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Gold/Mining/Energy : The Western Mining Association

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To: go4it who wrote (24)3/23/1998 8:40:00 AM
From: Chuca Marsh  Read Replies (2) of 34
Chuck, here is an interesting E-Mail discussion that I had over the weekend that Mike Wendell has allowed me to post here, at his sugestion I might add!
:..Chuca, you can post it that you got it from me. And by the way, ...<From: chuca marsh
To: Michael Wendell
Date: Sunday, March 22, 1998 4:14 PM
Subject: Re: No Postings Since This Discussion...

>I hope all is well with you and yours. Time is seemly to be dessimanting...( sic.- some of the DDs)
Date: Sunday, March 22, 1998 4:25 PM
Subject: P.S.-

>The area that I just had mentioned, is where the Trans-Contential Fault
>Ends!! It is where the Laramide Age Mountains come up from outside Tucson
>out by Gila Bend and in my Theory continues up to ABOUT this point where
>Carlin Trend is over in Nevada and while the goodies are Leaching Up ( Your a gas U know!) ( Gold Bearing Gases!) to the surfaces as Complex Salt Encapsulated Golds! The DDs now are on the verge and some heart is taken at the Recovery of Maxam! Just amazing! And COC
>in the Pipeline with GPGI/Maxam and after Naxos (sic-and CHIP) with less sizzel than POP, but who knows how the market will receive us with COC verifications, but I think all of a sudden...POP!!! ! JMHO.
>Do you really want to allow me to post it??? I think it is neat - I got out the map and see some Old Gold Mines there. Below Lake Mead is a Town (site) of White Clifts which I drew to because of the similar sound of the Colorado so named Grand Wash Clifts, maybe because of the fact that my wash (laundry) is seperated into Whites and Colors! So I see some nice map showings there, Geology wise, I guess it will be a future winner of an area! Chuca
>At 09:20 AM 3/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>The King Tut area is a unique setting of gold silver and PGM
>>The area lies in Northwest Az next to the Lake Mead Recreation area in a
>>dense Joshua tree Forest as part of the Mohave Desert. It was first mined
>>the Spaniards. They mined by open cut grinding methods and took the rock
>>miles to a spring for processing. Some guy, I don't remember his name
>>a beautiful silver cross at that location. I found a cut glass lead pour
>>jewelry piece that was probably given to indian labor as a reward and a
>>small pot metal fish of some kind near that location.
>>After that time other miners have done some tunneling work and production.
>>One old timer was named Shorty Clark from Boulder, Colorado. He was a good
>>miner. I never met him, but he was a good leasor and fleaser. Another
>>that worked the hard rock area was old Dick Hart. He was a leasor and
>>fleasor out of Chloride, Arizona. I met and liked Dick Hart. He had 4
>>All good miners.
>>The Lost Basin range lies about 20 miles West of the Western most
>>of the Grand Wash Cliffs or the South Western edge of the Colorado
>>Above them are the Haulapai Apache Indians. I think they are Apache,
>>To the North is Lake Mead City and Lake Mead.
>>The Walker Lane lineament crosses the area in the region of the Lost Basin
>>Range. To the East of the Lost Basin Range and sandwiched between a lot of
>>geological forces is the old King Tut placer. That placer worked in the
>>1930's as did the Queen Tut Placer. These were feeble attempts to recover
>>the gold with short water supplies. Santa Fe Railroad owned every other
>>square mile in checkerboard fashion throughout the high elevation valley.
>>Small prospectors worked the valley for gold nuggets that are found all
>>the place. Men and families made livings from those desert dirts up until
>>the late sixtys when the last of them, Woody Harmon could work no more.
>>Tom Godwin with his shriveled body wrote as a ghost writer, lived in the
>>desert and panned the gold. He wrote and collected royalty checks. I never
>>knew who he ghost wrote for, but I heard that one of the James Bond
>>was his. I do know he preferred old West stories.
>>The gold mineralizing events there started in the Archean times, the same
>>period that the gold mineralizing events started in South Africa. The
>>mineralizing and redistribution of values continued through several events
>>including the Laramide Times (the Rocky Mountain Uplift). The gold nuggets
>>of the Precambriam are distinct from the younger veins. Gold rocks with
>>visible metals are more abundant than anywhere I have ever been. Then
>>is the cluster gold. There are platinum nuggets, they are very rare, but
>>present. The placer is unique in that it demonstrates geochemical
>>within the nuggets themselves. They vary in richness in molybdenum, copper
>>and other trace metals. Jack Antweiler of the Geological Survey told me
>>that this was the only area of the United States with so much gold that a
>>geochemical survey could be performed over many square miles. He was the
>>that did the work on gold geochemistry.
>>I remember that some guy from Florida set up a small mill on the King Tut
>>Pipeline. He made concentrates that he sold to Asarco. The cons were very
>>high grade. The ore that the cons came from were on a break of limestone
>>West of the Grand Wash Cliffs. The gold was in rocks that did not assay.
>>recovery averaged more than 1 ounce per ton gold. Makes you think, doesn't
>>Well, I spent a lot of good time and good money, other peoples money,
>>to crack the recovery problems with that ore. We used labs from all over
>>world. We couldn't even get good assays. That is a sore spot and a severe
>>blemish on my record that I am not proud of. I have since resolved the
>>technology to my satisfaction, but not when I still was associated with
>>project. When I was there, we couldn't do what the spaniards were doing. I
>>am ashamed that I allowed stubborn tendencies to make judgement decisions
>>based on what I knew, and not weighing in what I didn't know as a major
>>factor. Oh those foolish days. But I did produce several hundred ounces of
>>gold from sampling operations. That alone was impressive and would have
>>economic at todays metals prices.
>>Now a new generation of exploration oriented and pioneer metallurgists are
>>having a crack at it. I wish them luck. It is probably the biggest
>>accumulation of cash metals in the US, but success is a ways off. And I
>>learned some valuable lessons there. That is what I got out of it. I do
>>even have one of the nuggets anymore. mike
>>ps- If you want to post this, go ahead. You have my permission. Mike
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: chuca
>>To: hquest
>>Date: Saturday, March 21, 1998 8:31 PM
>>Subject: No Postings Since This Discussion...
>>>To: +Michael J. Wendell (611 )
>>>From: +Matt C. Austin Friday, Feb 13 1998 10:51AM EST
>>>Reply # of 670
>>>Mike, There was a post yesterday (in another thread) about the King Tut
>>>deposit in AZ. Have I heard somewhere that you have knowledge of it ? If
>>>could you make some comments ?? Thanks
>>>My first EmailQuestion on This King Tut area maybe because I visited Luxor years ago - the name intrigues me! <<Mike, Was a...>>
>I didn't mean to imply that IT SHOULD NOT be posted, I just meant that it
>might be better posted by you, as the quotes of names are old acquaintances
>to yours!
>Goodnite, hope to read your reply (or instruction ) in the morning, I still
>think, you're a gas! ( sic a Gold Bearing Gas!!! !!)( Or should I say ...a PT2 sized..NUGGET!!! !) (Also) Imagine Desert Fox, Platinum nuggets! Will you see one eventually, and what will happen with government SUPPORT for/of/to NEWTECH MINING of the several elements ...then that WILL BE MINED?

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