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To: Ga Bard who wrote ()2/10/1999 1:38:00 PM
   of 1510
Check out "PUNK"..Internet Advisory Corp. Ernst & Co. new market maker this morning....Nice..

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To: nick pace who wrote (1439)2/10/1999 9:57:00 PM
From: RICE
   of 1510
ETVL - Stock Pick of the Week from "Mypennies NewsFlash" ALERT

EXA International
Shares Outstanding 15,303,000
Shares in the float 1,600,000

EXA International is a franchisor of three different types of travel agencies. In addition, EXA has developed or is in the process of developing several programs that enhance the franchise network and provide sales volume to the company and its franchisees.

They went public last summer. A news release is expected very soon. Their CEO has 30 years in the industry. MM,s are supposedly looking for stock on this little gem. Float is only 1.6 million. News will move this stock very quickly. 75 cents to 1.00 is very realistic for short term.
Volume reached close to a million today closing at 26 cents. This was a $5.00 stock in July. Once people start getting wind of this one it will take off.

Here is a couple posts off Yahoo,

"I have a fantastic opportunity for you guys with almost no downside potential. I am granting emergency coverage to ETVL. A group of investors has purchased the entire float. This is my first experience with cornering a stock, and from the looks of it it will be very profitable. "

"What happens is that the MM's have no shares to sell to people and they have to raise the price to get people who own the stock to sell. This will raise the price. We'll hit .75 by Wednesday, and $3 by next week! Try and get some free shares if you can. Much to my surprise this is not illegal."

"Still this weeks pick check it out if you can lol nothing on the company and its headed higher. will see .75 by friday. travel agent with franchisee's plus they do 200 million revenue and is profitable."

"nice to see someone else here who is in the know about ETVL.Oh yes this puppy has been on the upside from friday and its only the start.I will not put out numbers as stating $3 by next week,thats not my style and I am conservative but,I will say we do move up and up as this week closes out.We should have some good news this week and next related to this 200 mil.dollar a year in the black company.
This only has an upside potential and yes the float is 1.6mil. that is indeed owned buy some very smart investors that know what to do.:)My friends we go higher tomorrow you shall see."

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To: RICE who wrote (1443)3/2/1999 11:34:00 AM
From: one_less
   of 1510
Winners Internet Network, Inc. Announces The First Internet Lottery Utilizing The Winners' System Is Set To Begin Operations

BusinessWire, Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 11:11

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 2, 1999--David C.
Skinner, Jr. President and CEO of Winners Internet Network, Inc. (OTC
BB:WINR) would like to provide the following information on the
ticket structure, unique prizes and the most incredible odds offered
by any Lottery anywhere. By utilizing the WINR system it will enable
the Lottery to allow anyone in the World with any currency to purchase
their Lottery tickets on-line.
The following information provided by the Lottery details the
different tickets that can be purchased including the prizes for each
ticket along with explaining "the best odds for any Lottery anywhere".
Please visit their web site @ after March 15th.


We offer the best odds for the highest pay back of any lottery we
have seen. That's why we call ourselves Win A Lottery. There are three
factors to consider when evaluating a lottery, raffle or sweepstakes.
The amount of money you are wagering, the odds and the pay back. We
are currently running Five contests, One Million Dollar Cash Lottery,
Two raffle style lotteries, One pick 5 from 30 Progressive lottery,
and One pick 3 from 21 Progressive Lottery. The raffle style lotteries
offer Featured Home or Cash Value. One winner takes all. Progressive
lotteries have a growing pot that gets bigger as more people bet. The
more Lottery tickets sold the higher the pot.
Our One Million Dollar Lottery offers a $1,000,000.00 Cash Prize.
It is $50 per ticket and offers the best odds of our raffle style
lotteries. The odds of winning are 1 in 75,000, which in the world of
million dollar lotteries is unheard of!
Our $500,000 Cash or Dream Home Lottery offers the Featured Home
as the prize or the Cash Value of $500,000.00 it's your choice! The
cost is $25 and the odds of winning are 1 in 100,000.
Our $200,000 Cash or Dream Home Lottery offers the Featured Condo
as the prize or the Cash Value of $200,000.00, its your choice! The
cost is $10 and the odds of winning are 1 in 100,000.
Our Basking in Big Bucks Pick 5 Progressive Lottery offers a
growing pot that has infinite possibilities and the cost of entering
is $5. Ready for the odds ??? You are choosing 5 numbers from 1 to 30.
The odds of picking the first number correctly are 5/30 or 1/6. The
odds of picking the second number 4/29. The odds for the 3rd, 4th and
5th are: 3/28, 2/27, and 1/26. Therefore the odds of choosing all six
numbers correctly are:


