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   Microcap & Penny StocksRADIUS RISES FROM THE ASHES (DODV)

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To: SHGLaw who wrote (1338)10/13/1998 10:11:00 AM
From: R.S. Blum
   of 1438
Yep, SHG... I'd say that about sums it up! Hmmm, I remember the days you used to try to cheer me up from being so negative. I guess everyone has their threshold for managerial abuse. ;-)

Remember the long holders motto: Mentally Written Off. Helps you sleep at night.

Still waiting for our cold day in hell,

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To: SHGLaw who wrote (1338)10/13/1998 10:21:00 AM
From: Richard Rose
   of 1438
"why is it that no one has every picked this company up for chump change"

This has been the crux of the issue in my mind. I finally concluded that RDUS has nothing special, even though their products win awards, primarily Mac awards. There are enough competing products out there from better capitalized companies. Even giving RDUS the benefit of the doubt that their products are the "professional choice", the market is too small to be largely profitable. This mass consumer market, whenever - and if - it materializes, will most likely go to the better capitalized companies with superior marketing, economies of scale etc. RDUS' Mac concentration - even though they have some WinTel product, has been their Achilles heel as well IMO. Once they fully port all products to WinTel, it may be a day late and a dollar short.

The market is telling you something. The market may be wrong and if so RDUS is one to keep an eye on, though I would not hold unless you are down so much at this point you don't care about continued down side. For me it's one to watch for a profitable trade. My best guess is RDUS is headed for the OTCBB, but I may certainly be wrong.

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To: Richard Rose who wrote (1340)10/13/1998 11:16:00 AM
From: SHGLaw
   of 1438
I think you are right on target. And Scott, I wish I could find something cheery in all this, but it's impossible to marvel at the pseudo-techno-significance of anything this company does when quarter after quarter it proves itself less profitable than my children's lemonade stand. I wouldn't care if Canon puts a picture of Housley at the top of its web page, unless he was unclothed and people would pay to look at it.

It's just the numbers. The stock is now at pennies pre-split. Does anyone in management realize this? Are they staying awake at night wondering how they have managed to kill this company at every turn? And you are right that better capitalized competitors will swallow up the market, if and when it ever materializes, since rdus can't afford to produce or market anything it has come up with, and has proven that with product after product for years.

It was easy to blame Chuckie Berger, who no doubt deserved it, but what of Housley? He's bet the farm on DV and still can't sell enough to keep the lights on. It cannot last forever, and the fact that no one wants to buy the tech tells us, friends, that it just ain't no big deal. The lights may be on for the time being, but clearly there is no one home.


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To: SHGLaw who wrote (1341)10/13/1998 11:20:00 AM
From: X-Ray Man
   of 1438
Ah, I hear the music of final capitulation on the winds. It
might be time to consider buying back into this puppy soon in
the 1/2 - 3/4 range...

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To: X-Ray Man who wrote (1342)10/13/1998 12:06:00 PM
From: R.S. Blum
   of 1438
Yeah X-Ray,

If I were you I'd buy as much as you can just before the next reverse split. Yessirree, that's using yer noggin...


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To: R.S. Blum who wrote (1343)10/13/1998 12:26:00 PM
From: X-Ray Man
   of 1438
Look, so far I have made money going in and out of RDUS. The
current status is that RDUS has sold off all assets not essential
to its new business model to retire debt and provide working
capital. The new company is now a software company with a toehold
in a potential emerging market. But the price of the stock does
not reflect the potential of this "startup", but rather the
disappointment from the company that no longer exists. If you
don't think the software has the potential to be profitably
marketed, you should have been out of this puppy long ago. I
got out when I realized we were some ways from real earnings, and
DV market was far from shaking out. Now company is valued very
low for the product they have, IMO, but with high risk. Right now,
it is a bottom feed. The only thing we have to worry about is
keeping cash flow until revenues are generated. JMO.

