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Politics : For Trump & Freedom - Against Socialists, Fascists, Marxists

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From: bruwin7/23/2022 8:12:48 AM
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A Great Speech by Donald Trump in Arizona on 22 July 2022 !!!

It seems to me that Donald Trump is getting FAR MORE Emphatic in his Condemnation of the RUIN and DESTRUCTION that Biden and his Demented Democratic Party Hierarchy Cronies are bringing down onto America and its peoples, because I believe, that he believes, that the PACE and the INTENSITY of it is fast approaching a "NO COME BACK POINT" for the foreseeable future.
Therefore he is PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS to Get and to Encourage PATRIOTIC, FREEDOM-LOVING AMERICANS to Stand Up and Be Counted and to enter the Political Arena in order to turn the ship named "AMERICA" around before it ends up ON THE ROCKS OF MARXISM.


One thing, however, that I believe he should slightly modify his criticism about, is the situation in Ukraine and what he believes Russia is "Guilty of", because he is convinced that if he was still President there would not be the current conflict in Ukraine because of the "Might" of America.

Yes, there most likely would not be a current conflict in Ukraine if he was President but that would not be because of America's "Might". It would be because Donald Trump would have been prepared to TALK TO PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN of Russia.

And had he had a talk with Putin, Putin would have informed him that back in 2015, after the ILLEGAL Coup that overthrew the legitimate President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, the incoming Ukraine "government" signed and agreed to THE MINSK AGREEMENT, which was also co-signed by France, Germany and Russia, and the content of which was agreed to in the UN SECURITY COUNCIL, where America has VETO Powers, and which then became UN RESOLUTION 2202(2015) which makes it INTERNATIONAL LAW.

And that AGREEMENT and RESOLUTION would have put an end to the VIOLENCE and HOSTILITIES directed against the Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the South-East DONBAS region of Ukraine primarily via the INFLUENCE within the Ukrainian administration of the NEO-NAZI AZOV group.

IMO, had Donald Trump been made aware, by Vladimir Putin, of the REAL FACTS of what had been transpiring in Ukraine, he would have very likely PUT PRESSURE on the likes of Zelenskyy TO ABIDE BY UKRAINE's OBLIGATIONS THAT THEY SIGNED UP TO IN THE MINSK AGREEMENT and today Russia would have had no need to be in Ukraine .........

BUT .... Needless to Say, the "Western World" has largely been "kept in the dark" about the Minsk Agreement, or UN Resolution 2202, due to the reality that LARGE SWATHES of the Media in the USA, UK, EU, etc, are controlled by GLOBALISTS and "THE GREAT RESET" Crowd who actually care F**KALL about Ukraine and its peoples.
Their PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is "Regime Change" in Russia and to get rid of Vladimir Putin and his Administration and place their own "PUPPETS" in his place so that they can do to Russia what they originally did to Ukraine and thereby gain control of the Resources Wealth of Russia .....

Ukraine is just "A Useful PAWN in their Game" ..... PLUS the fact that the INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX (that the late Eisenhower warned the World about) are making BILLIONS OF DOLLARS making all those weapons that have been sent to Ukraine, only for much of it to be destroyed by Russia or to disappear down the "black holes" of the Black Markets !!!
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