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To: Rajiv Kapoor who wrote (558)8/4/1997 11:37:00 PM
From: Reno Frazzitta
   of 720
REALimage Technology Performance Soars 50 Percent - E&S Also Introduces Next Generation Design

Business Wire - August 04, 1997 17:38

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3D Graphics Technology Family for Windows NT Platform Breaks New Ground on Benchmarks

At SIGGRAPH '97, Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. (E&S(R)) (NASDAQ:ESCC) will demonstrate a dramatic 50 percent increase in CDRS-benchmark performance on a prototype of an enhanced version of REALimage(TM) 1000 graphics technology.

Further solidifying its leadership in Unix-class graphics on Windows NT, E&S will also demonstrate first silicon of its faster, next-generation REALimage 2000 design.

Both members of the REALimage family will run head-to-head against competitors' products with popular graphics-intensive applications to demonstrate E&S' superior graphics-acceleration performance. The enhanced REALimage 1000 and REALimage 2000 designs are compatible with PCI and the Intel Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), and offer a full graphics feature set and OpenGL compatibilities.

"We are demonstrating not just our commitment, but our ability to deliver powerful graphics performance on any 3D application with no compromises," said Rick Maule, vice president and general manager of the E&S Desktop Graphics Division.

"We already deliver the fastest, most powerful graphics technology on the NT platform. We are now strengthening our leadership position by extending the product family, and enabling REALimage users to capitalize on rapid advancements in microprocessor technology."

REALimage 1000 - Enhanced Performance

Already on a par with Unix-class graphics performance, the enhanced REALimage 1000 technology running on PCI under Windows NT will produce scores exceeding 45 in ViewPerf CDRS benchmark tests on a 300MHz Pentium(R) II system. Recent upgrades to the DMA engine and refinements to the software pipeline account for the performance improvement.

This means that, as end users upgrade their CPUs, REALimage technology will deliver faster graphics performance commensurate with processor upgrades.

The upgraded PCI DMA engine for the REALimage 1000 will be available by year-end. In addition, a new AGP DMA engine will also be available year-end, allowing REALimage 1000-based boards to be produced for AGP-enabled systems as they become available. Benchmark performance on AGP-enabled workstations will be higher.

REALimage 1000-based graphics operate at speeds of 60 million filtered MIP-mapped pixels/second and up to 2 million polygons per second.

Most top NT workstation vendors, including Compaq Computer Corp., Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett Packard Co., Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems and Micron Electronics Inc., along with graphics subsystem vendors, AccelGraphics Inc. and Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc., have already selected E&S REALimage technology for their top-of-the-line NT graphics systems.

"E&S' REALimage technology allows professionals to use a single, powerful workstation to serve both their high-performance 3D design and business application needs," said Jeffrey Dunn, president and chief executive officer of AccelGraphics Inc. "Late this year, REALimage technology with AGP will make migration from Unix to the more cost effective NT platforms even more compelling."

REALimage 2000 - the Next Performance Standard

The next-generation REALimage 2000 design will incorporate significant enhancements -- such as greater on-chip integration, larger texture and frame buffer memories, and higher clock rates -- to deliver more speed and power to the PC workstation for faster 2D and 3D rendering. REALimage 2000 is expected to perform at least 30 percent faster in CDRS benchmark tests than the enhanced REALimage 1000.

In 3D applications, the REALimage 2000 will process 4 million primitives/second and deliver a fill rate of 90 million pixels/second.

"The most powerful PC-based solution ever offered for workstation graphics just got better," said David Watkins, vice president and general manager of Diamond Multimedia's visual systems division. "We expect REALimage 2000 technology will contribute enormously to accelerating the penetration of Windows NT into the professional graphics marketplace."

REALimage 2000 technology will be available by early 1998.

About REALimage Technology

The REALimage product family offers professional workstation- class graphics performance on very cost-effective systems using 3D OpenGL applications, such as mechanical CAD and animation, as well as visualization for financial analysis, network management and research.

Users of Pro/Engineer(TM), EDS/Unigraphics(TM), I-DEAS Master Series(TM), Softimage(R), 3D Studio Max(TM) and other applications running on Windows NT workstations will notice that REALimage technology offers comparable performance to Unix-based workstations at a significantly lower cost per seat.

