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To: DRBES who wrote (6808)2/5/1999 4:55:00 PM
From: Paul Engel
   of 6843
dbdberers - Re: "Regards and good luck to all of the good guys,"

Thank you, buddy !

Covered my two SHORT SALE positions at $16 5/8 !

Thank you Jerry Sanders for this great trading opportunity !

I pledge to do more short sales of this AMDog !


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To: DRBES who wrote (6809)2/5/1999 4:57:00 PM
From: Paul Engel
   of 6843
dbdbererses - Re: " It opened @ $17 on approx. 600,000 shares."

It closed at $16 13/16 !

Did you cover your AMD Short Sales ?


And quite a bit richer !


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To: Paul Engel who wrote (6811)2/6/1999 7:21:00 PM
From: greg nus
   of 6843
hi apul playing around at good guys on a hp box

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To: greg nus who wrote (6812)2/8/1999 2:05:00 AM
From: Paul Engel
   of 6843
bad nus - Re: " hi apul playing around at good guys on a hp box "

Do you still think a spell checker is to be used on a board game that looks a little bit like chess ?


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To: Paul Engel who wrote (6813)2/8/1999 8:25:00 PM
From: greg nus
   of 6843
sorry for the insult, I looked like drebess

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To: greg nus who wrote (6814)2/9/1999 2:12:00 PM
From: James Yu
   of 6843
To All,
Gateway Japan Introduces Al-in-one PC unit with AMD's K-2 chip.

Toshiba's DynaBook Satellite 2520 is its top-selling product.

Nikkei BP AsiaBizTech - 04-Feb-1999
February 4, 1999 (TOKYO) -- NEC Corp. and Toshiba Corp. have launched new personal computers with x86-compatible chips made by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) of the United States.

NEC, Japan's largest PC maker, announced a new product line called ValueStar NX R Series that will run on AMD's K6-2 microprocessor with 3DNow! technology. This is the first time that NEC will sell personal computers using Intel-compatible chips in Japan. The targets for the new K6-2-powered model series are PC users seeking to replace existing machines. Also, Toshiba is using an AMD chip called Mobile AMD-K6-2 for the DynaBook Satellite 2520 A4-size notebook PC, which has been marketed since Jan. 15. It uses a 300MHz chip. The predecessor DynaBook Satellite 2510 uses a 266MHz Mobile MMX Pentium
microprocessor. The choice of the Mobile AMD K6-2 was made by taking into account price performance, according to a Toshiba official.
Toshiba said that the DynaBook Satellite 2520 is its top-selling product. The 2520 has a basic performance that is about 22 percent higher than that of the conventional 2510 PC. And the 3D graphics processing performance of the 2520 PC is twice that of the 2510 model due to the 3D Now! instructions, Toshiba said.
The price of the DynaBook Satellite 2520 series ranges between 248,000 yen and 318,000 yen (US$2,150-US$2,750). Thus, the new 2520 model is about equal to the conventional 2510 model.
AMD said that Windows PCs using x86-compatible chips accounted for 16 percent of all the Windows PCs delivered in the fourth quarter of 1998. "The share in Japan also is increasing rapidly, standing at between 15 percent and 16 percent in the fourth quarter of 1998," said Kazuo Sakai, president of AMD Japan.

Best wishes


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To: James Yu who wrote (6815)2/9/1999 11:41:00 PM
From: James Yu
   of 6843
To All,
Briefing news
AMD Could Regain Footing As Intel Wrestles With FTC (AMD) - Report
Newstraders - February 08, 1999 12:39
( The Federal Trade Commission's antitrust trial against Intel (INTC) is helping rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) attract attention from direct PC vendors, according to Electronic Buyer's News.
Intel has softened its sales tactics in an effort to ease antitrust scrutiny, according to one analyst. The FTC suit might prop up AMD's market share by emboldening original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), said Dean McCarron of Mercury Research. "The next thing you have to ask is why OEMs are less worried about retaliation, and the FTC is my guess," he said, referring to more OEMs looking at AMD's chips as an alternative to Intel's microprocessors. AMD shares sank last week after the company warned that it might post a loss in the first
quarter. NewsTraders reported earlier today on a San Jose Mercury News story that said AMD might be attractive to bottom fishers.
Copyright 1999 NewsTraders Inc. All Rights Reserved 12:39 Monday, February 08, 1999

