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Politics : Foreign Affairs Discussion Group

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From: Graystone11/25/2020 11:04:22 AM
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It is what it is
You aren't what you aren't

Hoover and Trump have a lot in common. Petty, vindictive little men, but most of all, they were wrong.
It really is a toss up as to which was worse for America but Trump is probably going to win this battle.
Ongoing efforts by the sitting President damage America and American companies and interests every day.
The 2020 pandemic is watershed event affecting four or five generations of people all over the world.
Every nation from the wealthiest to the poorest has been affected but America has been victimized.
Beaten bloody and still losing so badly that the world just watches from a distance, some cheer, some cry.
And amidst this carnage of preventable death sits a loathsome spider of racism and white supremacy.
It is difficult to imagine that America is in the grips of a movement that wants to end the opposition of fascism.
The specter of unorganized people fighting paramilitaries and jackboots isn't registering for them.
It is almost impossible for an American to see the picture of America that is being painted right now.
A vicious brute who casually dismisses the deaths affecting families across the nation, just dismisses them.
Riots in the streets of cities across the nation protesting the very public slaying of another victim of racism.
That dismissed as well with a statement that America has no racism problem, just a law and order problem.
From outside of the bubble that America seems to be caught in, there is no explanation.
America has always had religion in it's many forms but now, the gospel of tolerance and love is done.
It almost seems like Catholicism is lost in America to fundamentalism, a win at any cost religion.
Fundamentalism is replacing the gospel across the country, perverted and twisted is the new truth.
An alleged rapist now sits in the highest court of the country, an alleged rapist and a perjurer.
There is an attack on the principles that form the fundament of the law, it is happening today, now.
In spite of numerous opportunities to present evidence lawyers like Giuliani just yell and shout in court.
It is an egregious display of ignorance from someone who has met the bar, it disgraces all lawyers.
And this fraud is supported by an other lawyers that know and understand it is a fraud.
I understand some law firms have clearly made their position known and they deserve credit for that.
It undermines justice, in trial after trial arranged and allowed by judges in state after state the same show.
The waving of arms and the shouting that something was stolen and no evidence, none, not one bit.
At least thirty judges have accepted and examined what has been called, by them, lies and spam.
In spite of this there is no cessation, it is like a mercenary force that is willing to do legal evil for money.
Social media is used to push the same story, massive fraud, no evidence beyond "everyone knows".
At this point America is likely tired of being attacked, tired of kidnap plots, tired of tear gas clearings.
Not tired of law and order, just desiring some, every institution in America has been and is being, attacked.
They are tired of dying, tired of fighting and they are tired of the vicious little place America has become.
Some are happy, religious fundamentalists are happy, filled with hate, they march on in their war on love.
The corrupt and criminal are very happy, the opportunities to take advantage have been legion, to the highest offices.
White supremacists have been uplifted and empowered with messages straight from the top racist in chief.
Fascists continue to attack and loot and damage property while trying to blame those opposed to fascism.
And all of this happens while America sits in a giant bubble of "it is what it is" ism.

Powerful economic partnerships are developing across the world while America wallows in the mire.
Pacific nations, including Canada, China and Mexico are part of a new trading alliance, Americans aren't
In America the petty business of making it illegal to do business in China is being enacted now.
And Americans continue to pay because of the trade war they started, subsidies aren't sales.
Nations are forging ahead with fighting the coronavirus, Pfizer's vaccine had nothing to do with America.
This is true, claiming credit doesn't work in this situation, Americans aren't responsible for this vaccine.
And countries around the world have national leaders that are addressing the virus, America's aren't.
It looks like New Zealand is willing to try and help the incoming President try to fight the virus, this is good.
The direct attack on climate science and science in general was started by the oil industry.
They have misinformed, lied, obfuscated and hidden the truth as a matter of course over generations.
Under the stupid simpleton ruled by greed and inherently corrupt they have redoubled their efforts.
Every agency that has tracked and tried to turn around the runaway disaster has been gutted.
Regulations have been rolled back in every area and polluters have been unleashed.
Sensitive environmental areas have been opened to activity and the destruction goes on and on.
American's aren't leaders in much anymore except in a host of very bad ways.
And American's aren't getting smarter, they seem blind to the reality of the situation.
America was built on facing and fighting fascism, on empowering individuals, on the rights of every person.
America was defended and world wars were ended when being smart become better than being strong.
Men who had abilities, not empty braggarts, built the weapons that ended mass conflict on this planet.
And now, almost eighty years later we are faced with a stupid person who wants to use them to look strong.
Nothing could emphasize more clearly how weak and useless America has become and is becoming
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