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   Microcap & Penny StocksBAAT - world records for electric vehicles with zinc-air

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To: Mary McGee who wrote (6418)11/2/1999 6:08:00 PM
From: Ridi J
   of 6464
Good grief, does this audacity ever end? How about sending $20 to the "Save the BAAT Victims" fund instead. I'll give you my address if you're interested! What a freak show.

If there is an attorney and a small group of stockholders doing this, does anyone here know who it is? I'd be interested in their version of this. If they can wrestle the books away from Joe, we might see the truth behind this side show circus.

<<BAT International Announces It Is Fighting an Attack By Corporate Raiders

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 2, 1999--BAT International (OTC:BAAT) announced today that it has been fighting against an attack by corporate raiders.

The company stated that it is under attack by corporate raiders because the price of BAT International's stock is selling at an eight year low.

According to the company, investment professionals have surmised that the raiders incentive for attacking BAT International is that the company's equity positions in its subsidiaries, which have demonstrated valuable technologies, is collectively worth more than BAT International itself if its subsidiary equities were sold off separately. This is a typical corporate raider scenario aimed directly at control of corporate assets and shareholder equity.

The company said that an attorney and a small group of stockholders, who own less than one percent of BAT International, have initiated the assault on BAT International. If their attack is successful, this group could conceivably gain possession of BAT International assets and quickly dispose of them for themselves. This would give the raiders a huge windfall profit. In effect, over 13,000 active, loyal BAT International stockholders would be deprived of their assets.

In order to temporarily thwart this assault, BAT International management said it acted quickly to redirect most of the company's resources BAT International entered into a proactive, defensive mode in August. The company, which is a prolific public information disseminator, said it temporarily limited some public information distribution to the media because there was significant evidence that new information about BAT International's technological progress was giving the corporate raiders new portals to expand their attack. For example, a variety of false accusations were being disseminated to BAT International contractors, investors, customers, and even contract employees by these corporate raiders in order to disrupt operations, cause confusion and weaken the company's ability to defend itself.

While it was dealing with assaults on the company, BAT International said it did some things that seemed unusual including moving corporate offices from Chula Vista, California. The company said that telephone and other information systems were interrupted because of this move, all of which were caused, directly or indirectly, by corporate raiders intensely attacking the company during the past several months.

During this quiet period, BAT International said it has reorganized its resources and gained information and sufficient initial strength to begin to aggressively pursue offensive litigation. According to BAT International, company stockholders have been materially hurt by this subversive attack and BAT International intends to aggressively fight back with litigation.

BAT International said it still maintains its strong equity base and intends to use a small portion of that equity to pay for litigation. The company said it has fought many successful battles in the past regarding the development and introduction of advanced alternative transportation technologies.

For those who are not familiar with BAT International's past activities, the following is a review the company has provided according to Joe LaStella, president of BAT International:

BAT International In Perspective

BAT International is a world-class think tank that includes many highly respected engineers and scientists who have volunteered their expertise to help make planet Earth a better place to live. These people have played a very important role in helping the company develop breakthrough technologies and establishing new laws to preserve and enhance the world's environment.

BAT International is also an internationally known company that is recognized for its ability to fight against great odds to help improve the environment. Among its many challenges, the company has fought battles for government adoption of electric vehicles, enactment of laws for use of clean fuels, and the design and development of the highest efficiency internal combustion engines. These battles were fought on the front pages of every major newspaper in the U.S. including USA Today and the Washington Post. Over 500 newspaper and magazine articles have covered the history of BAT International and its innovative technologies. Television news media have frequently covered the company's project demonstrations on many networks, including stories on CNN Headline News and a two-part special on "Cover Story" on NBC News.

In one month, BAT International received 340,000 hits on its corporate web site from users seeking information in 50 countries around the world.

BAT International's accomplishments extend to state and national levels. Governor Levitt of Utah once drove BAT International's electric car with Joe LaStella, President of BAT International, as a passenger. After the Governor's enthusiastic test drive during Utah's first Zero Emission Day, the Governor awarded BAT International and Mr. LaStella with a commemorative plaque in honor or the company's significant technological achievements. These achievements have also included world records set by BAT International alternative fuel vehicles which were covered by all major television and print news media.

