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Politics : A Real American President: Ron DeSantis
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From: Joachim K11/11/2022 12:20:52 AM
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Conservative Candidates Take Note – DeSantis Dominated In Florida For These Reasons


THURSDAY, NOV 10, 2022 - 07:40 PM

Many Republicans are experiencing a bittersweet election week with some impressive wins, but not the “red wave” that they were hoping for. With a Congressional majority looking like a certainty and the Senate up in the air, it's an overall victory for conservatives but not a slam dunk defense against leftists and Joe Biden. What we do know is that while there was no red wave, there was certainly no blue wave either.

This tells us a few things: For one, Americans are more entrenched in their political views than ever and they aren't likely to budge. When governors like Gretchen Whitmer or Kathy Hochul can win reelection after attempting to impose hardcore authoritarian measures on their constituency during the covid scare, it becomes clear that Democrat voters are too mentally challenged to recognize they are harming themselves. Maybe those people deserve what they get.

By extension, conservative voters are far more nuanced. They aren't interested in voting for a candidate just because they identify as GOP, they want that candidate to share their values and concerns and take action. If a candidate doesn't show courage and stand immovable against establishment agendas, conservatives may just stay home rather than vote for them.

For example, in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman managed to defeat Dr. Mehmet Oz despite Fetterman's brain being scrambled by a stroke during the campaign. Democrats will vote for ANYONE that will keep their state blue, they even reelected a dead Democrat House candidate in PA (Tony DeLuca). Meanwhile, Oz avidly promoted the covid mRNA vaccines after pretending to be skeptical of them, and tried to sell his followers on them despite there being many questions of safety and efficacy. A lot of conservatives fought hard and took considerable risks in defying the mandates, and some felt betrayed by Oz's apparent truce with Big Pharma. This may have contributed to his election loss.

One Republican that fully dominated during his campaign was Ron DeSantis. There is no denying that there was a red wave in Florida, which was considered a swing state only a few years ago. Now, Democrats see the state as a lost cause for the 2024 presidential race with zero chance of retrieval. DeSantis carried nearly 60% of the vote, with Charlie Crist left with 40%. DeSantis' success also helped the majority of other GOP candidates in Florida gain a voter majority, with Republicans winning 20 congressional seats.


Why did DeSantis crush leftists in his state while many other Republicans barely squeezed a win or lost by slim margins? What did he do that they did not do? Yes, he's an incumbent, which helps by allowing the candidate to show what he has already accomplished, but that can be a double edged sword. What measures did DeSantis accomplish that won over Florida voters en masse and also prevented potential vote count “uncertainty”? Let's examine a list:

Hard Stand Against Woke Politics

DeSantis never wavered on his stance against woke politics, social justice agendas and far-left ideology. He never tried to make a deal with leftists or appease them. In fact, he instituted several measures and supported multiple bills in Florida that prevent woke politics from being taught in public schools.

He stopped Critical Race Theory from being implanted into school textbooks. He prevented sexually driven lessons from being taught and is punishing activist teachers for sexualizing (grooming) children. He has ended the injection of LGBT and Trans indoctrination for young students. He also took on one of the largest media corporations in the world, Disney, and punished them for trying to control state politics and impose woke ideology through the company's massive monetary influence.

Leftists hate DeSantis for a reason – He has been effective against their tactics and they fear that other red states will follow his lead. In his victory speech DeSantis proclaimed: "Florida is where woke goes to die."

Hard Stand On Illegal Immigration

A lot of people including many Democrats said that the strategy of busing illegal migrants from red states to far left cities like New York and Washington DC would fail. Instead, it has been a resounding success, with Democrats scrambling just to keep their city budgets from imploding under the weight of a mere 10,000 to 15,000 illegals.

While Texas gets most of the credit for this action, DeSantis and Florida did one better and sent the migrants to Martha's Vineyard, the pristine island vacation home of many leftist elitists. The fact that the people of Matha's Vineyard put on a fraudulent show by feeding the migrants some cheap lunches and then bused them straight out of town the next day to a camp on a military base was a huge embarrassment for Democrats. It proved that they can't live up to their own standards and take care of a handful of migrants while expecting border states to deal with millions per year. It was a major coup for DeSantis.

Hard Stand Against Covid Mandates And Vaccine Passports

The population of Florida is the third largest in the nation, with a high percentage of retirees and seniors citizens. The amount of pressure on DeSantis by the Federal Government and Biden along with the CDC and Anthony Fauci over the pandemic was immense. If Florida folded to the mandates, then many red states may have followed suit. This did not happen.

One of the most important characteristics of a great leader is the ability to stand by one's principles even when the majority of the public or your peers seem to be against you. When you know you are right based on reason, logic, facts and evidence, never submit or give in. DeSantis showed this kind of fortitude over the past two years and this most of all is what likely won him another term as governor.

Passing Bills For Election Integrity

DeSantis supported measures which secured Florida's election integrity and prevented any potential chicanery in the 2022 midterms. He signed a law strengthening voter identification at the polls. Mass mailings of ballots, drop boxes and ballot harvesting are now illegal in Florida. Private financiers are not allowed to administer elections. He also established the Office of Election Crimes and Security, which monitors election integrity and enforces stiff penalties for anyone caught trying to cheat.

If these rules were enforced in every state in the country, one might wonder how differently elections might turn out. Future conservative candidates should take note of DeSantis and his overwhelming victory; it pays to actually defend the values you claim to represent, because conservative voters are not Democrats, they have standards.
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