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   Microcap & Penny StocksBAAT - world records for electric vehicles with zinc-air

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To: Ronald Kronemann who wrote ()12/4/1999 1:52:00 AM
From: KS
   of 6464
Just reveived this email...

Press Release for BAT 12-3-99
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 20:29:57 -0800
From: Bill Wason <>
Organization: BAT International

This Press Release is going to be released Monday December 6, 1999 on Business Wire:

BAT's Subsidiary Electrobike Featured on "The Donny & Marie Show"

Chula Vista, Calif.: BAT International's (BAAT:OTC) (
subsidiary, Electrobike ( received confirmation
today that the Year 2000 Electrobike will be prominently featured
as part of a holiday gift giving segment on "The Donny & Marie Show".
"The Donny & Marie Show" is an hour long daytime variety featuring
the famous duet Donny and Marie Osmond as hosts. The show is aired
nationally on the Fox Television Network and reaches approximately
3-4 million viewers. The show will air on Thursday, December 9.
The scheduled air-time in Los Angeles, California is 1:00 p.m.
Interested viewers should check local listings for the viewing
time in their local area.

What led to the opportunity to have an Electrobike featured on
the show was Marie Osmond having received an Electrobike as a
recent birthday gift. Soon after Marie received her Electrobike,
Donny Osmond obtained one as well. A telephone call to company
management from a producer of "The Donny & Marie Show" confirmed
that the initial taping of the show included a segment where
Donny demonstrated the bike on stage while Marie and two band
members, who also own Electrobikes, were expressing how much fun
and enjoyment they got from riding their Electrobikes.

As we enter into the holiday season, Electrobike is recording
brisk sales. The national airing of "The Donny and Marie Show"
on December 9th is expected to further augment sales activity
during the Holiday Season. Anyone interested in viewing
Electrobike's current model offerings can visit our web site at Those wanting to see Electrobike in a retail
store can visit select Roots locations in the U.S. or Canada.
To obtain information about the nearest location, please contact
Electrobike at (323) 227-6611.

The Electrobike airing on The Donny & Marie Show" is one aspect
of a strategic product placement program that Electrobike has
initiated to gain national and international prominence as an
electric bicycle company. The proximity of Electrobike to major
television and film studios in Hollywood and various contacts
Electrobike has in the entertainment industry has resulted in a
comprehensive product placement program.

Electrobike is positioning itself as a market leader through
innovative products, market driven strategies, public relations
activities and retail alliances. This has been coupled with a
manufacturing partner, Suzhou Machinery Holding Group, Ltd., who
can provide the needed production capacity to meet retail demands.
Electrobike will continue to develop advanced electric bicycle
technology while forging new retail marketing alliances.

BAT International is organized as a holding company with major
ownership positions in a set of subsidiary companies now
commercializing advanced automotive and energy technology products
developed by BAT. Technologies developed over the last six years
include electric vehicles, composite chassis, super-efficient or
high power engines, electric bicycles and scooters, advanced
batteries, lubricant additives, and electric power generation.
For more information see BAT and Electrobike web sites at and

This press release contains forward-looking statements that should
not be used to make an investment decision. Please refer to our
web site and other sources for more detailed Company information
(Investor Relations, (619) 409-8977)

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To: KS who wrote (6436)12/4/1999 8:01:00 PM
From: Richard L. Williams
   of 6464
Great--if BAAT sells 15,000 Electrobikes, it will net .00675 a share, according to my calculations. Give it a PE of 10 (generous for the Pink Sheets), and you have a 6.75&#162 stock. It's there already, so no boost from this news is warranted.

But only if BAAT is willing to tell the world the truth. Continue to hold back, and there is nothing to give this stock any value.


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To: Richard L. Williams who wrote (6437)12/6/1999 10:39:00 AM
From: DonP
   of 6464
Given that the Donnie and Marie show is watched by dozens if not scores of people each year this could be BAT's finest moment. On the other hand BAT cannot afford liability insurance. If the Bike blows up and kills a few innocent bystanders, the ratings go up but BAT is forced into bankruptcy. Just a thought. Merry Christmas.

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To: DonP who wrote (6438)12/8/1999 4:33:00 PM
From: allen v.w.
   of 6464
Baat's hit .80 cents on the 7'th ?????????

Alert Me! Symbol
Company Low
Limit High
Limit Hit
Price Hit

BAAT B A T INTL INC .69 0.80 13:52
Click on Symbol to view Company digest

Current Quote
Symbol Last
Sale Net
Change Last Sale
Low Volume

BAAT 0.80 0.71 13:52 0.09 0.80 0.07 62

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To: allen v.w. who wrote (6439)12/28/1999 8:00:00 PM
From: allen v.w.
   of 6464

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To: allen v.w. who wrote (6440)12/30/1999 4:44:00 PM
From: DonP
   of 6464
HAHAAHA!!!! EBTGlobal is another BAT scam subsidiary!! HAAHAH!!!!!!

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To: DonP who wrote (6441)1/10/2000 7:18:00 AM
From: Ridi J
   of 6464
Hey DonP, don't knock it... Joe may have found a way to barter a few cases of BAAT lube for Henry Ford's matching ottoman...

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To: Ridi J who wrote (6442)1/27/2000 2:06:00 PM
From: Fletcher155
   of 6464
Anyone know why 200k shares traded for .12 today?

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To: Fletcher155 who wrote (6443)1/27/2000 7:53:00 PM
From: Richard L. Williams
   of 6464
Somebody got rooked, Fletch...but hey, it's a free market!

The bid for BAAT now appears to be 7&#162, the ask 12&#162. Both prices are ridiculously high, but is somebody wants to support Joe LaStella's lifestyle, that's fine by me.

I am still waiting for ANY news of revenues or anything worth investing in from this "company." This is not the worst scam I ever lost money in, just the most egregrious.

Good luck!

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To: Richard L. Williams who wrote (6444)1/29/2000 1:31:00 PM
From: DonP
   of 6464
Joe is trying leverage off the biodiesel scam to finance a new floating house of ill repute. All BAT offices will be moved to a motorboat. When district attorneys and other "corporate raiders" approach Joe can just sail away to a new jurisdiction.

Calstart Newsnotes mentions Presidential support of legitimate companies creating new fuels.

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