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To: JW@KSC who wrote (31364)3/6/2008 12:05:59 PM
From: Galirayo
   of 31386
Hey Hey Hey !!!

Very nice to see your post Jim ..

Happy 14th Birthday you Ole Dog :).

[Well you bit on that one !!! ] LOL

Louise Yamada says gold to 1050 .. 1150 .. I think 1200.
She says Pnf shows higher. Here's the post.

Message 24365330

Here's the Video if it still is up at CNBC.
Message 24365417

My Gann Chart is getting ready to have it's 1st Birthday. lol

Cheers !!


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To: Galirayo who wrote (31365)3/7/2008 12:04:59 PM
From: JW@KSC
   of 31386
Ray -

Do you know who Rob McEwen is?

and read it please.

Then goto
and watch at least 1 video

Now Check out this one.

Then we can get into a discussion..

Really good to hear from you!


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To: JW@KSC who wrote (31366)3/7/2008 6:01:52 PM
From: Galirayo
   of 31386
Any time You are ready my good friend.

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To: Galirayo who wrote (31367)3/8/2008 8:05:49 PM
From: JW@KSC
   of 31386
So how you doing these days Ray ?

I'm still Punching Holes in Space. As a matter of fact we launch shuttle Endeavour on at 2:28 am Tuesday morning. Then next Saturday Mar. 15th we have a Delta II launch at 2:09 am with a GPS Satellite payload.

Two holes in a week! but then they will vent out some of that Green House Gas the liberals keep taking about that will melt the planet.......(G)

I mean come on, We must admit they do take things to extremes, and some are way out there! The latest I heard "They don't want the Girl Scouts to sell cookies anymore" because they make you fat" I look at it like my stance on guns....
Cookies don't make people fat, People do! No where on the box does it say this box equals 1 serving.......

I have created the Ultimate Liberal Position, not even they can top it, and they can have it free, if they allow us to drill an for Oil in ANWR! With Sideways drilling the footprint of the entire operation is small enough that an endangered snail could cover the circumference in a day.

Jeez, we can't drill for oil, we haven't built an oil refinery in 45 years because of these people. Imagine if this were a growing food issue. We would all starve.


Liberals state "Mankind is Killing the Planet", "All Humans Must Leave. Tickets for Departure go on Sale Starting Tomorrow.

Weren't we suppose to be discussing Gold?

Sorry about the Rant.

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To: JW@KSC who wrote (31368)3/8/2008 9:04:08 PM
From: Galirayo
1 Recommendation   of 31386
Hey Jim .. Pretty Good.

Been doing my best to understand the Meaning of Life and the Machinations of the Market.

LOL .. No wonder it's hard to find a box of GS Cookies .. they are either Gone or Hidden for the next Snack. lol

I've said for quite a while that the Refinery Bottleneck is the Problem. Conversion to Light from Heavy is what we need but it's non cost effective at this point.
There used to be a bunch of Capped Wells around here .. just waiting for the price to go a bit Higher. Too bad it's not the Light Sweet. Last light Sweet here in this area was tapped by ASH Ashland Oil down in COAL COUNTRY .. now sold out to Marathon along with all the Refineries.

It's going to take a while to get the Rigs built to drill in lower producing areas again. They all went for the more promising areas where now they have been turned over to State Control .. what's the word I'm looking for .. France did it .. Chavez did it. Anyway you know what I mean.

I've been on the E-Wave Thread where FA is not the Prime Directive so Excuse me if I'm a little rusty on the FA Part .. :)

I don't know if you checked my recent posts in my profile or not .. but We're reaching Critical Mass at the moment.

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To: JW@KSC who wrote (31368)3/9/2008 5:41:17 PM
From: Galirayo
   of 31386
Did someone once say .. all roads lead to Rome ?

Too bad this is not the 70's .. I'd Paint it Fluorescent ... and turn on a Blacklight. .. lol

SPX ... on Gann Box Fans and Fib Arcs with Prior support on Horizontals. Got PI ??

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From: JW@KSC11/3/2009 5:00:56 AM
   of 31386
Looking for a Bellboy !

or any other Amatian to for that matter....

I was surprised back in June when a co-worker told me about uverse VDSL, a service by AT&T. Bet it uses CAP..

You wanted it, You got it...DMT


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To: JW@KSC who wrote (31371)11/3/2009 10:09:15 AM
From: FreedomForAll
   of 31386
Hi JW.
Wondered if you watched Defying Gravity while it lasted?

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To: FreedomForAll who wrote (31372)11/4/2009 6:16:06 AM
From: JW@KSC
   of 31386
Now how did I miss Defying Gravity completely ?

I just watched the 4 minute teaser on, I'm going to have to watch the episodes on line, until I catch up, unless they are on ABC on Demand.

So how you doing David? I see your last post was June 2005, I'm still launching those Birds...You can follow along at Minute by minute mission status during countdowns. Plus Video too. I use it at my console.. We've got 3 launches this month..

Nov. 14th. An Atlas V with a Intelsat 14 Communications Satellite.

Nov. 16th. The Space Shuttle Atlantis this is the 31st U.S. mission to the International Space Station.

Nov. 20th. A Delta IV with a Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite.

I'm doing OK. It was nice to see Gold make a new high yesterday and up to $1,094 this morning...

Now why am I humming me and Bobby McGee

Heading out to the Cape


Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,
Nothing, that's all that Bobby left me, yeah,
But feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues,
Hey, feeling good was good enough for me, hmm hmm,
Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee.

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To: JW@KSC who wrote (31373)11/4/2009 9:47:11 AM
From: FreedomForAll
   of 31386
Defying Gravity was cancelled on ABC due to bad ratings after 8 eps. Canadian TV continued to broadcast to the end of the 13 episodes made. It may or may not appeal to you. A bit more soap opera than necessary IMO, but I am enjoying the episodes (only have seen 3 so far.) You can find the eps via torrent if no other way is apparent.

I'm glad to hear you are doing well, and thanks for the link to follow the launch activities online.

I expect to be moving down under (NZ or Oz) in 6 months or so when my biz visa is approved. Starting an energy related business as a manufacturers rep for a few US companies.

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