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From: bruwin10/27/2021 3:47:33 PM
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IMO, there's been a LOT of Misinformation put out there about the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN to treat the COVID-19 coronavirus. In fact much of it borders on Suppression of the facts in favour of "harassing" the public to take the vaccines, and even going as far as a government MANDATING that their citizens MUST have a medication injected into their body WHETHER THEY WANT TO OR NOT.

Here we have some FACTS about IVERMECTIN as put out there via Dr. John Campbell who puts daily information out there and presents what he presents in a thoroughly OBJECTIVE Manner with little or no Personal Opinions or Biases .....

I've singled out and targeted specific references in this video and stated at what times they occurred :-

1) 5:20 ---> IVERMECTIN is an FDA APPROVED and WHO essential drug used as a broad based Antibiotic and Antiparasitic. The two doctors who discovered it were awarded the NOBLE PRIZE in 2015 and IVERMECTIN has since revolutionized the Human treatment of parasitic diseases around the world, proving, I would say, that IVERMECTIN is PERFECTLY SAFE for Human Consumption when taken at the correct dosage.

2) 6:09 ---> IVERMECTIN has shown to Inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus REPLICATION IN-VITRO by 99.98%.

3) 7:42 ---> The half-life of IVERMECTIN to get to maximum concentration is very much longer than Molnupiravir which means that it is available for treatment in the tissues for a far longer period.

4) 9:55 to 10:50 ---> Explains how MOLNUPIRAVIR attacks the virus and creates "mutations" in the virus and prevents replication of the virus.

5) 12:00 to 12:36 ---> Explains how IVERMECTIN binds to the spike protein of the Virus thereby preventing COVID-19 from entering a cell and also prevents the production of new Viral RNA.

6) 13:50 to 14:50 ---> A COST comparison between MONUPIRAVIR of $70/tablet compared to IVERMECTIN of $0.03c/3mgm tablet. One needs 10 MOLNUOIRAVIR tablets per Treatment compared to ~35 IVERMECTIN tablets for a 5 day treatment. That's $70 x 10 = $700 of MOLNUPIRAVIR compared to $0.03c x 35 = $1.05 of IVERMECTIN. Which is probably why several large Indian States were able to provide "Family Packs" containing IVERMECTIN for about $2.50 each.

7) 14:50 to 16:21 ---> Safety Statistics for IVERMECTIN, from "VigiBase", have revealed that there were about 5693 "Adverse Events" from 3.7 BILLION Doses. That's 5693/3,700,000,000 = 0.0002% !!!

8) 16:30 to 18:05 ---> Efficiency of MOLNUPIRAVIR to prevent Hospitalizations and Deaths has so far shown to be about ~50%. Based on a larger data base IVERMECTIN has shown an efficiency of about 66%. Confirmation can be found at ....

9) 18:15 ---> Counter Arguments regarding IVERMECTIN from "COCHRANE LIBRARY" has basically shown that "They Don't know Anything of Any Substance".

In addition to all of the above I would also say there are TWO benefits from taking IVERMECTIN either as a 5 day treatment or as a medium to longer term Prophylaxis .....

Firstly, if you get COVID-19 you treat it and kill it off with IVERMECTIN.

Secondly, you body's Antibodies have now been exposed to the virus and your Natural Immune System gets activated for future protection.
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