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From: Graystone12/16/2019 12:56:18 AM
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Collectively we are an embedded system in the network, the new land
We couldn't have known we were prototypes for a new social order

SI took over my entire life for many years.
At some level it is still deeply embedded in who I am.
I still feel the need to be the character that I am, not sure why.
My digital character was developed many years before SI and the Internet.
I used to play ANSI games on BBS systems in the early days.
I would play every local copy I could find of certain BBS games like Tradewars.
I would play these BBS games and create the same trading posts and the same planets in the same grid locations in every copy. Some other local players actually thought these planets and trading posts were part of the background code of the game because Graystone's Garden Planet was always in the same place in every copy I could find and play.
I came to SI through finance.
I did freelance IT work (PC support) for finance firms and knew brokers who were involved with Bre-X.
Many of us remember mikesloan and the role that the Internet and especially SI played in that story.
SI was just the best site for information on gold stocks.
As a well developed digital persona already I was surprised to find kindred digital souls here.
Fully developed and hardened characters.
There were just some incredibly gifted and smart people living the digital life here.

Today I only visit SI occasionally as life leaves little time for anything else.
Perhaps some version of the future has me being able to stop working but I doubt it.
I still love this place and the people here still impress, even those who have opinions that differ from mine.
That we have different opinions only matters if we are here to share that difference.
I know that every last person on SI that disagrees with me (or agrees me with for that matter) has more in common with me than 99.999...% of the planet.
So if I love your stuff, or even if I hate your stuff, it only matters to you or I because we are both still here on SI.

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To: Graystone who wrote (1259)12/18/2019 12:55:51 AM
From: Neeka
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Graystone............excellent post.

You said it very well, and captured the essence of SI membership.

I've been drawn to it a couple of times, and thought it well worth posting here.

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To: Neeka who wrote (1260)3/21/2020 3:45:00 PM
From: Graystone
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Thanks Neeka
Stay Safe

I am drawn to SI often in times of crisis.
I suppose it has to do with the fact that my first visits were in relation to Bre-X, which really wasn't a crisis.
This is unlike any previous crisis I have experienced in my lifetime and my earliest memories include the Cuban Missile Crisis very clearly.
We are entering a time of change right now and choices already made, for better or worse, will come into play now. My wife and I are essential workers, she works in a Doctor's office (one which may move to Telepresence) and I work in the Telecom industry as a technician, my company has stopped all home visits as of yesterday.
At this point in the crisis I can assure you, two things stand out for me and I will point them out to anyone who is interested -

If you have accumulated some resources, it is time to use them to support those you love. Any resources, spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, reserves of wisdom of energy of love, USE THEM NOW. ACT.

It is natural that many people will not want to talk about the virus and this is fine. They should still be reminded of the basic instructions above. Tell your children and grandchildren to stay home. Tell your friends and family to stay home. Stay home.

We are all in the same position as Sean Probst was in near the end of SEVENEVES, one mistake is all it will take. In John Ringo's Troy Rising series (who would believe I could read such junk) Terrans are attacked by an alien species who release a virus which infects humans and causes a small sore on the wrist. All you had to do to survive the attack was to use some antiseptic and a band-aid, do that simple thing and you could affect the outcome.
What goes into the forge is not what comes out of the forge. We are all bound together here in this billet and what we do together over the next thirty or forty days will have a tremendous impact on our future, let us be worthy of our History.

With grayt love.

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To: Graystone who wrote (1261)3/21/2020 6:05:42 PM
From: SI Ron (Colonel Sammy)
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I still go out. I am going to a Chinese restaurant to pick up food tomorrow. Then going out to pick up food at the grocery store for my mother, who is 78 and afraid to go out.

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To: Graystone who wrote (1261)3/21/2020 8:34:35 PM
From: Jeffrey S. Mitchell
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To: SI Ron (Colonel Sammy) who wrote (1262)3/21/2020 10:23:04 PM
From: Graystone
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Chicken soup for me then
No soup for you!

I love you Ron, I love the fact that your administration skill has kept this place open all these many years.
I love the smell of your posts when they are warm from your mind.
I haven't always liked you and we both know that.
But I love you.
I know this virus is not a thing you want or need to talk about and we will all be going "out" whether we like it or not. My last living older brother lives nearby, he is on AISH and has no resources whatsoever. He is really having trouble isolating but I will go and bring him food because I know he will need my help.
This is good.
Many people will still be taking advantage of services currently available but I anticipate that might change as it has elsewhere. We are on the cusp of the battle here, like that opening scene in Saving Private Ryan. You are probably also surrounded by people feeling like that. Many people are tense and feel the gravity and it tends to weigh down the thoughts.
So what didn't I do today? I didn't go out and get a Large Steeped Tea double double, I didn't do that because I am eliminating contact that isn't necessary from my daily routine. I didn't worry about making sure the dining room table was free of recent tax papers, I didn't do that, the table won't be used this Sunday because no one is invited for dinner. I didn't go to the store to get anything, not today, I know I will have to, but not unless I must.

