Anthony Rice.

Only U.S. citizens and green card holders are allowed to donate to federal candidates and political committees.

The report includes the names of about 30 donors but failed to provide federally required information about their addresses, employers and occupations.

Other donations were returned because Peterson’s super PAC got the money by mistake. Some contributions were intended for Sanders’ official campaign, the filing indicates.

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