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Politics : For Trump & Freedom - Against Socialists, Fascists, Marxists

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To: frmrVZguy who wrote (52)1/12/2021 4:18:42 AM
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Part 28: WPV - Biden’s Picks & introducing the Council for Inclusive Capitalism

Credentials, CVs, and work history are shaping up to be a strong quality in key positions. That’s very upbeat. But a look at assignments hints at questions of loyalty - country vs sponsor. Laws vs ‘some things just oughta be done’ - per a Bill Clinton speech to (I forget, CFR or someone I heard ca1998-ish)

I am particularly impressed with CIA and Sec State choices:

Mr. Burns is undeniably capable and experienced to take the CIA position. I offer to you his latest stint at Carnegie is an indication of world view and ambition and the design he desires in the guiding of USA interests from his director chair at CIA. There is no doubting the Will and Skill he brings. We can watch to see if these are tools for our benefit or if Rapprochement ambition takes precedence. He is undeniably Deep State personified.

A nice essay linked below on Mr. Blinken’s CV and PoV. I thought it superior to other bio essays I found, here on

I suggest that in the case of Mr. Blinken we see a young idealist who is finding centrist and pragmatic solutions with fresh thinking. There is bravery in his Saudi ambition. However, his opinion of Trump policy suggests a naiveté that doesn’t fit with his experience. In fact, it suggests he still has yet to learn the fine art of “Air Martialing” when the stops on the organ can be suddenly reset signaling a new passage of tones and a tap on a pedal can send the first tone before the entire etude andante is presented.

These are the skills of directing the air in the room that are just as important as policy. The adjustment announcements for overseas base force reduction has been used by Obama in France and Trump in Germany and in both cases is enormously supportive to the EU economy and foreign trade and FX as it affects deficits and rotation of capital with partners. These are not minor considerations. And I profer these cases because I have been a silent advocate privately between myself and EU Treasury leadership, advocating the measures for our mutual State benefit.

There is another related story, from my history.

1987+ I was design lead on my Chief Engineer’s staff responsible for all stealth design departments product development. Mr. Blinken was a fresh law grad and already an experienced Company contact with experience in Nicaragua and other Cent. Am. states, untangling armed conflict.

On a certain date in 1988 (or 9) I was seated at an LAX gate awaiting my flight homeward when the aircraft from Mexico arrived with a very surprised and surprising passenger. A short, stocky figure, a bull of a wee man, was the last and lingering departure. Think Danny DeVito but really athletically fit and sandy brown haired. And he was in a state of jubilation unrestrained. I watched in surprise and amusement as he performed a sort of victory dance with fists boxing the air and knees pumping like an end zone football celebration.

Then he did something unforgettable. He rushed over to me and explained in concise words he was just then returning home after a multi-year odyssey having been the ‘kicker’ on the second aircraft shot down over Nicaragua with Hassenfus. He had to live in the bush, eating only what he could harvest from nature, and the occasional ‘gift’ from a farmer who had detected his presence and left some food outdoors after dark. He eventually found State staff and managed a return home. His presence has never been reported, nor has the second aircraft.

This and other truths of our involvement with PRC in the Levy-Condit matter and the Monsanto-Ukraine matter are details he will know well and have proven his loyalty to bosses over State interests. He will also have proven his tolerance for the stench of ‘real politik’. But his familiarity and discipline also suggests a repeat performance. We shall see. He seems uniquely qualified for defense, perhaps less so for offense.

In these choices we can see a clear set of policy preferences. We should wish our POTUS- elect godspeed. I am blinkered, and watching and hopeful a forthcoming benevolent design yields security and peace and economic prosperity.

Last, here is my introduction to you of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. I suggest to you the public-private global force implied here is worthy of your attention, study, discussion, and meditation. This is a big big friggen significant matter. I have provided the home page which will lead to corporate membership, plus their wiki page and an article laying out the significance of the socialist agenda in cooperation with Vatican diplomacy and diocesan guidance. You should compare this list of partners with the newly released list of anti-GOP activist corporations. Q’uelle suprise!
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