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To: Don Green who wrote (28313)11/23/2021 8:30:58 AM
From: Don Green
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RFK Jr.: Fauci And Bill Gates Should Be Criminally Prosecuted For Gross Negligence And Profiting Off COVID

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Big Pharma and the media have divided the political parties and created racial animus so nobody will notice they are making billions to "execute the controlled demolition of American constitutional democracy." In an interview with Michael Cohen on his podcast, RFK Jr. argued you are no longer allowed to criticize government policies or you will be removed from YouTube.

RFK Jr. said Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates should be criminally prosecuted for gross negligence and profiting off of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MICHAEL COHEN, HOST: Does it concern you then that your book and its views are being given the most prominent airtime from people like Tucker Carlson who believe that the January 6th insurrection was an inside job created to crack down on the far right?

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.: I'll talk to anybody. I'll talk to the biggest idiot in the world and I'll talk to criminals if their the only way that I can get my message out, you know, Anderson Cooper's not going to put me on CNN because CNN is run by pharmaceutical companies that gives, you know, 70% of revenues the evening news are coming from, from NPR is, you know, Bill Gates giving $319 million to the public television and, and the so-called independent news. Anybody who wants to criticize pharmaceutical products or government or question government policies cannot do that on a normal network TV, social media. They're thrown off. If you're a person who has suffered a vaccine injury, and you talk about that on Facebook, you will be evicted. You're not, you will never get on a TV program to talk about that.

When Ron Johnson, Senator from Wisconsin, had a group of people, of physicians and people who've been injured -- clearly injured by vaccines, including people who were part of clinical trial, ended up public hearing in front of the United States Senate committee last week and recorded their sworn testimony. And all of that was removed from YouTube.

Cause you are no longer are allowed to criticize government policies. Oh yeah. I will go to places that, you know, people -- I've always done that. I've always been willing to talk to people who don't agree with me on virtually anything. I've been on Hannity probably a dozen times. Hannity and I agree on literally zero.

I think democracy is about building bridges to people with whom you don't agree. With creating, you know, finding where there is common ground with other human beings. The biggest thing. The most important productive strategy or the big talk around the oligarchs and the intelligence agencies and the pharmaceutical companies who are trying to impoverish us and, you know, and, and dramatically, and, and obliterate democracy, their strategy is to create fear and division.

So orchestrated fear and divide Republicans from Democrats and blacks from whites and get a lot of infighting so nobody notices that they are making themselves billions and billions, and while they
impoverish the rest of us and, and, and execute the controlled demolition of American constitutional democracy.

And we need to talk, I probably agree with you on almost nothing. I came on here because I'm willing to talk to anybody who is willing to listen about this. Uh, you know, I think we need to start talking
to each other even about with people we don't agree. My father told me that partisanship is poison and it's intellectually dishonest. It's tribalism. It's bad for democracy.

Now we need to start talking to people as human beings, not as Republicans and Democrats. Now I don't have to agree with Tucker Carlson on, on anything. If he invites me on a show, I'm going to go on it. Because he has a big audience. And I don't. have to agree with you, Michael. I appreciate you letting me talk to your audience. It does not mean I am endorsing your views.


COHEN: Based on your findings, do you believe that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates should be investigated for criminal wrongdoing?

RFK JR.: Yes.

COHEN: Plain and simple?

RFK JR.: Of course. I mean, I think Fauci's policies -- 80% of the people who died from COVID should not have died.

We should've been doing early treatment like the Chinese did. The Chinese put early treatment protocols with chloroquine, which is hydroxy -- the cousin of the hydroxychloroquine.

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To: Les H who wrote (28312)11/23/2021 11:53:44 AM
From: Les H
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How conspiracists exploited COVID-19 science
Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Nature Human Behaviour volume 5, pages1464–1465 (2021)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, conspiracy theorists have exploited the provisional nature of scientific consensus and the realities of how science is conducted to paint scientists and public health leaders as malign actors.

