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   Microcap & Penny StocksRADIUS RISES FROM THE ASHES (DODV)

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To: David Fortner who wrote (1345)10/14/1998 9:04:00 AM
From: R.S. Blum
   of 1438
Wednesday October 14, 7:42 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release

Speed's the Thing
Radius' EditDV 1.5, DV Industry's Fastest Desktop Editor, Begins Shipping

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To: R.S. Blum who wrote (1337)10/14/1998 9:56:00 AM
   of 1438
Don't explode..
Wednesday October 14, 7:28 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

Radius Debuts MotoDV Studio 2.0

Combines Award-Winning MotoDV with Adobe Premiere 5 to Provide Complete
Desktop Editing Solution for Windows Platforms

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 1998--Radius Inc. (Nasdaq:RDUS - news), the
premier developer of DV software products, today announced a new version of MotoDV Studio, the
company announced at DV Expo here today.

MotoDV Studio 2.0 integrates Radius' full-motion DV capture and playback technology with Adobe
Premiere 5 to provide a complete non-linear editing solution for DV camcorder users on Windows 95, 98,
and NT.

MotoDV lets users quickly and reliably transfer pristine digital video between a Windows-based personal
computer and a DV camcorder or VTR equipped with an IEEE 1394 ''FireWire'' port. Adobe Premiere 5
delivers a streamlined interface, studio-quality audio tools, long-format editing tools, enhanced Edit
Decision List (EDL) support and other high end production features.

Bundled together in MotoDV Studio, the system gives video editors a powerful, open standards-based
desktop editing solution that integrates easily with other essential tools.

''MotoDV Studio delivers the quality and productivity of much more expensive systems,'' said Brady O.
Bruce, vice president of marketing for Radius. ''Even the most demanding video professionals will be
excited about this affordable desktop editing DV solution. The addition of Windows NT support makes it
that much more powerful.''

Version 2.0 adds Radius Studio Plug-Ins for Adobe Premiere, enabling a seamless and efficient workflow
from video capture through final output to tape. Two of the plug-ins provide integrated capture from
within Premiere, either manually or automatically from a batch list, with control of the DV device from
the keyboard.

Batch capture is especially important because it allows an editor to free up disk space for new projects,
knowing that a work-in-progress can be easily restored to the state in which it had been left.

The third plug-in, Radius LiveDV, is a playback module for Premiere that enables video and audio to be
played over the 1394 connection in full-motion at full resolution. The video is previewed on a video
monitor attached to the DV device.

In addition to playing back the video and audio at normal speed, editors can scrub or step through a
particular segment -- an important capability required to properly evaluate a particular edit or effect.

The playback module also enables editors to play full-resolution video from the Premiere timeline without
the need to compute the video project into a single file on the hard disk. Only effects, titles, and
transitions need to be rendered, saving substantial time and disk space.

In addition, by playing clips in sequence from the timeline, the playback module bypasses the 2GB file
size limit, allowing editors to create much longer programs.

MotoDV Studio 2.0 for Windows has a U.S. suggested list price of $899 and is expected to begin shipping
in December, 1998. Current MotoDV Studio 1.0 users can upgrade to version 2.0 for $99. The upgrade
price for MotoDV users is $199.

Radius is headquartered at 460 E. Middlefield Road, Mountain View, CA 94043. Its products are
available through a worldwide network of Radius authorized resellers, system integrators and distributors.
Radius may be reached at 650/404-6000 or at their Web site


Radius Inc.
Cheryl Landman, 650/404-6235
Crowley Communications
Pamela Crowley, 408/377-8384

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To: PACKRATCAT who wrote (1348)10/15/1998 11:05:00 AM
From: David Fortner
   of 1438
Yea, I got the word down here that it's not EditDV for Windows. I do like what they've announced though, especially for a user like myself. Better integration with Adobe Premiere 5.1, and an NT version of MotoDV. That was a big missing piece. There are a lot of potential NT MotoDV customers that will like this. I'm getting the sense that we are still a ways off for EditDV for Windows. I realize it's a tough job, but I think they fumbled the ball on that one. Should have seen the need a while ago.

