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Politics : For Trump & Freedom - Against Socialists, Fascists, Marxists

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To: bruwin who wrote (293)2/26/2022 9:16:36 AM
From: bruwin   of 384
It must also be noted that the PRIME FOCUS of the Biden Cabal was NOT on any concern that they said that they had for the Ukrainians, BUT WAS BASED SOLELY ON THEIR DETERMINATION TO END THE NORD STREAM 2 PIPELINE transporting Natural Gas to Germany, especially, and to Europe from Russian gas fields.

Biden & Co. knew full well that there was nothing that the USA could do to stop Nord Stream 2 ...... ONLY GERMANY COULD STOP NORD STREAM 2 !!! ..... and to "Force" Germany to do that the USA would have had to enforce SANCTIONS on Germany which they would most certainly not want to do at this stage of the Proceedings.

That was why Biden & Co. tried to get Germany to commit stopping Nord Stream 2 if Ukraine was "Invaded".

Initially the German Chancellor Scholz was not prepared to tie the end of Nord Stream 2 to an invasion of Ukraine probably because, at that stage, he and many others, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE, saw No Evidence of Russian Troops "MASSING" on the Ukraine border.

So things needed to "GET HOT" ....... THAT MEANT major aggression being shown against the breakaway Republics in the Donbas which included Mortar and Artillery shells flying indiscriminately into the Russian-Aligned states of Donetsk and Luhansk killing innocent civilians.

When Russia decided that Enough was Enough and moved to protect these Russia-Aligned states, that was the signal FOR THE TOTAL CONDEMNATION BY THE WEST AND THE TOTAL SCREECHING BY THE WEST THAT "RUSSIA WAS INVADING ALL OF UKRAINE", despite the fact that Russia was targeting the NEO-NAZI Elements that were involved with all the Military Aggression !!!

A rather Inept and Inexperienced Chancellor Scholz, after some "prodding" by Biden & Co., then came out and stated that Certification of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline was SUSPENDED ......... AND as a result Biden & Co., the NEOCONS, the suppliers/producers of LNG gas in the USA GOT WHAT THEY WANTED.
So as far as they were concerned Ukraine was out the window and would be left to fend for itself ....... They No longer GAVE A F**K for Ukraine and its peoples.

At the end of the day those who will suffer from the SUSPENSION Nord Stream 2 will be the Germans and Western Europe because they will be PAYING THROUGH THE NECK FOR THEIR ENERGY because the supply of a much cheaper Natural Gas from Russia will be replaced with FAR MORE EXPENSIVE LNG FROM THE USA and MAYBE, TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, FROM QATAR.

But NOT ONLY is LNG more expensive to purchase than long term piped Natural Gas, it also has to be processed once delivered by supply ships, AND THE PROCESSING FACILITIES IN GERMANY ARE AT CAPACITY AND CANNOT PROCESS THE GAS ANY FASTER OR IN GREATER QUANTITIES.

So as the demand for Energy goes up in Germany and in Europe, the supply will be severely REDUCED if the supply of Natural Gas from Russia is reduced, ESPECIALLY AFTER 2015/2016 when the supply of Natural Gas to Europe from Russia, via pipelines crossing Ukraine, comes to an end !!!

It should also be noted that at the present time Europe has ONLY ABOUT 4.7% OF ITS GAS RESERVES LEFT IN ITS UNDERGROUND STORAGE FACILITIES and winter hasn't yet come to an end ------>

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