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To: Graystone who wrote (769648)12/13/2020 9:53:50 AM
From: Graystone   of 769658

It must be difficult continuing to pretend that the election was stolen.
The website hereistheevidence is really hereistheevidencethathasbeenthrownoutalready.
But the point of the website is to put up a banner that says "send money".
It absolutely depends upon those who do not read, cannot understand and pretend instead of think.
The evidence has been called "lies and spam", testimony from affiants that don't understand.
It is sinister seeming because the affiants are stupid, they have no idea, refused to attend info sessions.
#DiaperDon's legal woes are just starting and you are funding his criminal defense.
That is right, the money you are giving to #DiaperDon will defend the state charges he is facing.
I am pretty sure the other lawsuits can also be paid for with your money.
As long as you don't acknowledge the truth you get to keep paying, more lawsuits, 55 through 60.
At this rate their might be a hundred or so by January 20th.
After that you can all go the rallies and the price will be about $70 or $80 so again you can keep paying.
The lies are cheap, I think fact check has #DiaperDon well over 20,000 so you get a lot for your money.
But of course you don't think that is true, you think Antifa is like Anonymous (hint, they're not the same).
And you really don't believe the 50 plus judges who have said it is not evidence, it is lies and spam.
So keep paying, yes just keep paying. You get so many words for your money.

And God is with you as well.
Pat Robertson says so, send him some money so he can keep saying that. See - Matthew 7
And send more money to #DiaperDon, send more money.
And send more money for more lawsuits, send more money, winning is expensive.
With all the winning that is happening the election will soon be called if you send more money.
Georgia is totally controlled by the deep state as you all know but if you send money, it will be spent.
So much winning, so little time, needing so much money, send more money to #DiaperDon.
Your dollars are essential to pursue the lawsuits 55 to 100, so much winning will be bigly happening soon.
Many of you know, the Jets won the Superbowl, there are many many affidavits. Send more money.
And many of you know that the coronavirus is fake, made up by the Doctors and hospitals to get money.
Send the money to #DiaperDon instead because he is weally weally wich and has a weally wittle weto.
Weally wich, weally wittle weto, what is not to like, send more money, send the money, send money.
Watch for the tweets telling you who to hate today to make #DiaperDon make America send more money.
Make America Send More Money Again.
The latest plan will offer you a list of law firms that will accept your money to launch your own lawsuits.
You can pretend as well, get some neighbours and friends to sign the included affidavits.
Explain you saw the fraud yourself with your very own three eyes, the lawyers won't care, send the money.

*Dollar for Lawsuits is a campaign for more money so more money can be raised for money.
*Fake News is a registered Trademark of #DiaperDon Lie Ability, send money for yours today
* Any references to turds are Fake News, send money to get great free daily soup recipes
*The Trump Troll Doll Collection will feature great new lines like "The Jets Won The Superbowl", so true.
*So remember to dismember - MAGATS only eat dead flesh, "if it is alive it is a lie", send money, no SAS.

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