Instead of envisioning an untidy world filled with randomness, unintended consequences, innocent action gone awry and new evidence, conspiracists envision one that is inhabited by powerful individuals who conceal malign activities and intent. The fluid nature of emergent science provides fuel for conspiracy theorists who offer certainty in place of the provisional, sometimes-updated statements of health experts. At the same time, conspiracy proponents question the trustworthiness and motives of those in the federal agencies, philanthropic institutions and pharmaceutical companies who fund basic research and develop, deliver and, in the case of some of the federal agencies, regulate public access to medical treatments, including vaccines.

Filtering the world through these lenses, during the pandemic conspiracists have drawn on and manipulated statements and actions by public health experts, such as Dr Anthony Fauci (director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), on topics that range from mask wearing and COVID-19 treatments to vaccine safety and the funding of coronavirus research. Understanding the susceptibilities that conspiracists exploit should help us to identify ways to better safeguard both the trustworthiness of health science and public trust in it.

The updating of scientific knowledge
Statements and updates by Dr Fauci about mask wearing and hydroxychloroquine were among those used by conspiracy theorists during the pandemic. As indications accumulated that individuals without symptoms can transmit SARS-CoV-2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Surgeon General and Dr Fauci did an about-face on the advisability of routine mask wearing in public settings. When randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials found that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective as a COVID-19 treatment, Dr Fauci’s agnosticism about its value shifted to opposition. He was not alone. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also withdrew its Emergency Use Authorization of it. “Much of what Fauci said about this virus, the drugs that could treat it, and the measures that could be taken to slow the spread was untrue”, said Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on the 2 June 2021, “He knew it was untrue”. After listing “cruise ships, masks, lockdowns, the origins of COVID-19, [and] the models and projections” as topics on which Dr Fauci had been “wrong”, on 2 June 2021, Fox News’s Sean Hannity asked “What did Dr Fauci know and [w]hen did Dr Fauci know it, and was he engaged in some kind of scientific cover-up?”.

For conspiracists of an ideologically conservative bent, some of conclusions of the science community did not reflect science but instead a desire to undercut Trump’s re-election prospects. “The partisan Democrats, the conjugal media, and the scientists, the deep state scientists want America sick through November”, alleged Michael Caputo, who was appointed by Trump as assistant health and human services secretary for public affairs. Among the decisions at issue were whether the whole population other than essential workers needed to be ‘locked down’ to ‘bend the curve’, the speed with which the economy should be re-opened after the ‘lockdown’ and when a vaccine would be available for distribution. The insistence of experts such as Dr Fauci that decisions about the use of proposed treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and convalescent plasma, and the authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine, should await high-quality clinical trial data was also interpreted as being anti-Trump in intent. “The deep state, or whoever, over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics. Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd”, tweeted President Trump on 22 August 2020.

Funding structures in science
A desire to sabotage the electoral prospects of the incumbent US president was not the only motive that conspiracists saw at work. Greed and abuse of power and trust were assumed to be at play as well. Presuppositions of self-interested collusion among actors in federal agencies, philanthropic institutions and the biopharmaceutical industry incorporate two accurate premises: they are all major funders of health science, and the pharmaceutical companies commercialize federally funded research. But what is actually going on, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr, the head of the anti-vaccination organization Children’s Health Defence, is more sinister: philanthropist Bill Gates pays Dr Fauci, who in turn develops drugs and passes them to drug companies in which Gates is invested. Gates then guarantees markets in Africa through his control of the World Health Organization (WHO), which requires those countries to buy the drugs and vaccines1.

The process of generating conspiracy theories interweaves uncontested facts about ongoing activities in the government, philanthropic institutions and biopharmaceutical companies (for example, that the Gates Foundation funds vaccine development or that post-vaccination deaths have been reported to the US government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System); historical instances in which a pattern of allegedly comparable behaviour occurred (for example, that the US government authorized the 1932–1972 syphilis experiments at Tuskegee or that babies of colour were given an unlicensed vaccine in the early 1990s without their parents’ informed consent2); and pre-existing unwarranted conspiracy theories (for example, that the CDC is covering up evidence that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism). A conspiracy theory may also convert temporal associations into causal inferences (as in a since-deleted Instagram post3 claiming that Hank Aaron and Marvelous Marvin Hagler “died after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.” The COVID vaccine killed both!). “Coincidence is turning out to be quite lethal to COVID vaccine recipients”, noted Kennedy4.

