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   Microcap & Penny StocksUndervalued - OTC/BB Stocks

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To: Captain Hook who wrote (51)3/9/1999 12:19:00 AM
From: QuietWon
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Fellow named Rodney has new thread - good idea imo
Message 8217112

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To: QuietWon who wrote (52)3/9/1999 7:03:00 PM
From: jmhollen
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"...Howdy.."!, :-)

There's an opportunity to get in on what is sizing up to be one "helluva" run for my personal favorite - LGOV.

Eight or so years into it's ventures into China, this often maligned little Trojan is about ready to cook. LPG gas business is doing great, and the company is about to branch out into half-a-dozen different areas where the ground work has already been laid. They have multiple licenses to both import and distribute products and services in China; including Internet work..!

for fun and profit; tiptoe over to and/or come visit us at "Largo Vista (LGOV) Pure Chinese Play for 98' and beyond".

Current ticket to ride is $0.115(+/-) (fluctuates about 1/2-cent about this floor level); "mucho" shares for the invested dollar..!!

Major stockholders meeting the 29th of this month, and the word is she's going "ROCK"..!!

Hey,'re invited..!!


John :-)

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To: jmhollen who wrote (53)3/9/1999 7:13:00 PM
From: QuietWon
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How much worse can China / Far East get? probably right. Japan slowly coming out it's slump. My theaory is it cycles back to interest rates and insurance co's (ins co's own 25% otf the mkt and alomst all are in trouble from a solvency viewpoiint and my theory is the ins co's need and do sell equities to get cash to pay policyholders and runs on the bank type thing has and may occur more)

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To: Amanda Marley-Clarke who wrote (11)6/1/1999 7:43:00 PM
From: Walter Morton
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Yeah, keep an eye on this one too:

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To: Walter Morton who wrote (55)6/7/1999 1:06:00 AM
From: tom jones
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To all: Procyte (PRCY) is a bulletin board stock under $1. PRCY was
removed from NASDAQ because it was trading below $1 but they have
kept their auditors and report to the SEC. Revenue has increased for the last 5 quarters and they expect to show a profit by early 2000.
Procyte discussion board:
Subject 2973

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To: tom jones who wrote (56)6/7/1999 5:15:00 AM
From: Walter Morton
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The insiders like the stock that you mentioned, but float is almost equal to shares outstanding. That means that a new investor today who is buying for the long turn can just kiss half of that price goodbye. When those share in float are converted/exercised into common stock the earnings per share will be diluted by about 50%. However, dilution risk is relative to how long you plan to own the stock and whether the stock price moves on earnings or hype.


What did you think of all that info on CIST?

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To: Walter Morton who wrote (57)6/7/1999 12:54:00 PM
From: tom jones
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To Walter and all: Procyte's insiders (from yahoo) mainly the CEO Clifford have been buying PRCY in the open market. Procyte has been giving out stock bonuses equivalent to $15,000 a quarter which will cause a very small dilution. Management has done a very good job so far in keeping the shares outstanding from growing to fast even with all of the acquisitions.
Walter, I don't follow your comment about the float causing dilution. The float is the common stock traded on the open market and is part of the shares outstanding.
Here are the definitions from Yahoo:
Shares Outstanding - This is the number of shares of common stock currently outstanding-- the number of shares issued minus the shares held in treasury. This field reflects all offerings and acquisitions for stock made after the end of the previous fiscal period.
Float - This is the number of freely traded shares in the hands of the public. Float is calculated as Shares Outstanding minus Shares Owned by Insiders, 5% Owners, and Rule 144 Shares.

I will have to look into CIST more to find out why the sales have been going down but they did make a profit by selling part of the company.

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To: tom jones who wrote (58)9/23/1999 8:25:00 AM
From: jmhollen
   of 60
FYI: This one meets the criteria..!

I suggest that ya'll boogie over to the LGOV board and check things out. The company is starting to make "..bubbling.." noises..!!

