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Technology Stocks : Apple Inc.
AAPL 162.37+1.0%3:59 PM EDT

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To: Zen Dollar Round who wrote (210999)10/19/2021 4:08:21 AM
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> You must know this. Did you never take a marketing class?

Another person like me:

Apple finally listened to the pros 78 And ditched the MacBook’s cons

On Monday, Apple announced an intentionally thicker (in the case of the 16-inch model) and heavier MacBook Pro filled with ports — including HDMI, the SD card slot, and even the return of the MagSafe charging cable — plus three USB-C / Thunderbolt 4 connectors, the most capable port around. The new 14- and 16-inch Macs feature up to 64GB of memory, and up to 8TB of the fastest PCI-Express storage on the market, with 7,400MB/sec reads.

But I think I’m buying a Mac.

I’ll probably wait for the dust to settle a bit. As always, there are some big open questions like performance and battery life,

Gotta say, they finally are attractive again. They nailed PART of it. If they get the OS back to better usability I'll buy a new one for sure... but I'm in no hurry.

As for marketing I went to design school. After I graduated I found the most successful instructor there was a bullshit artist. He had Toyota totally buffaloed on a ad campaign he was doing for them. It is profitable... SHORT RUN.

Funny I watch old basketball games on youtube and love seeing commercials (marketing) for all the shit cars US car makers were making and dumping on unsuspecting consumers... mostly ads for crap cars, everyone knows Toyota makes better cars, then and now. They resell for far more than other similar cars. Mechanics know it. The guy I use down the street won't even work on US cars.

LONG RUN consumers want stuff that works right and doesn't break. Ive hurt Apple's reputation with his bullshit. Now they are back to making better quality machines instead of prettier machines... they'll sell more because the chips are better and the bad shit Ive promoted is gone.

> Only tech heads care about the stats of speeds
Not sure if you're joking.

I was referring to Cook raving about better screens and faster chips with no proof... just another CEO spouting corporate talk. They always rave about how good they are. Consumers take it with a grain of salt.

I think people don't care about screens much, I can't see the minute differences.

Tons of people on the Logic Pro board on FB are loving the M specs. Anyone who works with computers wants a fast one... the Intel chips weren't cutting it.

Most people don't understand RAM I grant you. I sometimes explain to confused Logic Pro users that the M chips don't need as much RAM. Apple probably doesn't care to explain that one because its better for them to sell overpriced RAM that's soldered in to people who don't get it but have needed a lot more in the past.

Marketing does bring to mind the new commercials about the Chevy Silverado truck. It has a tailgate you can use for an "office" stupidest thing I've ever seen. Its the reason most people want Toyota trucks. They don't break. You can bring home a load of gravel and the tailgate will work unlike a Silverado which will have you shoveling out a half ton of gravel for a couple of hours before you take it to the dealer for a new one which will cost a lot and take you out of work while its being fixed.

I can tell you NO contractors care about using a tailgate as an "office"... EVERY contractor I know thinks its totally stupid and WORSE its something that's going to break right away and cost a LOT of money to fix.

> Android's specs are better

Really? I don't think so. On that one I don't care much. A faster processor on a phone is mildly attractive.

A faster processor on a work machine is HIGHLY attractive.
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