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To: TobagoJack who wrote (179257)10/23/2021 8:48:56 PM
From: Maurice Winn  Read Replies (2) of 187667
Tsk tsk TJ, you are misunderstanding things. The Northern Ireland province of the Great and Glorious Great Britain is voluntarily, by substantial majority, in favour of remaining separate from their barbarian IRA-loving Omagh bombing southern Catholicism collectivists and as part of the British Empire, shriveled to nearly nothing though it is. Even the poor people of Hong Kong have been cast adrift to the marauding malevolent Mandarin Mainlanders.

The Scottish electorates also decided to remain as part of the Great and Glorious too, rather than throw their lot in with the overbearing Germans and Euroserfs.

Being freedom lovers, We the People prefer voting to Made in China military attack as is planned for Taiwan by the Beijing Barbarians. That's why Crimeans voting to return to Russia was accepted by USA, UK, Bruxelles etc ... oh wait .... umm, okay that wasn't quite accepted so the NATO murderers started the war in Ukraine killing umpty thousands including those in a passing-by airliner which I feared would be me going the opposite direction a couple of weeks before when I realized the idiot Emirates A380 captain was in fact going to and did fly over Ukraine and desperate soldiers firing weaponry not many kilometres below. Okay, it's true that NATO types are not quite pure in their militarism and did in fact back Osama bin Laden against Gorby in Afghanistan [karma came back to bite there]. 'Giving them their own Vietnam' Zbigniew way back in 1979 turned out to be another Vietnam for USA = ooops a daisy. The attack on Syria worked out very badly too for many millions. So I accept that USA et al shouldn't be too loud in giving lessons on civilisation to Beijing's bosses.

Nor even on political freedom, freedom of speech,etc given the USA attacks on our esteemed hero Ed Snowden and great Ozzie hero Julian Assange. It's significant and a big warning when Americans and Australians seek political asylum in Russia and Ecuador.

Recommendation = a nice cup of tea and a lie down for the hot under the collar militaristic maniacs in NATO and Beijing. Russia is not a worry as they are just trying to keep their patch secure against NATO inroads and Made in China looming. 150 million poor people in Russia are trivial albeit nuclear armed and thereby able to maintain a MAD defence. 10 x as many in China, and twice as many and 10 times as wealthy in USA are where the real military dangers lie.

China could reasonably send an Armada to Barcelona and help the Catalan prisoners of Spain as the voting there seems to be for independence, though still within Euroserfstan. Or maybe to Hawaii to return it to Cook Islands and Aotearoa-Zimbabwe federation of Polynesia which was annexed in the 19th century.

Rewinding history is somewhere between difficult and impossible, counter-productive and futile. Generally it's better to look forwards than backwards. The past was always based on bad ideas. The future at least has the prospects of making things better.

Hong Kong could be like Singapore. Taiwan like Aotearoa-Zimbabwe. Independent, not causing trouble and even quite good in many ways.

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