Bloomberg news
Intel Fails to Remove Top Government Lawyer From Case
Washington, Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Intel Corp., just weeks away from the start of its antitrust trial, failed in a bid to disqualify the government's top lawyer in the case, according to documents filed at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. In a motion filed under seal, the world's largest maker of computer chips asked that Richard Parker, senior deputy director of the FTC's Bureau of Competition, be removed as lead prosecuting attorney at the trial, which is scheduled to begin March 9. James Timony, the FTC administrative law judge who will hear the case, denied the request in a five-page ruling disputing Intel's
allegation that Parker's ties to Advanced Micro Devices, an Intel rival, create a conflict of interest. Prior to joining the FTC in early 1998, Parker was a partner at the Los Angeles-based law firm O'Melveny & Myers, whose client list includes AMD. Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy declined to talk about the specifics of the motion or comment on the judge's denial. Timony disagreed with Intel's allegation that the government recently has ''shifted gears'' in
its case ''to adopt a theory advocated by the prosecutor's private client.'' Instead, he said, ''The focus of this case is Intel's expropriation of computer technology, not from AMD, but from Digital Equipment Corp., Intergraph Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp.'' Timony said Parker's involvement with the case was cleared by the agency's ethics officer, who asked only that he limit his involvement with AMD officials who are involved in the case. To that extent, other members of the FTC trial team will take over. AMD, the second-largest maker of microprocessors, has confirmed that Atiq Raza, the company's chief technology officer, is scheduled to testify for the government in the case. Official witness lists are expected to be released Feb. 19. In
June, the FTC, which enforces the nation's antitrust laws along with the Justice Department, accused Intel of using a monopoly in the computer-chip market to force rivals and customers to surrender their patent rights on certain products. Intel's microprocessors run about 90 percent of the world's personal computers, and the Santa Clara, California-based company controls about 80 percent of the $23.7 billion computer-chip market. Timony also denied Intel's request to block the testimony of Dean Klein, chief technology officer for Micron Electronics Inc., and Donald Lewine, an engineering consultant with
Data General Corp. for 15 years. Both are potential witnesses for the government. According to Timony's order, Klein is expected to testify about the market for microprocessors and Lewine will discuss his reaction to conduct by Intel toward Digital and Intergraph in 1997 and other issues related to the trial.Intel alleged that the potential witnesses weren't identified on preliminary and supplemental lists provided by FTC attorneys, denying the company's lawyers time to question them under oath before filing its expert report on Jan. 6.
The possible testimony by Lewine, who also has taught at Northeastern University, ''is unrelated to Data General,'' said company spokesman Jim Dunlap.
copy;1999 Bloomberg, LP. All rights reserved.

Best wishes


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To: James Yu who wrote (6815)2/10/1999 11:13:00 AM
   of 6843
RE: "Feb 10 1999 SC 13G/A:
Amended Ownership Statement "

Does anyone understand the significance of this news item?


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To: DRBES who wrote (6817)2/11/1999 8:52:00 AM
From: Richard P. Roberts
   of 6843


02/11 08:25 PC Entertainment Industry Announces Increased Commitment to AMD's

PC Entertainment Industry Announces Increased Commitment to AMD's 3DNow! Technology
SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 11, 1999--

3DO, Accolade, Activision, Criterion Studios, Digital Anvil,

Eidos, GT Interactive, Gremlin, id Software, Interplay, Psygnosis

and Rage To Offer Optimized Titles For Play on PCs Powered by AMD

Processors Featuring 3DNow! Technology

Twelve of the top PC entertainment software publishers and developers today announced formal plans to support AMD's (NYSE:AMD) 3DNow!(TM) technology.

These companies are responsible for bringing thousands of software titles to the PC platform. It is expected that this support will result in a large number of 3DNow! optimized offerings coming to market.

"With an installed base of more than 8.5 million 3DNow! technology enhanced processors currently in use around the world, planned to exceed 30 million by the end of 1999, AMD continues to gain support from additional hardware and software developers who recognize the significant presence and momentum 3DNow! technology has in the retail marketplace," said S. Atiq Raza, AMD co-chief operating officer and chief technical officer.