At the Federal Government level, U.S. Senator Bennett and U.S. Senator Hatch have defended and supported BAT International's goals. Senator Feinstein presented BAT International and Mr. LaStella with commendation awards. Mr. LaStella was also selected as a candidate for "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Merrill Lynch in 1998. Many senators, congressmen and mayors have also helped support BAT International's environmental programs.

Over the years, BAT International has won many environmental and political battles because it has a very large and highly supportive national network of environmentally concerned investors and professionals. Of course, the company also has some adversaries as a result of the firm stance the company has had to take to pursue its mission.

In summary, BAT International's strong equity position is the result of technologies that have been developed over the past eight years. News about the company's engineering achievements has been disseminated worldwide by national and international media. Now the company's equity is being threatened by unscrupulous individuals who might succeed in depriving BAT International and its stockholders of their equity.

BAT International needs support from its stockholders to continue to pursue aggressive litigation against these corporate raiders and protect investor equity. The company is asking all shareholders and other supporters to make a minimum contribution (gift) of twenty dollars to the BAT International Legal Defense Fund. BAT International has 13,000 + active, loyal stockholders who collectively represent a very formidable force to fight off this attack. The company will use every contribution for legal purposes and, in appreciation for timely support, will send each contributor a complementary bottle of the company's outstanding lubricant additive, SuperBAT TVT metal treatment additive for their vehicles. Please refer to the SuperBAT TVT web site at for additional product information.

BAT International stockholders and other supporters are asked to send contributions to: BAT International Legal Defense Fund, 858 3rd Ave., Suite 455, Chula Vista, CA 91911-1305. All inquiries that desire a personal response should send email to

During the next three weeks, BAT International will be releasing new information about exciting company developments, reorganization of company divisions, and a complete redesign of the company's flagship web site,, in order to provide stockholders with up-to-date information.

BAT International is a publicly traded over-the-counter company. Stock quotes for BAT International can be obtained from, and BAT International is organized as a holding company with major ownership in subsidiary companies that are commercializing advanced automotive and energy technology products developed by BAT International. Technologies developed over the last 8 years include electric vehicles, composite chassis, super-efficient or high power IC engines, electric bicycles and scooters, advanced batteries, lubricant additives, and electric power generation.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that should not be used to make an investment decision. Please refer to the web sites (, and and other sources for recent and detailed company information on BAT International and its subsidiaries, or call Investor Relations at 619/409-8977.

--30--dc/sf* lc/sj/sd


BAT International, Chula Vista, Calif.

Joe LaStella, 619/409-8977>>

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To: Ridi J who wrote (6419)11/2/1999 6:12:00 PM
From: Kenneth M. Koff, CPCU
   of 6464
Received the preceding as a two-page fax. Biggest load of crap I've ever seen in the guise of a legitimate press release!

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To: Ridi J who wrote (6419)11/3/1999 10:25:00 AM
From: Zbyte
   of 6464
Come on folks we need to support the company no matter the price, they have taken care of us from the start. NOT

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To: Zbyte who wrote (6421)11/3/1999 6:46:00 PM
From: DonP
   of 6464
Too bad I sent all the rest of my money to the OJ SIMPSON DEFENSE FUND!!!!! HAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

This just gets funnier every day!!!!

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To: Ridi J who wrote (6419)11/4/1999 6:17:00 PM
From: Clay Degenhardt
   of 6464
That was a hilarious press release; took me 2 days to gain control of myself and respond:

"BAT International said it still maintains its strong equity base"....
so strong was said equity that they were too embarrassed to release financial statements!

"BAT International intends to aggressively fight back with litigation" ....
should read "BAT International will hereby liquidate remaining meager assets in order to
prevent individual(s) from seeking financial justice".

"13,000 active, loyal BAT International stockholders"...
more like "13000 vehement investors who now hold stock worth pennies and can't be bothered
to pay the brokerage fee to liquidate it."

"During the next three weeks, BAT International will be releasing new information about
exciting company developments, reorganization of company divisions, and a complete redesign
of the company's flagship web site,, in order to provide stockholders with up-to-date
information" ...
this was the only highlight of the press release! if BAAT stays intact, we might see the hype
machine revving up again! BTW: I've never heard of a home page being called a "flagship web site".
Of course, everything BAAT says is supposed to happen in "3 weeks", but never does.