5 4 3 2 1 120 1
-- X --- X --- X --- X --- = ---------- or -------
30 29 28 27 26 17,100,720 142,506


1 out of 142,506 are the best odds we have seen! If you compare
pick 5 from 30 to any there lotto on line you'll see it's the best. We
have seen a non- progressive pick 5 from 25 lottery with a $2500.00
pay back. A pay back as small as this is in a different gambling class
and should be compared to roulette which has better odds. Most
lotteries offer a pick 6, adding another number to multiply by 6/30
calculates to 1/593,775. "Pick 6 from 49" or "Pick 6 from 45" are
astronomically worse odds. With those odds it is a miracle anyone wins
at all.
Introducing our Instant Gratification Pick 3! Winning Numbers are
picked DAILY! The cost of entering is $2.00. You Pick 3 numbers from 1
to 21. The odds are ONLY 1 in 1,330. These kind of odds cannot be
found by Governments, Charities, or Casinos. They can only be found
here at Do the math!


1 2 3 6 1
------- X -------- X ----- X ------- = -------
21 20 19 7,980 1,330


We offer the best odds so you can WIN. THAT'S WHY WE CALL

CONTACT: Columbia Financial Group, Inc. 888-301-6271


Today's News On The Net - Business Wire's full file on the Internet
with Hyperlinks to your home page.

Copyright 1999, Business Wire

Companies or Securities discussed in this article:
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BB:WINR Winners Internet Network Inc

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To: one_less who wrote (1444)3/9/1999 9:53:00 AM
From: Ga Bard
   of 1510
GNEN, CSHK & MPTV are moving ... eom


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To: one_less who wrote (1444)3/9/1999 10:00:00 AM
From: Ga Bard
   of 1510
CLWK is increasing volume. eom


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To: one_less who wrote (1444)3/9/1999 10:06:00 AM
From: Ga Bard
   of 1510
ACCR & AGCR just hit my screen ... eom


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To: Ga Bard who wrote (1446)3/9/1999 11:10:00 AM
From: Ga Bard
   of 1510
CLWK is doing Great & CAYC & MIGR just hit my screen .. eom


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To: Ga Bard who wrote (1448)3/9/1999 2:43:00 PM
From: Labrador
   of 1510
13:10 ET ******

O'SULLIVAN INDUSTRIES HOLDINGS (OSU) 12 5/16 +1 3/4. The sector may not be as sexy as the Internet field, but this designer and manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture is still able to spice its stock by delivering better-than-expected results. According to OSU, the company expects fiscal Q3 earnings to easily surpass Wall Street expectations as strong sales and improved productivity are expected to propel Q3 earnings above $0.40 per share. The improved earnings outlook even includes a $0.03 a charge the company plans to take to account for an increase in bad debt associated with one customer that it having difficulty meeting its financial obligations. And with net sales expected to top the $102 mln mark in Q3, the company is expected to enjoy a sequential sales increase of at least 5% in the latest period, and more than 11% on a year-over-year basis. According to First Call, the company was only projected to earn $0.31 a share, following a net of $0.29 in Q2. Much of the credit for the improved sales and earnings outlook is related to stronger product demand and the improvement in its manufacturing operations which is also playing a major roll in the improved performance. While the company does not operate in a glamor sector, its steady delivery of consistent sales and earnings growth through the past three years should give investors confidence in the stock. Trading at less than a 10 times multiple to next year's earnings projections of $1.35, the stock is cheap based on just about every type of measuring standard, particularly for a company that can deliver both top and bottom line growth.

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To: Labrador who wrote (1449)3/10/1999 9:51:00 AM
From: Ga Bard
   of 1510
SCMI, NYRR, Volume moving up ... eom


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To: Ga Bard who wrote (1450)3/15/1999 2:16:00 PM
From: one_less
   of 1510
WINR moving steadily up today on very good news.

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