"3DNow! technology has the installed base and momentum within the industry that will continue to attract additional support from software and hardware developers, independent of Intel's KNI. This announcement validates that AMD can develop innovative technology, garner critical support within the industry, and innovate again."

3DNow!(TM) Technology Receives Widespread Support

These twelve publishers and developers announced today plan to deliver a substantial number of titles that will offer optimized performance when used in conjunction with AMD's latest processors. Included in the significant number of future titles are: Tomb Raider III, Quake III Arena, Daikatana, Loose Cannon, Drakken, Striker, Slave Zero, Messiah, Duke Nukem Forever, and Descent3. These 3DNow! optimized titles will deliver an enhanced gaming experience on systems using an AMD-K6(R)-2, AMD-K6-III, or AMD-K7(TM) processor.

All of the top graphic accelerator developers including 3Dfx, ATI, Matrox, and nVidia are shipping optimizations for the 3DNow! technology in their 3D graphics accelerator drivers. 3DNow! technology is also supported in Microsoft's DirectX 6.x application programming interface (API), as well as the OpenGL graphics development standard developed by Silicon Graphics. Applications written to the DirectX 6.x API seamlessly take advantage of 3DNow! technology to enable fast geometry processing power which enhances gameplay.

3DNow! technology has also been incorporated into non-gaming applications such as IBM's ViaVoice, Live Art 98, Total Home 3D Deluxe and a number of PC DVD players. 3DNow! implementations have resulted in faster voice recognition, better quality images, faster rendering times with better lighting, and soft DVD playback in PCs at lower system price points.

AMD's Developer Relations Program

AMD's extensive developer relations program provides strategic software and hardware developers with the resources and technical support required to enhance the performance of their products through integrated support for 3DNow! technology. Additional AMD support includes a complete 3DNow! software developer kit including constantly updated software tools, on-line technical support, comprehensive documentation and one-on-one training sessions.

Innovative 3DNow!(TM) Technology Leads Industry -0-

3DNow! technology has received numerous industry awards, including: -- Most Innovative Technology of the Year for 1998 (Maximum PC) -- Technical Innovation Award for 1998 (PC Magazine) -- Hardware Breakthrough of the Year (PC Games) -- Technology of the Year (Game Asylum) -0-

AMD pioneered 3D and multimedia instruction extensions with the introduction of the AMD-K6-2 processor in May 1998. AMD's 3DNow! technology is a set of 21 processor instructions using superscalar SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) performance capabilities to significantly improve the processor's ability to handle floating-point calculations, dramatically improving 3D graphics, audio and or multimedia performance for PC users. 6 SIMD functionality enables AMD processors to execute multiple floating-point calculations per clock cycle, resulting in a more realistic visual computing experience when supported within software or hardware. 3DNow! technology was developed in collaboration with key partners -- including Microsoft(R), a host of other software makers, and many independent hardware vendors.

This collaboration provides developers with the ability to deliver fast, more realistic 3D graphics applications based on the latest technologies. New optimized titles continue to be added. For a complete list of hardware and software products that support 3DNow! technology, visit the AMD web site at

About AMD

AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets. AMD produces processors, flash memories, programmable logic devices, and products for communications and networking applications. Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, AMD had revenues of $2.5 billion in 1998. (NYSE:AMD).

Cautionary Statement Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements of management's expectations involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations. Such risks and uncertainties include whether the alliance described herein will result in the expected benefits and be successful. Investors are urged to consult the risks and uncertainties detailed in the company reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

WORLD WIDE WEB: Press announcements and other information about AMD are available on the Internet via the World Wide Web. Type at the URL prompt.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Readers may obtain additional information by calling 800/222-9323 or 408/749-5703.

AMD, the AMD logo, K6, 3DNow!,AMD-K7 and combinations thereof are trademarks, and AMD-K6 is a registered trademark of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

--30--dl/sf* azs/sf CONTACT: AMD

Drew P

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To: Ben Antanaitis who wrote (6792)2/11/1999 9:33:00 AM
From: Ben Antanaitis
   of 6843
Based on 2/10/99 CBOE data, the Feb'99 Max Pain Point&#153 for AMD is $22.50, yesterday's closing price was $16 5/8.

Ben A.

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