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   Technology StocksInformation Management Associates - (IMAA)

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To: TFF who wrote (147)9/1/1999 10:06:00 AM
   of 165
Stock is moving! price is now over 9!


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To: Evan Dimmer who wrote ()9/15/1999 10:26:00 AM
From: agent99
   of 165 Membership Increases 250% in Five Weeks; Unprecedented Growth for Internet Shopping Site

SHELTON, CT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--September 15,,
(, the Internet's largest reverse auction Website where the buyer
rules, announced today it has, in the last 5 weeks, more than doubled its membership
enrollment to more than 47,000 buyers.
"We are encouraged by the thousands of people who have signed up for our service and
now enjoy the shopping benefits of a reverse auction Web site", says CEO
Gary Martino. "Both buyers and merchants benefit at buyers get the best
deal and merchants both online and off get more customers to buy their products."
Since opened its site to the public in July, the reverse auction Web
site has steadily increased membership. In August, had 18,000 registered
members, in September that number had more than doubled to 47,000 members. works for both buyers and merchants. For buyers,
eliminates much of the time and confusion people often experience using traditional
Internet shopping models. For businesses, levels the playing field that
e-tailers (merchants on the Web) and retailers (merchants that aren't on the Web) compete
"Market analysts project that consumer Internet sales are expected to grow fivefold in
the next few years", says Gary Martino. " is positioned to take advantage
of this explosive growth and be the market leader in the reverse auction Web site

How It Works offers consumers a better way to shop on the Web; at,
buyers are in control. They can easily and efficiently submit purchase requests and have
them automatically distributed to the many merchants who sell the requested product.
Merchants receive purchase requests and respond to those requests using their account. enables consumers to consult with merchants, get
the best deal, and conclude the purchase at their discretion.
In addition, the system provides the tools that help both buyers and merchants track,
organize and analyze buyer requests and merchant responses. The result is a positive and
effective experience for both buyers and merchants. Buyers can get the best deals
possible and merchants, both on- and off-line, can increase their business.

About (, the Internet's largest reverse auction Web site
where the buyer rules, was founded in June of 1999. The site brings more than 47,000
buying members and 4,000 vendors together for the dynamic and negotiable sale of brand
name consumer goods. was formed and then successfully spun-off as a separate business entity
by Information Management Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMAA), a leading provider of
enterprise software. Current investors include IMA, @Ventures, Inc. (the affiliated
venture capital arm of CMGI), Wand Partners, Inc., Amicus Capital, LLC, and Madrona
Investment Group, LLC. has offices in Shelton, Connecticut and Redwood
Shores, California. For more information, go to, e-mail or call 1-877-889-8900.

CONTACT: Kenneth Juarez
(212) 931-6138
Jacques Wagemaker
(203) 925-6893
10:10 EDT SEPTEMBER 15, 1999

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To: agent99 who wrote (149)9/17/1999
From: TFF
   of 165
13D filed after close. Looks like Wand partners holding approx 50%. Although 13D is very confusing with the cross ownership.

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To: agent99 who wrote (149)9/17/1999 10:17:00 AM
From: TFF
   of 165
from 13D..." Except for the bridge financing transaction and the investment in inc., each discussed more fully in Items 3, 4 and 6, none of the
Filing Persons has effected any transactions in common stock of IMA during the
past 60 days."

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To: TFF who wrote (151)10/20/1999 2:43:00 PM
From: Anthony@Pacific
   of 165
TOKYO DOPE scams again
-----Original Message-----
From: ID Protected by A@P ( email recieved unsoloicited )
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 8:47 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: IMAA

I was one of the "suckers" who were fooled by Tokyo Joe's Societe Anonyme
with the purchase of IMAA at 13 5/8... When the stock went down to $9.00
level I emailed the society and asked if I should bail out and cut my losses
short.. Their response was "only a fool would get out now"...The stock is
now below $5.00 a share.

I understand from your report that the SEC is investigating? Anything I
could do??

ID Protected by A@P ( S.A Current member of Tokyo Joke )

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To: Anthony@Pacific who wrote (152)10/21/1999 8:35:00 AM
From: TCTC
   of 165
Hi Anthony, do you have a long call on IMAA?

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To: Anthony@Pacific who wrote (152)10/21/1999 10:26:00 AM
From: TFF
   of 165
IMA Introduces New E-Business Vision With the Introduction of Demand Chain Management
IMA Pioneers Solutions That Redefine CRM, eCRM and CTI Marketplaces
SHELTON, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 1999--IMA (NASDAQ:IMAA - news), a leading global provider of synchronized, multi-channel e-business solutions, today announced a revolutionary new process for supporting the huge inflow of demand that has shifted from more traditional distribution channels onto the Internet. IMA's vision, termed Demand Chain Management (DCM), will be a suite of technology solutions to enable businesses to create demand, manage demand, and respond to demand in a highly effective manner.

Demand Chain Management takes the core values of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy to a new level by applying new e-commerce technologies that are rapidly overtaking today's business world. DCM looks at the bigger picture - beyond traditional CRM response - and addresses how demand and delivery channels are changing as technology redefines the relationship between the supplier and the customer.

