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   Technology StocksMetaCreations (MCRE) - Detailed Goo in a Soapy Dream

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To: Patrice Gigahurtz who wrote (50)6/23/1997 9:50:00 AM
From: EdR
   of 846
[Painter 5 news]

Patrice & ALL

I found the following headlines at:

BW1068 JUN 23,1997 5:00 PACIFIC 08:00 EASTERN

( BW)(METACREATIONS)(MCRE) MetaCreations ships Painter 5 for
Windows; new features in Painter 5 deliver enhanced creativity and
increased productivity for digital designers and graphic artists

Full article can be found at the site.


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To: EdR who wrote (51)6/23/1997 10:47:00 AM
From: Patrice Gigahurtz
   of 846
Ed, the MCRE Nov10 put around $1 3/8th

If her 2nd qtr #s are confusing perhaps this put could change in value ? I'd like more MCRE (had a little FRAC left) but I need 2nd qtr results to decide. With Apple woes perhaps I could average down some more soon ?

Painter5 for WINDOWS. Anything for WINDOWS right now is a plus for MCRE.

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To: Patrice Gigahurtz who wrote (52)6/23/1997 3:47:00 PM
From: Patrice Gigahurtz
   of 846
What happened !!!!!

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To: Patrice Gigahurtz who wrote (52)6/23/1997 3:50:00 PM
From: jean
   of 846
MCRE...Does anyone have a clue as to why this stock is behaving so badly? Jean

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To: jean who wrote (54)6/23/1997 3:55:00 PM
From: Patrice Gigahurtz
   of 846
Apple woes? Notice ADBE tanked a few days ago.
And MACR is drifting lower too. Maybe 2nd qtr 'jitters' like AAPL is having ? After all MCRE 2nd qtr #2 include a lot of stuff to digest.

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To: Patrice Gigahurtz who wrote (55)6/23/1997 5:23:00 PM
From: jean
   of 846
Patrice ...I can accept that Apple's less than enviable position may account for some of MCRE's problems, but unless I am totally out to lunch, MCRE isn't an Apple-dependent entity. Too much of what they do is outside the realm of Apple's success or failure. Yes? MCRE did perfectly well long after Apple hit the skids. Something else is going on and my cynical self thinks it's an ugly case of manipulation. But then, I tend to get paranoid when this sort of thing occurs. Jean

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To: jean who wrote (56)6/23/1997 5:30:00 PM
From: Damon Pham
   of 846
Nice little plug for MCRE in this month's Fortune as one of the coolest companies in the country.

July 7, 1997

Cool Companies, Part 2


Visual Computing Software

It's seven in the evening in the sleepy Southern California beach town
of Carpinteria. While some of the locals are squeezing into wet suits
to catch a few sunset waves, engineers Ben Weiss and Andrea
Pessino are just beginning their workday at MetaCreations.

Ben and Andrea aren't vampires. That's just the way life is for
employees who report to Kai Krause, chief design officer at
MetaCreations, the product of a recent merger between two hot
visual computing software companies: Fractal Design and
MetaTools. "People are most creative when they're able to forget
about the constraints of time, which I think working through the night
does," explains Krause. "Plus, there are no distractions like ringing

His method may seem mad, but it works. MetaTools' first product,
an enhancement for Adobe Photoshop called Kai's Power Tools
(KPT), is used by more than 50% of Photoshop devotees. The
software enables graphic designers to add sophisticated special
effects to their work, ranging from curling paper to scaly skin. KPT
has been used to design everything from Issey Miyake clothing to
CD covers for bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Last year Krause's team produced a CD-ROM bestseller, the
appropriately named Kai's Power GOO. The software turns
computerized images and photos into virtual Silly Putty that users can
manipulate for the pure amusement of seeing oddities like a leering
Mona Lisa. The company's newest product, Kai's Photo Soap
($50), is designed to help anyone clean up photos for catalogues,
greeting cards, websites, and more. It will go head to head with
photo-editing bestsellers like Adobe PhotoDeluxe ($50), Microsoft
Picture It! ($55), and MGI PhotoSuite ($50), which share in an $18
million market.

Taking on powerhouses like $786-million-a-year giant Adobe,
MetaCreations is stepping into the big leagues of graphics software.
Says CEO John Wilczak: "We want to corner the market on 2-D
and 3-D visual computing." To that end, the company last December
bought Real Time Geometry in Princeton, N.J. Real Time's Russian
emigrant scientists are among the world's best 3-D graphics
researchers (chief scientist Alexander Migdal was a quantum gravity
theorist for the Soviet space program before moving to the U.S. in
1988). Seems MetaCreations has found a few more employees who
have no problem leaving the surfboards at home.
--Erin Davies

Carpinteria, Calif.
Founded 1992
Rev.: $62.3 million
Employees: 300
Nasdaq: MCRE

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To: jean who wrote (56)6/23/1997 5:44:00 PM
From: Patrice Gigahurtz
   of 846
I think the general market perceives MCRE ADBE MACR

as related in some form to AAPL's future. Whether that is reality or not is another question.

Also, recall that WSJ article discussing RTG. Perhaps the stock jumped up on speculation and thus today is just profit taking ? I do think the DOW woes are related to profit taking with the added concern regarding Japan perhaps selling US bonds. Also there is the OPEC meeting to discuss pricing. So a lot of stuff is happening now that the DOW and NASDAQ are (were ?) at such astronomical levels. For me, I'm holding FRAC (now MCRE of course) and will wait 'till 2nd qtr #s to decide if I should load up.

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To: Damon Pham who wrote (57)6/23/1997 5:51:00 PM
From: Patrice Gigahurtz
   of 846
Thanks Damon, whats you read on todays MCRE stock action ?

I was impressed when down 1 point she rebounded to close down 5/8th So its not she tanked and closed at her low. What do you think ?

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To: Patrice Gigahurtz who wrote (59)6/23/1997 5:59:00 PM
From: Damon Pham
   of 846
The market is strange right now. For most of the day, it was pretty strong and then all of a sudden, techs crashed in the 2 hours of trading.

The Dow has been on a frantic pace which I don't think it can keep up (down today 192 points). The market is too pricey at these levels and on the way going down, stocks like MCRE will be pulled down with everything else.

Upcoming earnings will be critical for short-term performance of the stock. Needs to show serious evidence of revenue growth. If not, lots of people are going to be disappointed with the progress in expanding their business.

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