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To: Clay Degenhardt who wrote (6423)11/4/1999 11:50:00 PM
From: Richard L. Williams
   of 6464
Bravo, Clay!
It's clear to even the casual observer that without its being able to go to the trough of public share sales, BAT International is on its last legs. I expect BK (or more likely, ceasing of "operations") in six weeks or less. BAAT prolly cannot even afford a lawyer to file for bankruptcy, so we will simply stop hearing from them.

But if it worked....$20 from 13,000 people would yield them $260,000...enough to keep things going another six months at least. Good for the investing world that it won't work, and Joe and his buddies will have to find real work in Y2K.

It takes me two weeks of nightmare-inducing work to earn what I lost investing in BAAT. I will never cut this "company" a break in any posting I make. It was, still is, and as long as it exists, will be, a scam.

Wish I had seen that truth earlier. If I had sold my stock when the couch was on display (the 1st time I doubted LaStella's sanity), I would have saved a few bucks.

Alas, they went into the pocket of a con artist. Good thing I own HTSF!


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To: Ronald Kronemann who wrote (6184)11/5/1999 1:03:00 AM
From: Ted M
   of 6464
What happened to BAAT--or should I say didn't happen? I briefly followed but didn't buy this one about a year ago and remembered them tonight, read the recent (strange) press releases and came back here to the thread.

Did they actually do any of the things they said they did--produce, market, and sell the lubricant, electric bikes, cheap battery-powered cars, high mpg cars? Since they appear to have been full of hot air (given the current stock price), I'm just curious as to whether investors here all believe that they were out to scam from the beginning or sincerely were trying to make a go of it and just couldn't or something different.

Can it be proven to be a scam? If it is a scam, can Joe have criminal charges brought against him?

Any opinions?

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To: DonP who wrote (6422)11/10/1999 5:34:00 PM
From: StockDung
   of 6464
BAT International Preview : Judgment Day Is Coming
24 June 1998

BAT International Preview : Judgment Day Is Coming
BURBANK, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is being issued by
BAT International (OTC Bulletin Board: BAAT):

On August 19, 1998, the BAT SuperCar (which clocked 94 mpg earlier this
year) will again take to the track at the California Speedway.
On this occasion a new improved version of the Pulse Charged BAT SuperCar
will challenge the car generally regarded by the auto industry to be one of
the most efficient cars in the world (particular car to be announced
BAT will put to rest once and for all the unfavorable statements and
remarks reported in the press by so called industry insiders who make frequent
but unsupported claims about BAT International.
For example, as reported in a February 19th issue of the USA Today, a
General Motors spokesperson stated that 100mpg "ain't no big deal" in response
to reports of the BAT SuperCar demonstrations of 92.5 and 94 mpg.
BAT president Joe La Stella states, "If 100 mpg is no big deal, then where
are all the 100 mpg cars? Are they complex, super-exotic, light weight,
aerodynamic prototypes that are either unaffordable or impractical to drive,
or are they real road vehicles like the BAT SuperCar, which just happens to be
based on an off-the-Detroit-assembly-line four door Geo Metro sedan?"
The BAT SuperCar is derived from straightforward engine modifications,
requires no additional parts, and as a result, shall not materially add to the
vehicle's selling price.
The August 19, 1998 event is seen as the auto industry's version of the
famous "Tyson versus Holyfield." matchup. Borrowing from a line made famous
by another boxing great Joe Louis, "you can run but you can't hide."
Now they can neither run nor hide. Further details of this impending bout
are to be disclosed tomorrow_stay tuned.
All the major Auto Companies are invited to participate.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that should not be
used to make an investment decision in our company. Please refer to BAT's web
site and other sources for more detailed information.

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To: StockDung who wrote (6426)11/10/1999 7:16:00 PM
From: Richard L. Williams
   of 6464
flodyie--BAAT is on the Pink Sheets! It trades for 6&#162 on a GOOD day! Why do you continue to spend your time on this thread rehasing the "good old days"?

Judgement Day will REALLY come when Joe LaStella has to pick up the newspaper someday to look for that job washing dishes somewhere--for the life of me, I can't figure out what else he is qualified to do!

OT: Watch HTSF tomorrow--if the rumors swirling around it come to pass, then this stock will be a red-hot rocket to the moon. Otherwise, it could be a rather boring day.


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To: Richard L. Williams who wrote (6427)11/10/1999 7:33:00 PM
From: StockDung
   of 6464
Just came about that release while I was doing some research. I little BAAT history, thats all.

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