''The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers,'' said Al Subbloie, IMA's President and CEO. ''Demand Chain Management allows companies to successfully blend all communication methods, manage diverse customer interactions, and respond to requests in an efficient, customer-centric manner.''

''IMA is announcing a revolutionary answer to business problems in the three major customer-facing markets, CRM, eCRM, and CTI middleware,'' Subbloie continued. ''The Web is forcing a major requirement shift for the enterprise towards a new breed of architecture designed for channel synchronization and demand normalization anywhere in the customer demand chain. Demand Chain Management is the specific value-added vision that brings all of the fragmentation together in a common business layer, putting the customer's demand in the center of a powerful new open architecture.''

Currently two major shortcomings exist in the CRM and eCRM software being offered to businesses. CRM solutions are not designed from the customer's point of view, and are simply a wide collection of predefined data models and processes that assist company personnel in communicating with customers. Existing eCRM software has the same design flaw as its predecessor, which is compounded by the wide variety of partial, proprietary solutions offered by various vendors. As a result, the actual demands of customers are not reflected appropriately nor made persistent in the system, and there is inconsistency in the way the business manages what really matters, their customers' requests for products and services any time, from anywhere, over any channel.

Traditional CRM and CTI software have attempted to bring synergy between voice and the web, but have failed to do so. These middleware solutions remain ''transaction-centric'', with little ability for demand to persist as a data component in a chain of events defined by a common set of business rules anywhere in the enterprise. While many companies are creating loose partnerships or merging, solutions from these fragmented players creates large inefficiencies for the enterprise because of hard wired integration of proprietary or even multiple rules engines, along with overlapping legacy architectures.

IMA's Demand Chain Management product suite will allow businesses to easily respond to consumers in a rapid and personalized manner. It not only generates demand, but automatically routes the requests (e-mail, voice, fax, chatroom, etc.) to the appropriate personnel, and can even employ a highly automated yet personalized response mechanism. To accomplish this, IMA has created the Industry's first object-oriented, Java-centric component architecture for e-business application development. This true OO component architecture offers n-tiered scalability and promotes a best-of-breed solution through re-useable e-business components, such as a rules engine, personalization, web development and legacy integration.

While IMA is shifting its business focus, the company remains committed to supporting its CRM and CTI customers across the globe. ''We will continue to offer the same level of service and support that we always have. And since our new DCM offerings will be built on open industry standard architecture, all of our EDGE customers will be able to use our new offerings to extend their current EDGE applications across their entire enterprise system,'' Subbloie added. ''Our new technology provides both existing and new clients the opportunity to continue the use of existing applications while adding greatly enhanced enterprise functionality across the full demand chain.

IMA is the only player in the market today with a vision that addresses all the technologies which make up the Demand Chain - e-commerce, business intelligence and eCRM - by focusing its products and services on this new relationship between the buyers and sellers.

About IMA

IMA provides synchronized, multi-channel e-business solutions, enabling businesses to create market demand, manage that demand, and then respond to it in the most effective manner with world-class customer interaction software solutions. Gartner Group ranks IMA as a leader in customer service and support systems and as a visionary in sales applications. Over 400 global organizations including Bose Corp., Humana, ICT Group, Lloyds TSB, Texas Utilities, U.S. Cellular Corp. and Xerox depend on IMA products and services to help grow their business through the process of acquiring and retaining customers. IMA has headquarters in Shelton, Connecticut and offices and representatives worldwide. More information about IMA's products and services can be found on the World Wide Web at, requested via email at or by calling 1-203-925-6800.

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To: TFF who wrote (154)10/21/1999 10:54:00 AM
From: Anthony@Pacific
   of 165
MPPP<--------------Pure JUNK with a huge market cap!!!!!!!!!! Ignore all th upgrades ,, they are scammy Crim Firms, They have no basis whatsoever for the reccomendaytion.. Noone uses MPPP<--wher you can get al the crappy miusic you want for free!

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To: Anthony@Pacific who wrote (155)10/21/1999 7:33:00 PM
From: BenThair
   of 165
You said

MPPP<--------------Pure JUNK with a huge market cap!!!!!!!!!! Ignore all th upgrades ,, they are scammy Crim Firms, They have no basis whatsoever for the reccomendaytion.. Noone uses MPPP<--wher you can get al the crappy miusic you want for free!

Did you call this a short at wss or your private site?

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To: BenThair who wrote (156)10/21/1999 7:39:00 PM
From: Lance
   of 165
Okay, okay, all the hype is gone, the stock has leveled/based at the 4-5 area for apporoximately 1 month. I'm banking on a new hype run soon for IMAA... This sucker is full of shorts just dying to for it to go lower, but if news, hype or upgrades hit the street this stock will soar once again. Just remember when the hype started: Internet incubator CMGI has quietly invested in a version of the reverse auction ecommerce idea that has made famous, by taking a 20% stake in tiny
Information Management Associates majority owned sub, launched in June , provides consumers and merchants with an
efficient way of conducting business over the Internet. Its personalized, secure marketplace creates a buyer centric model that benefits both consumer and merchant.
It enables registered members to submit requests for desired products to merchants who respond to the buyer and then compete for the sale.

I bought some today, under the impression that IMAA is bound to have a rally sooner than later!

Any other thoughts out there?


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