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   Biotech / Medicalendovascular Tech. (EVTI)

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To: Boyce Burge who wrote (12)8/16/1997 7:56:00 PM
From: Grainne
   of 23
Any news on EVTI? I used to work for a vascular surgeon who participated in the trials, and he was totally sold on their minimally invasive graft procedure for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.

Has another company come up with a similar product? I thought the lead time was pretty long. What is happening in Europe?

Anyone still here?

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To: Grainne who wrote (14)8/22/1997 10:40:00 PM
From: Lee
   of 23
What's going on here ? Two huge blocks (around 200,000 shares each)of EVTI were bought this afternoon. Any comments is appreciated.

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To: Boyce Burge who wrote (12)8/22/1997 11:16:00 PM
From: Lee
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Could this be a take over or good results from the US clinical trials ?

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To: Grainne who wrote (14)8/27/1997 4:43:00 PM
From: Boyce Burge
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I dont own this stock but am interested in the medical device area. No news that I know of, but its holding up pretty well. Boitech/devices is having a very restrained comeback this month. (always buy in July Aug and do your selling in JanFeb, for best restults.

The guys who run the Technology Value fund (Landis and Kam) follow this area closely, and they seem to like AVEI better than EVTI.

Medical Devices are a tough area to be an investor in, and I prefer to own via mutual funds.

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To: Boyce Burge who wrote (17)8/28/1997 12:44:00 AM
From: Grainne
   of 23
Hi, Boyce!! Thanks for at least stopping in and keeping me company for a minute here. I guess I'd better turn off the lights when I leave!!!

Can you tell me a little about AVEI? Does it have a minimally invasive abdominal aortic aneurysm stent, or is it just a good medical device company in which to invest right now??

I see from your profile you are an investor and a writer. How do you get there from a Ph.D. in virology? You must know really quite a lot about biotech stocks!! I like the excitement of picking each tiny little stock by myself incidentally, getting them really inexpensively and tying up my valuable money for several years until another company comes through stage III trials with a better product and I lose everything. Thrilling!!!

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To: Grainne who wrote (18)8/28/1997 4:35:00 PM
From: Boyce Burge
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AVEI has a thread, and they do make catheters, but not for the aorta... see the blurb below.

I mention AVEI because Im convinced that you don't make money in biotech by buying what YOU like, but must follow larger trends and look for people or events that can move the market... Kam and Landis are currently very influential because of the success of their fund. Kam knows a lot about cardiology, AVEI is his top choice, and so for that reason alone, I would tend to buy AVEI at this point rather than EVTI. But I dont own either...I do own SNUS, AFFX, INCY and AGPH, for instance, but I'm avoiding device companies for now...too tricky for me.

"Its prospectus says Arterial Vascular Engineering AVEI "designs, develops, manufactures and markets a variety of stent systems and balloon angioplasty catheters for the treatment of coronary artery disease." The catheters are inflated within a partially blocked artery to expand the blood vessel. But in one-third to half of the 370,000 balloon angioplasties performed in 1993 in the U.S., there was re-closure of the artery.

The stents, now Arterial's big seller (77% of revenues), are made of a stainless steel mesh fitted over a balloon. Upon inflation after angioplasty, the mesh permanently expands, and is left in place, preventing re-closure in seven eighths of applications.

Neither of Arterial's product lines has been FDA-approved for sale in the U.S.

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To: Bill Tomko who wrote ()9/30/1997 2:18:00 PM
From: Doug Baer
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EndoVascular Technologies Announces Issuance of an Important Patent

MENLO PARK, Calif. Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- EndoVascular Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:EVTI), today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has issued an
important new patent to the company. The patent (U.S. Patent Number 5,669,936) is directed to a system and method for placing a prosthesis within a corporeal
lumen, such as the aorta, utilizing an inflatable device. This patent is based on a continuation application having a priority date going back to 1983. ``The use of
balloon inflation to implant a prosthesis for intraluminal repair has proven to be an invaluable technique,'' said Jim Fitzsimmons, president and chief executive officer.
``The company believes this patent is a very important addition to its portfolio,'' he added.

