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   Gold/Mining/EnergyMaxam Gold Corp. OBB:MXAM

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From: jeru200810/29/2010 9:14:06 AM
   of 11603
As i said it is being used as a shell.It would appear to be a minimum of 100 for one reverse split. The only ones to make money will be people like the clown who got stock for almost nothing.
But with a 100 for 1 even he might lose money, Not so honest Dale screwed every one even in his grave. Remember the old days when there was only 3 million outstanding and not 300 million.

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To: paunch13 who wrote (11573)11/5/2010 7:47:02 AM
From: jeru2008
   of 11603
So Clown a/k/a security law violator you came out from under your rock to rey to convince people to buy your stock when you knew what i posted was correct. You are like not so honest trying to screw people in your grave. Repeat to the board all your lies about the gold and inventions maxam has that is why it is being used as a shell and not a very good shell since no asset placed in. You knew all of this and still tried to get people to buy the stock. What a low life.

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To: paunch13 who wrote (11573)11/11/2010 9:20:07 AM
From: jeru2008
   of 11603
With the price of gold going to the sky Maxam should fly. Your time has arrived. Oh I forgot Clown Maxam has no gold only BS touters and security law violators like yourself. The only relevant time is the time you will spend in prison.

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To: Tim Hall who wrote (11581)5/24/2011 9:47:04 AM
From: chucka
   of 11603
Hi, Guys and all. MMy bud found a coppper mine. I laid out 140 acres in the PRIMO spot about 5 monnths ago in 2 trips out. Hows ELKO, I've never been there. There is a CONDO drawing at the RUBY Red Group where we met years ago....3 PM to 8. John works at 9 I think. Ill fly out to win a condo, why not.
PS - What the HElck is this Maxam Home Office in LV NV wild

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From: Lahcim Leinad4/26/2012 2:01:45 PM
   of 11603
Holy cow. I had no idea stocks could trade at $0.0006.

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From: bistineau_la9/10/2012 10:58:28 AM
   of 11603
Stock showing some trades this AM, is it legit?

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To: bistineau_la who wrote (11587)9/10/2012 5:43:09 PM
From: d:oug
   of 11603

lets hope


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To: bistineau_la who wrote (11587)9/10/2012 6:20:57 PM
From: d:oug
   of 11603
... is it legit? The rambling, shown below, are from seasoned traders of pennies (i.e. Some of us look for newly reinstated stocks daily) and I get the sense that this company of "gold from desert dirt" had expired to exist and kept the trading shell active in hopes of selling it. If that is what has happened then I'll expect a massive reverse split like every 1,000 shares become 1 new shares for this new company selling gold coins in a scam. But the talk below seems to point to another story to happen because of "very little shares available" to force buyers to accept ever higher ASKs.

Since I already have a large share count obtained years ago at the sub penny range I'll play this as a pump & dump possibility using half my shares to sell if it goes into the single penny range. I'll probably sell one quarter of my shares if it goes to one cent. - Doug


MXAM should be back in pennyland soon here. Very thin all the way up.

The way this is trading it looks like there's very little shares available.

People will have to start moving up their MXAM bids soon and buy the ask if they want shares. There are not many shares at .005 and below .01 left.

The stock is also a Low Floater = Not many shares available

This is typical as this filing is indicative that the Co is in revival mode and getting all their ducks in a row, anticipate Corporate updates in the very near future that will shed light on what is transpiring behind this co.

It is now reinstated. The low float means it can run up on air to huge $$$ gains ahead. There are not many shares left below muti pennies ahead. MXAM

A couple have been here while the stock was inactive for years, you can tell by reading the board however it is reinstated and ready for buisiness as of today. Some of us look for newly reinstated stocks daily. They are rare but when you find them you can make huge $$$ ahead. I have seen many of these run pennies on the first day or two and some to .20 and one that had a low float run well over a dollar. It depends on how low the float is and how much the first buyers buy up. Once the floating shares are gone the fun begins. As inactive as MXAM has been this one could be running multi pennies very fast IMO. MXAM

The last activity of even small volume was in the .004 to .005 range and it was super low volume. Now with the reinsatement MXAM should be thin to pennies ahead. I was checking back and other than tiny tiny volume there has been nothing since at least that range back in 2011. This one should be alot of fun ahead.