In the design automation segment, for example, REALimage technology enables users to complete their 3D designs faster, at lower cost, and without any sacrifice of features or productivity, reducing time-to-market.

E&S' REALimage is at the heart of the Mitsubishi 3DPro chipsets. Combining the Evans & Sutherland REALimage rendering capability with powerful memory technologies from Mitsubishi, the 3DPro chipset offers features such as Gouraud shading, fog, transparency, anti-aliasing, and overlay planes at rendering speeds on par with those found on high-performance Unix workstations.

Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland develops and manufactures hardware and software for highly realistic visual systems that produce vivid 3D graphics and synthetic environments. The company delivers high-quality visual systems and graphics subsystems for civil aviation, defense, and commercial industries, including digital studios, museums, planetariums and location-based entertainment centers throughout the world.

Founded in 1968, E&S is headquartered in Salt Lake City. Visit E&S' Web page at .

NOTE TO EDITORS: REALimage, Velocity and E&S are registered trademarks or trademarks of Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp., Salt Lake City. All other trade names or marks are the properties of their respective owners.

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To: Reno Frazzitta who wrote (559)8/5/1997 3:17:00 AM
From: Andretti
   of 720
Here's more ACCL related news:


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To: Andretti who wrote (560)8/5/1997 9:07:00 AM
From: philip TESORIERO
   of 720
I am new on this thread but there is a ton of news out on this company this am and it looks like it will gap up at the open today the bid is already 7 7/8 this company looks very intresting i will be doing my DD and may buy some .

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To: philip TESORIERO who wrote (561)8/5/1997 9:20:00 AM
From: Reno Frazzitta
   of 720
YES!!!!! New OEM with Gateway!!!!!!!! 8 new ISV relationships in the animation market. Get ready to fly!!!!!!!!!!!

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To: Reno Frazzitta who wrote (562)8/5/1997 9:23:00 AM
From: Reno Frazzitta
   of 720
We'll be opening somewhere above $8.

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To: Reno Frazzitta who wrote (563)8/5/1997 9:53:00 AM
From: Andretti
   of 720
New HP DirectModel Toolkit ISV Endorsements; First-Ever ISV
Demonstrations of DirectModel Applications

by Business Editors/Computer Writers
Aug 5 1997 8:31AM CST, BUSINESS WIRE


"AccelGraphics is always pushing the envelope for high-performance 3-D graphics, and today we are
demonstrating powerful new technology to visualize and interact with very large models and assemblies.
HP's DirectModel toolkit represents a tremendous step forward. Our engineering team is working
closely with the HP team to ensure optimal support for the toolkit across our product line of 3-D
graphics accelerators." -- Jeff Dunn, president and chief executive officer, AccelGraphics, Inc.

"HP's DirectModel toolkit is an important step in addressing the need for a general API for large-model viewing.
Adaptive Media's Envision3D product is a unique client-server based continuous-streaming solution for
delivering large 3-D models to desktop computers, irrespective of computational and network capabilities. We
believe that the DirectModel toolkit will complement the Envision3D product. We are pleased to join with HP in
this announcement." -- Deven Kalra, chief technology officer, Adaptive Media

"Today's computer systems allow engineers to generate the large amounts of data they need to visualize in a fast,
efficient manner. Based on the impressive DirectModel toolkit demo we've seen and are evaluating further,
ANSYS, Inc. is encouraged that HP is developing a high-performance cross-platform visualization tool that
Microsoft(R) has committed to."

-- Mark Imgrund, vice president, Corporate Quality and Engineering Support, ANSYS, Inc.

"The DirectModel toolkit is great technology for MicroStation users who work with 3-D engineering models. It
provides the display speed and efficiency needed by planners, designers, engineers, reviewers and viewers of 3-D
designs. It also supports Bentley's philosophy of providing users with a wide choice of hardware, since its
benefits and operation are consistent in Microsoft Windows(R) and UNIX system environments." -- Ray
Bentley, executive vice president, Software Development, Bentley Systems, Inc.