Into this brew, conspiracists add conjecture (“maybe [the COVID-19 vaccine] doesn’t work and they’re simply not telling you that”5) and insinuations that are intended to identify a conspirator’s motive (for example, that Dr Fauci is a registered Democrat6, a past CEO of Moderna7 and a vaccine shareholder8). Such factors are interlaced to warrant context-specific conspiracy theories (for example, that the FDA is covering up the fact that the mRNA vaccines cause serious side effects and death9; or that, in league with ‘Big Pharma’, Dr Fauci mandates vaccines from which he, Big Pharma, the Gates Foundation, Chan-Zuckerberg, WHO, CDC and the Chinese Communist Party benefit10).

Personal greed is one ascribed motive, and sociopathy or lust for power, glory and knowledge are others. Accordingly, one theory accuses Dr Fauci of opposing the approval of hydroxychloroquine — a drug that Trump cast as a possible “game changer”11 — because Dr Fauci wanted the virus to spread until a vaccine could be developed and named after him12. On another front, by terming the nation’s leading infectious disease specialist the ‘father of the virus’, conspiracists assumed the motive explored in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein — an arrogant search for knowledge unmindful of the risks or consequences. The meme ‘Fauci Lied. Millions Died’13 capsulizes the conspiracy assertion that by denying that a US$600,000 National Institutes of Health (NIH) subaward from EcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology14 involved gain-of-function research, Dr Fauci and compatriots such as NIH director Dr Francis Collins are covering up (that is, ‘Fauci Lied’) the supposed reality that the resulting explorations created SARS-CoV-2 and with it the pandemic (that is, ‘Millions Died’).

Here, conspiracists are exploiting uncertainty about the genesis of SARS-CoV-2. As the presidents of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine noted in a statement on 15 June 2021, “The origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and the circumstances of the first cases of human infection, remain unknown”. Whether intended as parody or not, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart reinforced the broader inference when, appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 14 June 2021, he told the host Stephen Colbert, “I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has, in many ways, helped ease the suffering of this pandemic — which was more than likely caused by science”.

Proactively reducing susceptibility
Because those with a conspiratorial world view can readily cast their critics as part of the conspiracy15 and massage evidence that contravenes a particular theory into proof of it16, they are unlikely to be persuaded by counterevidence17. However, as David Robert Grimes has suggested, acceptance of “medico-scientific consensus” is a spectrum that includes those who are reachable18. Our goal should be reaching them.

To minimize conspiracists’ exploitation of instances in which scientific authorities update scientific knowledge, health experts ought to note routinely that their statements are based on ‘what we now know’. When, as in the case of mask wearing, fresh evidence prompts an apparent U-turn, public health spokespersons should justify the change by repeatedly explaining ‘what we know now that we didn’t know then’.

Scientists and journalists also should showcase the ways in which the scientific norms of transparency and critique both forestall and make it possible to uncover the effects of human bias and venality on the research enterprise. Federal grants are not only subject to extensive review by multiple parties, but also — as press review of the EcoHealth Alliance’s NIH award attests — their provisions are subject to public scrutiny. Moreover, it was institutionalized forms of disclosure (for example, the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s database) that made it possible for fact checkers to confirm that Dr Fauci is not a vaccine shareholder. Fact checkers used other open sources to undercut claims that he is a registered Democrat or a past CEO of Moderna. And publications were retracted that “relied on a significant amount of data” from what Retraction Watch characterized as “a questionable company....which is now famous for refusing to share its data in articles published in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine”19.

By exploiting the provisional nature of scientific knowledge, its inevitable updating and the realities of the scientific funding structures, conspiracists eroded the trust of some susceptible individuals in the recommendations of public health authorities about lifesaving behaviours including mask wearing and vaccination. Their success in doing so made community immunity, and with it an end to the pandemic, more elusive. Understanding the vulnerabilities that conspiracists exploit should help us to identify ways to better safeguard both the trustworthiness of health science and public trust in it.

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To: Les H who wrote (28315)11/23/2021 3:59:17 PM
From: Les H
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To: Les H who wrote (28316)11/23/2021 4:00:08 PM
From: Les H
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To: Les H who wrote (28317)11/23/2021 4:27:43 PM
From: Les H
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Will US shale oil operators forget capital discipline and produce a lot more oil next year as oil prices reach a seven-year high?