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To: David Fortner who wrote (1349)10/15/1998 8:01:00 PM
From: blake roberts
   of 1438

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 15, 1998—Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLE) today announced financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 1999, which ended September 30, 1998. Net sales were a record $32,273,000 compared to $16,514,000 in the first quarter of fiscal 1998. Net income for the first quarter of fiscal 1999 was $4,008,000 or $.36 per share on a diluted basis. This compares to net income of $985,000, or $.13 per share, in the first quarter of fiscal 1998, excluding non-recurring acquisition related charges. In addition, the company had $94.5 million in cash and marketable securities as of September 30, 1998, an increase of $3.2 million compared to June 30, 1998

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To: blake roberts who wrote (1350)10/16/1998 1:23:00 AM
From: David Fortner
   of 1438
The Radius booth was one of the most populated at the DV Expo, and eventhough I'm currently losing a bundle with my position in Radius, I have confidence that their products are headed in the right direction. I agree with a previous post that suggests Radius is getting evaluated for what it WAS and not what it IS now: a software company with a leading product in a market that is getting ready to explode. I am still a bit concerned that managment doesn't understand that Windows is the KEY to higher revenues, and that there isn't an appropriate strategy to exploitate the consumer DV market when it arrives. Radius is creating a great product for prosumers and powerusers, but they need to come up with a super easy/friendly video editor that the average consumer who buys a DV camcorder can find bundled with his camcorder or bundled as an option with his PC. Hope they make the right moves from now on.

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To: David Fortner who wrote (1351)10/16/1998 8:04:00 AM
From: SHGLaw
   of 1438
They understand that Windows is the future. They've known it for years, in all their product lines. They can't do it. Whether because of the technology or lack of funding, I don't know. But don't think that they don't know it.

Chuck Berger announced over 2 years ago that they would have a product line for windows ready to ship a year ago September.


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To: David Fortner who wrote (1351)10/16/1998 1:12:00 PM
From: BayNephron
   of 1438
Dear David,
I think they are really aware of the windows issue. Hence the motoDV "studio" solution packaged with premiere. It is interest to note fuzzymedia's response on yahoos board to the edit DV for windows as being months away. Hence MotoDV Studio. It sounds like hank morgan talking. Hes not the CFO anymore .Lastly, we can stay the course, things will drop in line. Canon relationship is very significant. Now canon has to spiff up their webpage a bit. I really think the lose ends are being tied. I am really surprised that fuzzymedia can say such things if he really was hank morgan. But no body is really sure of this.

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To: BayNephron who wrote (1353)10/18/1998 12:46:00 PM
From: David Fortner
   of 1438
I got a chance to speak to Radius management at the show. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not :) I was impressed with the VP for Marketing, Brady Bruce, I believe his name was. In my mind he seems to understand the important distinction between the consumer and prosumer markets. He had some good ideas, I just hope that he can make them a reality. I also got a chance to speak to Houseley, and he gave me some insight into when the Windows products would start appearing. I don't want to put him on the spot or anything, but the words Comdex and NAB were thrown around. His big "wish" was for Firewire to finally make it directly on PC motherboards. That seemed to make sense, for what is now a software company.

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To: David Fortner who wrote (1354)10/19/1998 9:07:00 AM
From: R.S. Blum
   of 1438
Hey David,

Thanks for the feedback! You by chance ask him what the hell is going on with the share price and the prospects of another rev split?

Damn, sitting around hoping and wishing for events in the high tech industry is not exactly the kind of words I like to hear from a CEO, especially considering that we're a few days away from getting the shit or get off the pot delisting notice from Nasdaq.

What about sales and some black ink for a change. Any partnership acknowledgements?

Sure would be nice to see one of these big-wigs putting their wallet where their mouths is and buy some shares. What about this Brady Bruce? If he's sooo doggone confident, why isn't he buying?

How in the hell should anyone have any confidence in buying this stock if no one--not a sole within has publically bought anything. I don't care what fancy talk these clowns offer. If they where so confident of the future, there would be alot of insider buying at these level. There isn't for good reason I fear.


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To: R.S. Blum who wrote (1355)10/19/1998 12:15:00 PM
From: David Fortner
   of 1438
I don't really understand the financials of this company very well. Ovbiously not, if I bought my first stake at 4! So I didn't talk financials with them. I mainly talked about their products, the coming of the DV revolution, target markets, and the appropriate types of user interfaces for each type of market. I would agree with you that if they are not buying the stock at these levels it's because they see the possibility of new lows. I'm holding for the longterm on this stock now, so I'm not too concerned with what happens to the stock price tomorrow, but rather next year. Having said that, do you know when earnings are this quarter?


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