"Division is seriously evaluating the DirectModel toolkit for use as an API in its dVISE product line." -- Mark
Smith, vice president of marketing, Division Inc.

"Mechanical Dynamics focuses on providing the best mechanical-simulation environment to our customers. A
great way to view the results of an ADAMS simulation is through a realistic, yet smooth animation of the
product concept in motion. With the DirectModel toolkit, we can provide a leading-edge graphics solution to our
customers without distracting us from our core competencies. It is an opportunity for us to partner with HP and
stay current with the latest in visualization technology." -- Brant Ross, director ADAMS Partners, Mechanical
Dynamics, Inc.

"The DirectModel toolkit, which provides a clean API for developers to support large multidimensional models
and stereo 3-D imaging, is stereo-enabled, providing direct support for the CrystalEyes product line for
engineering and scientific visualization." -- Bob Seltzer, director of sales and marketing, StereoGraphics Corp. ISV
Demonstrations of the DirectModel Toolkit at SIGGRAPH 97:

AccelGraphics will show AccelFLY, a new product based on the DirectModel toolkit. AccelFLY is both an
ActiveX Control for Microsoft ActiveX Applications and a Web browser plug-in, enabling large-model
visualization and interaction, for use in intranet-based collaborative engineering applications for the enterprise.

CoCreate Software Inc. will demonstrate its newest shared-space design technology featuring SolidDesigner as a
solid-modeling server in the co-creative product-development environment. The model can be accessed by
distributed Web clients that use the DirectModel toolkit. This empowers innovation through collaboration among
distributed product-development teams.

Engineering Animation, Inc. (EAI) will exhibit its VisProducts software suite powered by the DirectModel
toolkit, including VisMockUp digital prototyping software and VisFly visualization software, the first
commercially available 3-D computer-aided design application developed using the DirectModel toolkit.

EDS Unigraphics will show a visual assembly navigation tool that enables the rapid viewing and navigation of
large Unigraphics Assembly Models using several existing Microsoft ActiveX controls and a DirectModel
toolkit-based ActiveX Control. The demo also leverages DirectModel toolkit meta data along with Visual Basic
Scripting Edition to display Web pages corresponding to the specific components in the assembly.

Prosolvia Systems AB will demonstrate a prototype "digital plant" application that integrates detailed models of
manufacturing equipment, robots, assembly lines and the products being manufactured. This new technology
makes it possible to view an entire plant and to assemble digital products in a virtual manufacturing environment.

Resolution Technologies will exhibit the VirtualView 3-D viewer enhanced to read DirectModel toolkit data files.

SensAble Technologies Inc. will show its 3-D Touch technology integrated with the DirectModel toolkit,
allowing users to "feel" complex 3-D models.

Spatial Technology Inc. will demonstrate a tool for converting ACIS solid models to the HP DirectModel toolkit
format, where they can be manipulated in any DirectModel toolkit-compatible viewing environment.

Template Graphics Software, Inc. (TGS) was selected by HP to deliver the DirectModel toolkit for non-HP
platforms and will provide DirectModel toolkit applications and value-added products. TGS will exhibit
DirectModel toolkit and viewer applications on Microsoft Windows NT(R), Silicon Graphics and Sun
workstations, and will demonstrate 3-D MasterSuite engineering analysis extensions for the DirectModel toolkit.

Note to Editors: Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Windows is a U.S. registered
trademark of Microsoft Corp. Windows NT is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

(Copyright 1997)


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To: Reno Frazzitta who wrote (562)8/5/1997 10:10:00 AM
From: Winston Kim
   of 720
This is huge news. Everyone hold on because it will hit $10 in no time.

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To: Winston Kim who wrote (565)8/5/1997 11:12:00 AM
From: Spiderman
   of 720
TO THE MOOOOOOON BABY!!!! TOoooooooo the Mooooooon!


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To: Spiderman who wrote (566)8/5/1997 11:16:00 AM
From: Winston Kim
   of 720


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To: Winston Kim who wrote (567)8/5/1997 11:28:00 AM
From: philip TESORIERO
   of 720
Im in at 8 3/8

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