Subject 4727

Still really cheap at 0.12+/-, and it just got noticed by

John :-)

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To: Captain Jack who wrote ()9/24/1999 5:08:00 PM
From: Khris Smith
   of 60
Please take a moment to check out this stock. It has very low
volume now, but that is to soon change. There is an up coming
media blitz, with tons of GREAT news. This is the 4th stock I have
ever recommended. The other 3 being XNET @ .68 sold at $5.50,
ZICA @1.25 sold at 9.03, CAOL@ .89 (still waiting) and now DFNL
@.75 (soon to be $2+).
DFNL-Definition, Ltd. IS:
Definition, Ltd. Intends to be a premier sales and distribution
entertainment company bringing previously released and unreleased
films and music to the marketplace. The initial focus is on legends
in the entertainment field such as Roy Rogers, Vincent Price,
Sammy Davis Jr., and Cristy Lane. (While I do not know who, I have
been told that two other huge stars will be included as part of their
unreleased film library.)

DFNL is a fully reporting, debt-free, company headquartered in Las
Vegas, Nevada. They are a full service, family oriented
entertainment company, concentrating in the distribution of movies
and music. Product for distribution will be developed from a recently
acquired 2500 piece film library ,a 150 film collection of limited and
unreleased movies, one million feet of NBC news footage,
production of new films, signing music artists, and purchasing other
libraries. (There are other libraries close to be closed on, including
175 films with little or no public release). Distribution will focus on
theatrical, television, rental, mass retailing, Internet retailing, and
direct marketing.

Initially DFNL will release "If these walls could speak" narrated by
Vincent Price. This is a 26 half-hour documentary series covering
castles, prisons, palaces, forts, houses, and cities. The 26 half-hour
shows will be released on cable. Interested parties are A&E and
other networks. DFNL's asking price of $35K per half-hour show is a
fairly standard price and will net $520,000.00. These shows will
also be edited for home video, creating 13 programs. Blockbuster
will purchase at least one tape per store, at 3200 locations for $15
per tape. Blockbuster alone will provide a minimum of $624,000.00.
Finally, on the wholesale front, it is conservatively estimated 200K
copies, as a two pack would wholesale at $5 for VHS and $10 for
DVD bringing in an estimated income of $1,400,000.

Roy Rodgers' marketing program will consist of selling a book
written by Dusty, Roy's only son, a CD and a video offered for sale
on TV for $39.99. (Profit of $14 per sale) DFNL owns a few of Roy
Rodgers' songs, including the only one recorded by Roy, Dale and
Dusty. A very experienced and successful telemarketing company
projects sales in excess of one million pieces. Conservatively
projecting sales at 225K equates to revenue of $3,150,000.00

DFNL has recently signed a contract with Cristy Lane, a country
and gospel music star. In a TV offer, DFNL will include her
autobiography, "One Day at a Time", a video of Cristy Lane in
concert, and a CD/Cassette of her album, "One Day at a Time". It is
projected that approximately 1,500,000 sales at $29.95 will be
generated. DFNL also has nine more albums by Cristy Lane that will
be distributed through the retail market.

The last initial offering will be "How the West Was Lost", a western
spoof staring Sammy Davis Jr., James Caan, and Stephanie
Powers. This movie will be released for national syndication,
providing up to $25M.

Retailing previously unreleased movies, after digitizing and
remastering the footage.

"Golden Legend" record label. Currently has signed Frankie Randall,
as the first of 15 major artists to this label.

"History of the Navy Seabees", a 6 to 7 hour mini-series including
30-45 minutes of footage on a sequel to ""he Fighting SeaBees", the
last movie made by John Wayne.

A seven-hour mini-series on the Korean War.

Outstanding Shares:11,832,149
Estimated Float: 1.5M
Auditors: Clancy &Co., CPA
Registrar & Transfer Agent: Corporate Stock Transfer Denver, CO

The stock moves very easily on low volume.

I do not work for DFNL, nor was I paid to write this. I do hold stock
in DFNL.

Nitetrade / khris

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