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Politics : Welcome to Slider's Dugout
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From: isopatch2/27/2021 1:32:06 PM
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RU ready for the Real Great Reset? Big Picture is planetary & astro-physical. Not just long term human political, social/economic trends. Like 42,000 yrs ago, our species is as sharply divided as it was between Neanderthals & Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Today? It's the insanely self destructive Globalist Deep State Fascist Left that's rejecting tools essential to survival & therefore doomed to extinction. To name just 3 of the most obvious.

1. Constitutional Representative government & The Rule of Law.

2. Inexpensive, clean, fossil fuels

3. Public ownership of firearms.

4. Healthy, rural, lower stress, self sufficient, living. A sharp contrast to congregating - instead - in large collapsing metro areas governed by the most destructive drivers of their own extinction AWA those chosing to live under their control.

Nuff said. Article below fleshes out far larger geo & astrophysical big picture repeating what happened 42k yrs ago AWA other major cyclic episodes since. One 12K years ago corresponds to Biblical, Sumerian & other Global Flood stories AWA physical evidence around the world. Immanuel Velikovsky, who I first read in the 1960s, was decades ahead of his time. He was also a close friend of Einstein. They both spent their final years @ The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University.



FEBRUARY 22, 2021


Even the mainstream has awoken to the “cataclysmic” threat that is the combo of low solar activity and a weakening magnetic field

…even the Guardian:

The flipping of the Earth’s magnetic poles together with a drop in solar activity 42,000 years ago could have generated an apocalyptic environment that lead to the extinction of megafauna and to the end of the Neanderthals, reports the Guardian, citing a new paper published in the journal Science, co-authored by Prof Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales.

The new paper entitled “ a global environmental crisis” discusses the temporary flip of the poles 42,000-or-so years ago, known as the Laschamp excursion, which lasted for about 1,000 years.

The Guardian article continues:

Previous work found little evidence that the event had a profound impact on the planet, possibly because the focus had not been on the period during which the poles were actually shifting. Now scientists say the flip, together with a period of low solar activity, could have been behind a vast array of climatic and environmental phenomena with dramatic ramifications.

“It probably would have seemed like the end of days,” said Turney.

The mainstream, as you’d expect, fails to draw any comparisons with the events of today, and not one MSM article attempts to give their readers a fuller understanding of the story.

The Laschamp excursion was just one of many in “recent” times, with these magnetic excursions (not full-blown reversals) appearing to hit approximately every 12,000 years:

Years AgoMagnetic ExcursionIce EventExtinctions
~12,000GothenburgYounger DryasGlobal Disaster
~24,000Lake MungoHeinrich 2Eurasia
~35-37,000Mono LakeHeinrich 4N. America
~40-47,000LaschampHeinrich 5Global Disaster
~60,000Vostok/GreenlandHeinrich 6Australia
~72,000TobaHeinrich 7aGlobal Disaster

Simplified breakdown of past magnetic excursions on Earth.

And yes, you concluded correctly, we’re due another.

In fact, evidence suggests it’s actually already begun.

That’s why all this matters.

Every 12,000 years –or there abouts– our planet suffers a magnetic excursion during which its north and south magnetic poles “wander” and eventually “flip” — this process results in a waning of Earth’s magnetosphere which in turn fuels serious climatic events and mid-level extinction events on the ground.

The devastation of these events is truly “cataclysmic” –and they earn that word unlike the many modern cries of wolf– because these events are much more than climatic, they also result in a bombardment of cosmic energy on the lower atmosphere as our shield against the Sun fails. Dangerous levels of radiation also impact the mantle, which can affect silica-rich magma viscosity.

We’ve seen accelerated magnetic field loss in recent years (driven by our wandering poles–visualized above) — and this a key indication that the excursion is winding up, that the poles are readying to flip.

In the mid-1800s, after millennia of stability, the field began waning and has been doing so ever-since — accelerated losses were officially reported as 10 percent in the year 2000, and then, just a decade later, as 15 percent in 2010. 2015 and 2017 accelerations were only announced to the world in 2020 and 2021, and they detected significant shifts in the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA).

[Note: the SAA is an area where Earth’s inner Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to Earth’s surface. This leads to an increased flux of energetic particles in this region exposing it to higher-than-usual levels of radiation.]

The strength of Earth’s magnetic field, as of 2020

We are indeed due for the next climatic and environmental disaster–those cardboard coffee cup supping hippies have that aspect of our future entirely correct; however, where they go hopelessly wrong is believing the event is wholly unnatural and that drastic poverty-inducing action will prevent it.

Cataclysms are what magnetic excursions/reversals coupled with low solar activity do: they blanch the planet of life and set things up anew — look at them as the true “great reset”.

Prepare accordinglylearn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.>
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