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To: X-Ray Man who wrote (1344)10/14/1998 12:53:00 AM
From: David Fortner
   of 1438
The agenda for the DV Expo tomorrow says that there will be "new product announcements by leading companies in digital video, including...Radius..." Checkout the Press Releases at Could this be the EditDV for Windows announcement coming, or just the Mac 1.5 version???? Sure hope it's the former, and that it'll be available by Christmas.


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To: David Fortner who wrote (1345)10/14/1998 9:02:00 AM
From: R.S. Blum
   of 1438
Wednesday October 14, 7:28 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release

Radius Debuts MotoDV Studio 2.0
Combines Award-Winning MotoDV with Adobe Premiere 5 to Provide Complete Desktop Editing Solution for Windows Platforms

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To: David Fortner who wrote (1345)10/14/1998 9:04:00 AM
From: R.S. Blum
   of 1438
Wednesday October 14, 7:42 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release

Speed's the Thing
Radius' EditDV 1.5, DV Industry's Fastest Desktop Editor, Begins Shipping

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To: R.S. Blum who wrote (1337)10/14/1998 9:56:00 AM
   of 1438
Don't explode..
Wednesday October 14, 7:28 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

Radius Debuts MotoDV Studio 2.0

Combines Award-Winning MotoDV with Adobe Premiere 5 to Provide Complete
Desktop Editing Solution for Windows Platforms

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 1998--Radius Inc. (Nasdaq:RDUS - news), the
premier developer of DV software products, today announced a new version of MotoDV Studio, the
company announced at DV Expo here today.

MotoDV Studio 2.0 integrates Radius' full-motion DV capture and playback technology with Adobe
Premiere 5 to provide a complete non-linear editing solution for DV camcorder users on Windows 95, 98,
and NT.

MotoDV lets users quickly and reliably transfer pristine digital video between a Windows-based personal
computer and a DV camcorder or VTR equipped with an IEEE 1394 ''FireWire'' port. Adobe Premiere 5
delivers a streamlined interface, studio-quality audio tools, long-format editing tools, enhanced Edit
Decision List (EDL) support and other high end production features.

Bundled together in MotoDV Studio, the system gives video editors a powerful, open standards-based
desktop editing solution that integrates easily with other essential tools.

''MotoDV Studio delivers the quality and productivity of much more expensive systems,'' said Brady O.
Bruce, vice president of marketing for Radius. ''Even the most demanding video professionals will be
excited about this affordable desktop editing DV solution. The addition of Windows NT support makes it
that much more powerful.''

Version 2.0 adds Radius Studio Plug-Ins for Adobe Premiere, enabling a seamless and efficient workflow
from video capture through final output to tape. Two of the plug-ins provide integrated capture from
within Premiere, either manually or automatically from a batch list, with control of the DV device from
the keyboard.

Batch capture is especially important because it allows an editor to free up disk space for new projects,
knowing that a work-in-progress can be easily restored to the state in which it had been left.

The third plug-in, Radius LiveDV, is a playback module for Premiere that enables video and audio to be
played over the 1394 connection in full-motion at full resolution. The video is previewed on a video
monitor attached to the DV device.

In addition to playing back the video and audio at normal speed, editors can scrub or step through a
particular segment -- an important capability required to properly evaluate a particular edit or effect.

The playback module also enables editors to play full-resolution video from the Premiere timeline without
the need to compute the video project into a single file on the hard disk. Only effects, titles, and
transitions need to be rendered, saving substantial time and disk space.

In addition, by playing clips in sequence from the timeline, the playback module bypasses the 2GB file
size limit, allowing editors to create much longer programs.

MotoDV Studio 2.0 for Windows has a U.S. suggested list price of $899 and is expected to begin shipping
in December, 1998. Current MotoDV Studio 1.0 users can upgrade to version 2.0 for $99. The upgrade
price for MotoDV users is $199.

Radius is headquartered at 460 E. Middlefield Road, Mountain View, CA 94043. Its products are
available through a worldwide network of Radius authorized resellers, system integrators and distributors.
Radius may be reached at 650/404-6000 or at their Web site


Radius Inc.
Cheryl Landman, 650/404-6235
Crowley Communications
Pamela Crowley, 408/377-8384

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