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   Microcap & Penny StocksRocky Mountain Int'l (OTC:RMIL former OTC:OVIS)

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To: Mark_H who wrote (55474)6/20/2005 9:42:06 PM
From: Jeffrey S. Mitchell
   of 55532
I see Riley has a role in War of the Worlds, as well as The Producers (the Musical). So look for him in a theater near you!

- Jeff

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To: Jeffrey S. Mitchell who wrote (55475)6/20/2005 10:56:33 PM
From: The Duke of URL©
   of 55532
Life imitates art or Art imitates life?

You don't know how much it means to us to have Riley G in "The Producers". This is what IMDB, Internet Movie Data Base says about that storyline (I kid you not):

Plot Summary for
The Producers (1968)
Down-on-his-luck theatrical producer Max Biyalistok is forced to romance rich old ladies to finance his efforts. When timid accountant Leo Bloom reviews Max's books, the two hit upon a way to make a fortune by producing a sure-fire flop. [op.ed. Max and Leo know that if they produce a flot, no one will ever ask for their money, therefore, they can sell 2500% of the deal.]

The play which is to be their gold mine? "Springtime for Hitler."

Summary written by Scott Renshaw {}


Why it is almost magical. I am surprised they did not name the Title Song, "Spingtime for the Ile Del Carribe". Has Max's accountant been cast? You know I know who would be perfect, don't you??? It may not be too late to cast the road show. Demand your ticket stubs.

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To: The Duke of URL© who wrote (55476)7/13/2005 10:05:56 PM
From: Janice Shell
   of 55532
Same Morgan? I can't quite summon up his first name...

BOCA RATON, FL (August 26, 2004) –– Vianale & Vianale LLP commenced a securities fraud class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of purchasers of the securities of World Information Technology, Inc. (“World Information” or the “Company”) (OTC: WRLT.PK) between January 3, 2003 and March 16, 2004, inclusive. View the complaint on Vianale & Vianale’s website:, or call toll-free 888-657-9960.

The complaint alleges that the Company, its officers, directors and outside auditor violated Sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. World Information purported to be a leading “online, member-created, Internet community.” Throughout the class period, the Company reported artificially inflated sales, accounts receivable and net income. Despite these violations, the Company’s outside auditor, Beckstead & Watts, LLP (“B&W”), certified the Company’s 2002 financial statements. In September 2003, B&W wrote to CEO Gary D. Morgan, questioning the validity of the Company’s accounts receivable and noting problems with the Company’s internal financial controls, but did not withdraw its audit report. In January 2004, B&W resigned as the Company’s auditor, followed by CFO Steven D. Fellows who resigned in February 2004. On March 16, 2004, the Company announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission had temporarily suspended trading of the Company’s securities due to the inaccuracy and incompleteness of the Company’s financial statements.

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To: Janice Shell who wrote (55477)8/5/2005 3:18:58 PM
From: Riley_G-NYC
   of 55532
I just checked back in after all these years and still see many of the same old posters still here...

Janice is living in PA from what I heard the other day, Bill has legal troubles as well...

Well some of us have lives and have moved on from the scam called OVIS turned RMIL...

Yes, my RMIL stock is still in my account... Going nowhere fast...

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To: Riley_G-NYC who wrote (55478)8/5/2005 4:58:34 PM
From: Janice Shell
   of 55532
Huh? I'm indeed living in Pennsylvania, but I don't have any legal problems.

Haven't you learned by now that Pugs's "information" is usually disinformation?

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To: Janice Shell who wrote (55479)8/5/2005 6:24:41 PM
From: Riley_G-NYC
   of 55532
Nor do I have any legal problems... Just playing professional poker and making films these days... No stock market activity... Just own a boat load of RMIL and wondering why the FBI and or SEC did not arrest those in RMIL for the fraud press releases and SEC filings...

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To: Riley_G-NYC who wrote (55480)8/6/2005 12:10:53 AM
From: The Duke of URL©
   of 55532
I noticed you appeared right after the statute of limitations on stock fraud has run. :)

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To: The Duke of URL© who wrote (55481)8/6/2005 12:43:47 AM
From: Riley_G-NYC
   of 55532
LOL indeed, but what about the SEC testimony I gave in the RMIL matters....???

I know that many found it hard to believe that I am not, was not involved in any scams... I'm sure that Tonto, and Kuglar, and the SEC can verify this...

Next case...

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To: Riley_G-NYC who wrote (55480)8/6/2005 9:40:56 PM
From: Janice Shell
   of 55532
wondering why the FBI and or SEC did not arrest those in RMIL for the fraud press releases and SEC filings...

I wonder why as well. I was outraged that the Nasdaq let them start up another company. Which I imagine has gone under...

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To: Janice Shell who wrote (55483)8/6/2005 10:06:02 PM
From: Tommy Hicks
   of 55532
I haven't thought about Gary Morgan or Roland Breton in awhile, but remember they were involved in Dynamic Imaging Group (DYIG) (which Riley bashed BTW). I did a little checking and found that DYIG later became Greentech USA Inc. (GTEI.OB).

I guess it comes as no surprise that GTEI hasn't done well.

"GREENTECH USA: Losses & Deficit Raise Going Concern Doubt
Greentech USA, Inc. (formerly Dynamic Imaging Group, Inc.) was
incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida in January
1999. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Dynamic Imaging Group,
Inc., a Colorado corporation, it is engaged in the sale and rental
of portable show displays, accessories and graphics, all of which
are used in the trade show and trade exhibition industry.

Greentech USA incurred net losses of $1,589,300 for the
year ended December 31, 2003 as compared to a net loss of
$1,205,749 for the year ended December 31, 2002. Since inception,
the Company has incurred losses of $7,133,573. Its operations
have been funded by the sale of common stock with gross
proceeds of approximately $1,000,000 since inception.
Additionally, Greentech signed convertible debentures and note
agreements and borrowed approximately $ 2,000,000 from third
parties and related parties. These funds were used for
working capital and capital expenditures.

Management believes that there is sufficient liquidity to meet all
of the Company's current cash requirements for the next
twelve months through cost reductions and increased marketing
efforts together with additional proceeds from common stock sales.
A key element of its strategy is to evaluate opportunities to
expand through acquisition of companies engaged in similar and
related complementary businesses. Any additional acquisitions
may require additional capital, although there can be no
assurances that any acquisitions will be completed. Also,
management believes that additional funding will be necessary to
expand market share.

During the year ended December 31, 2003, operating cash
requirement was $ 1,775,818, mainly attributable to the net loss
of $ 1,589,300 mitigated by non-cash charges for depreciation of
$29,065, beneficial interest on notes payable and Series A
Preferred stock of $181,647, compensation related to the issuance
of common stock for services rendered of $153,000, and other non
cash items totaling $403,008.

The independent auditors for the Company have stated that the
Company has experienced losses from operations totaling $7,133,573
since inception, has cash used in operations of $1,775,818 in
2003, and has a working capital deficiency of $814,143 at
December 31, 2003. These matters raise substantial doubt about
the Company's ability to continue as a going concern.


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