As demand has recovered, resulting in higher and sustained oil prices, Capex has also increased but significantly less than in previous years. This year, despite a 70% increase in oil prices operators are only increasing Capex by 9% and are expected to have a similar increase next year. Average oil prices in 2021 are higher than in 2018 but Capex is only 65% of what was spent in 2018. The main reason is capital discipline, which is suppressing activity despite high oil prices. Another factor is the well efficiencies achieved by operators since 2018. Despite high oil prices, rigs are 22% below pre-Covid-19 levels and frack crews 10% below.

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From: Les H11/23/2021 8:30:28 PM
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Dollar Tree makes it official: Items will now cost $1.25
Faced with the rising cost of goods and freight, discount retail chain Dollar Tree says it will be raising its prices to $1.25 for the majority of its products

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From: Les H11/24/2021 10:47:14 AM
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Big Oil Is Finally Exercising Restraint, And Biden Is Pissed
By Haley Zaremba - Nov 20, 2021, 4:00 PM CST
Gasoline prices are rising to their highest levels in years, and Biden is facing increasing pressure to find a fall man.
Biden has already taken aim at OPEC+ and Russia, but now he’s looking in his own backyard.
This week, Biden asked federal regulators to open an investigation into the U.S. oil and gas industry to determine if it’s engaging in “illegal conduct”.

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From: Don Green11/24/2021 11:02:12 AM
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A Dying Empire — America. A Working Empire — the EU. An Emerging Empire — China
Why America is dying, the European Union is working, and China is overtaking America.

Tessa Schlesinger

It’s good to remember the words of John Donne’s poem — No man is an island. Screenshot of Google Maps

Let’s start with the European UnionThis morning I received a mind-blowing email from the European Commission. I want to quote from it, because if you have arrived at the same conclusions that I have, it will blow your mind.

Notably, the EU has reached a crucial milestone as more than 70 % of Europe’s adult population are now fully vaccinated. … Thanks to the EU Digital COVID Certificate it is now possible for you to travel safely again. … The EU leaders have decided to look forward and invest heavily in our future through NextGenerationEU — our historic recovery plan. It is a once in a lifetime chance to emerge stronger from the pandemic, transform our economies and societies, and design a Europe that works for everyone. Together we are investing the unprecedented amount of over 800 billion euro in initiatives that will make Europe healthier, greener, more digital and more just.

Did you get that? The European Union is going to create a new economic system that works for everybody, and it going to invest $930 BILLION into changing the system for the greater good of all.

However, the European Union isn’t just going to put together a lot of stuffy old men and let them plan it. Nope. They’re actually asking for my input, and the input of every other European out there. Let me quote to you.

But making all this real and shaping our future together would not be possible without your personal involvement. The EU has therefore invited all citizens to debate on Europe’s challenges and priorities. No matter where you are from or what you do, this is the place to think about what future you want for the European Union. On the digital platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe you can take part directly. You can make proposals, organize or participate in events, and follow debates in panels of randomly selected citizens.

Holy hell! This is what you call a direct democracy, where the input of every single one of 448 million people counts.

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From: Les H11/24/2021 12:05:38 PM
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Researchers Seek Volunteers in Study of Ivermectin as Possible COVID Treatment
BY AILA SLISCO ON 11/24/21 AT 12:43 AM EST

Ivermectin might be effective if you have a worm infestation that's weakening your immune system.

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To: Don Green who wrote (28321)11/24/2021 3:05:04 PM
From: Don Green
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Jamie Dimon's mea culpa
Jamie Dimon. Photo: Michel Euler/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon walked back a joke that the bank will outlast the Chinese Communist Party, Jacob Knutson reports.

    "I truly regret my recent comment because it’s never right to joke about or denigrate any group of people, whether it’s a country, its leadership, or any part of a society and culture," Dimon said in a statement."Speaking in that way can take away from constructive and thoughtful dialogue in society, which is needed now more than ever," he added.
JPMorgan has branches across China and it recently got Beijing's approval to own a securities brokerage in China, according to Reuters.

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