In addition to this patent, the U.S. Patent Office has issued four other significant patents to the company over the last thirteen months, adding to an already extensive
U.S. and foreign patent portfolio. Patent number 5,562,728 relates generally to grafts with one or more attachment systems. Patent numbers 5,609,625 and
5,628,783 generally relate to the system and method of delivering a graft. Patent number 5,662,700 is directed to general methods of implanting intraluminal grafts.
The company indicated that its U.S. patent portfolio now consists of 18 issued patents and 14 pending patent applications. ``These new patents further enhance
EVT's strong intellectual property position and serve as an acknowledgment of our pioneering research and development in the field of endovascular grafting,'' said
Fitzsimmons. The company's first commercial products that utilize this intellectual property are targeted at the endovascular repair of AAA's, which represent,
according to industry analysts, an estimated $750 million potential U.S. Market and an estimated $1 billion potential worldwide market.

EndoVascular Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures minimally invasive endovascular systems to repair diseased or damaged vascular structures.
The company's Ancure(TM) endovascular grafting system provides catheter-based delivery and implantation of a specialized, sutureless prosthesis to repair
abdominal aortic aneurysms. The Ancure system is designed to offer a minimally invasive alternative to the open surgical procedure performed today. In the United
States, EVT's Ancure Tube, Ancure Bifurcated and Ancure Aortoiliac products are currently in Phase II clinical trials. These products are approved for marketing
in the European Union and Australia.

Ancure, EGS, EndoGraft and the company's logo are trademarks of EndoVascular Technologies, Inc.

This news release consists of forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties including the timing of patent issuances, breadth and enforceability of
patents, and other risks detailed from time to time in the company's SEC reports, including, in particular, the ``Risk Factors'' section of the company's report on
Form 10K for the year ended December 31, 1996 and on form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 30, 1997. There can be no assurance that the company's issued
patent or pending applications will offer any protection or that they will not be challenged, narrowed, invalidated or circumvened. In addition, there can be no
assurance that the company's pending patent applications will issue into enforceable patents, or that the company's devices will be safe and effective in clinical trials,
obtain required regulatory approvals or achieve significant market acceptance or that the company will achieve or sustain profitability.

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To: Doug Baer who wrote (20)10/6/1997 1:18:00 PM
From: Doug Baer
   of 23
Monday October 6 9:48 AM EDT

Guidant to buy Endovascular for $170 mln

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct 6 (Reuter) - Guidant Corp reached a definitive agreement to acquire Endovascular Technologies Inc (EVTI) in a stock transaction valued at
about $170 million, the companies announced jointly on Monday.

''The transaction will be a tax-free, stock-for-stock exchange valued at approximately $170 million, and will be accounted for as a pooling of interest transaction,''
said Guidant chairman James Cornelius.

Each outstanding share of Endovascular common stock would be exchanged for shares of Guidant valued at $20 per EndoVascular share, subject to possible
adjustment pursuant to a collar arrangement, the companies said.

The transaction is also subject to certain other customary conditions, they said.

Endovascular has developed a catheter-based delivery system to implant a specialized sutureless prosthesis to repair life-threatening abdominal aortic aneurysms
without major surgery, the companies said.

In the United States, more than 190,000 abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) are diagnosed each year and 45,000 patients undergo surgery, the companies said.

''Endovascular treatment of AAA represents a significant clinical advance over the traditional surgical procedure,'' they said.

Endovascular's Ancure product line is in clinical trials in the United States and has been used in more than 600 patients worldwide, the companies said.

Shares in Guidant were up 3/8 at 61-1/4, while shares in Endovascular, based in Menlo Park, Calif., were halted at 16-6/16 in early trading Monday.

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To: Doug Baer who wrote (21)10/6/1997 5:28:00 PM
From: Bill Bishop
   of 23
Great news...the question is, should i sell and take the cash or wait and get the guidant shares? What are the prospects for guidant, and if I get the guidant shares and then sell do I pay capital gains tax only on the difference on the price of guidant when I got it and when I sell it?

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To: Bill Bishop who wrote (22)10/8/1997 5:48:00 PM
From: Rick Costantino
   of 23
I have taken the former strategy, to be off to look for another investment.

Rick C

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