As an essential worker I did my best today to get my customers connected and in service without endangering them or their families. I did my best today to make sure the infrastructure I touched was sanitized after I touched it so my co-workers and I can continue to work through the crisis. I did my best today to make sure that I did not become a burden on the system that I am depending on to protect and care for the people that I love. I did my best today to help protect my children, one of whom is an essential worker and has to see other people every day. I know that one day my best efforts will not be enough and like most people I will be infected by this "novel" virus. I am hoping that my efforts to delay my own infection will help my wife's mother, trapped in a old folks home in lockdown. I am hoping my efforts protect my wife, who still has to work in an office where there are visitors every day.I did do all this and will continue to do all this every day.

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To: Graystone who wrote (1264)3/21/2020 11:01:21 PM
From: SI Ron (Colonel Sammy)
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May happen or may not happen, but if you have to go out, you have to go out....

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To: Graystone who wrote (1264)3/21/2020 11:22:07 PM
From: SI Ron (Colonel Sammy)
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Tax, we don't have to file till June 1 now, and if you owe money like me, don't have to pay until July 31.

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From: Graystone3/22/2020 10:00:02 AM
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Fake olds

The news stories coming out of Italy and the mathematical progression of contagion allow no or here, it is going to happen and when and how it happens to most people is critical. The CMO of British Columbia has indicated the progression of contagion in BC is following the same track as the progression in Italy, buckle up, this is simple math. We have a little more time but really just a sliver. In Quebec the first person has been arrested for breaking quarantine. In Italy the army is being mobilized and the lockdown is getting more severe, but hey, you and I can both use Google and we can both do math so we are seeing the same set of scenarios develop. Like a tsunami, you can cling to what you wish but I can say with certainty that I am on the balcony of self imposed isolation and can tell I am better off than those being washed away, their platitudes and attitudes are being washed away with them, goodbye Dana White goodbye. I have instructed all of my children to STAY HOME, DO NOT HAVE VISITORS OVER, DO NOT VISIT, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE. Not totally true, what I actually said to them was "do not to listen to any lunks". Being my children they know exactly what a lunk is and can spot lunks from a great distance.

We are a vulnerable group here, we are mainly old, we have a lot of collected wisdom even if that is hard to perceive sometimes. You cannot really distance yourself Ron, not from us. Understand that for better or worse we are your mates. I just want you to know that. I know I am a person and a presence, I understand that I chose that role and have really never stopped doing what I am. I have no right to instruct you but I can certainly tell you I care. Take care of yourself old man and I will do my best to take care of the things that I can take care of.

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From: Graystone3/23/2020 9:44:01 AM
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Waiting is

There are secret languages all around us. They permeate the spaces we inhabit and they get spoken and they are learned without ever being taught or studied. I could give you countless examples but anyone who heard Mr. Smith understands immediately how the connections form and who the speakers and listeners may be. Some of these languages are physical, they are gestures, smiles or movements of muscles that deliver extra power to the words they drive forward. Some are cerebral, they are professional poker games delivering pure proof, you almost believe the players are there listening to the analysis and seeing the same screens you see. The way we have been caring for what is most valuable, us, is coming to an end. What is certain is that we are really not prepared for what is currently transpiring. A time of change is upon us and we are going to be broken, or not.

Not accepting the new but rejecting the old. We were there weren't we? Ushers for the infant powers that now control the realms in which most of us find ourselves living. The little fish are real in way that only Amazon might fully comprehend, or perhaps Alphabet. When I first tried to describe the little fish of the new land, oh so many years ago here on SI, I used the words of Wilbur Smith because they emphasized the power of multiplicity magnified. We are entering a different era in the new realm and we are destined to be powerful in a way never seen before. Us, the little fish of the new land with our Walmart shopping and our Amazon ordering, we are the true pipers, the engine of reality that churns away creating itself under a facade of governments and corporations, the cardboard creations of our childhood. We give VOICE to ourselves. Our value to the previous is obvious.
The irony that a future component of the new land and it's infrastructure arrives as a true "viral" message should not be lost on us here on SI. We have watched the entire show this far, we have helped create this way, we have scripted the changes in some small measure. Consider that the word viral has a very different meaning for those who really live in the new land. I am ashamed to stand here and state the obvious without offering anything else, waiting is. Fullness, when it arrives, and it will, won't require previous, it will come with it's own conclusions.

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