You use level II. There are not many MXAM shares showing up left below .01. ATDF, Ameritrade is up at .027. That could be where some of the old float is of it is form an old sell order. Not sure. The rest of the MM's are up at $200.00. We should know better when we see pennyland what is really up there and how high the shares sit. Today you may see some AM buyers taking profits as we have up from .0006 to .0048 but the ask has really thinned out above and you could not get fills below at least not many shares. I want to see the .005 break and then see what we have up above from there to pennies. An example is if it would take less than 2 to 4 million shares in buys from here to get us over .01 we are going to have a nice runner ahead as most are loading up before the news begins flowing from the new company. That is when you see stocks like this run to .05, .10 etc ahead of news from the new companies that buy out the shells.

Agree. MXAM is very thin. Break .005 and all bets are off. Next MM is at .027.

MXAM is paper thin above to .027 and much higher. Just need to see some nuce bids move in as the ask is taken out and we are golden ahead. Brand new ownership and new company so it will get fun ahead.

MXAM L2: .0045 .005 .005 .027 200.00.... Only about $700 in the way of .005 break. Break .005 and all bets are off.

I think we have a couple thousand $$$ from here to the penny break. As soon as awareness is out there about MXAM we should see bids utting and the PPS continue to climb. If we get nice volume it will be interesting to see just how high we can go into penyland today. It would be fun to see that .027 hit above later.

Yeah, just $700 in way of .005 break, then L2 should get interesting.

Why is this stock at such a stand still? No buying or selling..

Wow talk about a low float. I just checked the MXAM chart over the last 10 years and the volume back in the .05 to .10 range was very low. Whoever bought the shell did a great job. They have a low floater here that has massive upside potential ahead.

MM's hid that 250K bidder at .004 while .0045's and .0048's were hit. Now they are showing what they really have above after they filled that order. If you look at a 1 year, 5 year and 10 year chart there are not many shares left below .02 above. MXAM

Most of todays MXAM volume was from .0035 to .0048, as soon as we see a few more buys on the ask we should break the HOD. Thin on the charts as far as volume going back years to .02 and above.

Based on level 2, the asking and the buying are really far from being the same price , can someone explain that to me.. Please

Most of todays MXAM volume was from .0035 to .0048. Now there are only a few left at .004 then we should be thin to .005 then up form there when those fall. You need level II if you are trying to buy stocks. The early bidders either got filled partialy or backed off hoping for anyone who did not read the new filings to hand them some cheap shares. Most of the shares from here would be held over the years from .004 to .08 as you can see on past charts. We have not seen this kind of daily volume since we were in the .02 to .08 range. No brainer buy and hold for news. JMO. If you are not buying at .004 then try to put in a bid for shares just below at .0035 etc. If you never get filled like the ones who were there at .0035 earlier just buy at .004 or higher like they did. When they could not get filled at .0035 they bought up to .0048 this AM. Now we have a few .004's here and then we will see what is left ahead. Looks very thin.

MXAM looks like a good one. I went back 5 years on the charts checking volume etc. Low floater just reinstated. Should be a nice multi bagger ahead. I am hoping you and a few others step up as mods. This one with a little awareness can be huge.

Some Moose Pasture Perps apparently liked the name enough to resurrect this one from the dead. Watch for lots of other dormant shells with "Gold" anywhere in their name to start springing to life as the PM mania gets going good.

Ok gotcha , well I hope people find out about this stock so we can get this thing rollin...


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To: d:oug who wrote (11589)9/11/2012 10:16:49 AM
From: bistineau_la
1 Recommendation   of 11603
Thanks, more trading this AM. I keep my hand on the trigger since I own a lot from years past too.

Fingers crossed.

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To: Richard Mazzarella who wrote (11580)11/8/2012 9:14:21 AM
From: Findit
   of 11603
Richard they are trying to bring this one back to life. Their filings are now current (lol). Check them out -

From the filings - Part B Share Structure

Item IV The title and class of securities outstanding

The company has 7,000,000,000 common shares authorized at .00001 Par, 6,871,849,187

issued and outstanding as of September 30, 2012 of which 1,157,570,703 is free trading.

The company has two Classes of Preferred Stock A series A Preferred Stock and a series B

Preferred Stock . Series A is 500 Shares authorized and Series B has 1 million shares


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