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To: Roy F who wrote (201)7/12/1998 9:53:00 PM
From: Roadkill  Read Replies (1) of 7024
Thanks for the information, Roy.

Back to your previous post -- when you highlighted the word "may" in the 10x sales quote -- I agree with your analysis. The word "may" obviously is the key to that sentence. Nonetheless, I'm still a little taken aback by that press release. Although KVH has had trouble growing recurring revenues, one thing they do have is some management credibility, as well as a pretty impressive customer list. If I heard that "10x sale" quote from some CEO of a penny stock, I would blow it off. But MKVH has not shown himself to be loose with words or to over-promote. Again, the fact that he chose the term "ten-fold" rather than "substantial" or "double" or even "triple" really strikes me as odd. It's also odd that this crucial piece of info was buried in an otherwise uninspiring press release. Could it be that KVH is within a whisker of landing a huge order and wanted to let those (few) of us who follow the company closely get an early opportunity? I doubt it, but I can wish.

Anyway, back to your most recent post regarding a potential entry point. I already have a bundle with an average cost of 3. I won't buy any more until and unless the price moves through 4 with good volume. That will indicate to me renewed interest by the Street and, likely, the beginning of an upswing. Whether that happens next week or next year, I don't know. With such a thin float, it won't take much to make the price move if the conference call is good. With regard to bottom-fishing, your guess is as good as mine, although we do seem to have pretty firm support at 2 1/8 on the bid. That should translate into a 2 1/2 ask price once the greedy MMs are done with you. If I had money to blow (which I don't!), I might put in a buy order at 2 1/2 and see if anybody bites. Of course, we could always go to zero. That's what I call bottom-fishing! :o(

One final point -- we may still have a chance to load up after the conference call if the news is good. I've noticed that, over the last 6 or 12 months, there is a one-to-two day delay in the trading volume/market price following announcements by KVH. Probably because no one follows the company that closely -- currently only 1 analyst follows it, and probably not that carefully. That's why I'm going to wait until after the CC to consider buying more -- unless, of course, I get a move through 4 on volume beforehand.

Do you think there's any significance to KVH moving up the earnings release date?

It's nice to have someone to chat with here. Let us know what IR tells you about the 10x sales comment.

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