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From: Graystone10/29/2020 3:02:00 PM
   of 769658
Stimulus post
3.4 Trillion

That is the amount that the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi have approved for Americans.
They are ready to give that to the American people as soon as the bill passes the Senate.
For religious reasons that is not going to happen.
We get a Detroit. Michigan TV station on our cable network.
There is a Senate candidate there explaining that young men in Detroit do not need any money.
He carefully explains that he doesn't even need the job of Senator and certainly needs no money.
And he explains, people in Michigan do not need money, they just need more Trump.
Yes, Michigan needs no money and more Trump rallies, more pandemic.
This is mimicked by every Republican Senator in America.
They praise the courage of the man who is denying you any payment at all.
The Trump ads where he is praising himself for Courage must refer to his tear gassing of Episcopalians.
Some people say the Episcopalians are very dangerous.
The Episcopalians never could have broken through to the White House.
Perhaps the Courage to inspect the bunker for many hours is admirable to Republicans.
Maybe the tear gassing of Episcopalians, the Wrath of Don, is seen as very brave and strong.
The President has demonstrated many times how the disabled are targets and can be mocked easily.
Once the priest and the congregation of Episcopalians had been tear gassed and disabled, it was easy.
The batons worked well, a General was present in case the President decided to call for air support.
You can make fun of it afterwards but you were not there, they were Episcopalians.
Do you not understand the courage it took?.
The Episcopalians could have recovered at any time.
All that Republican and Trumpian glory aside for the moment though.
You have been given your $1200 for 8 months, now you just need more Trump, more pandemic.

Even if he isn't your Senator, your Republican Senator is voting the same thing, no money for you.
Your Senator is voting to take away the food stamps that might tide some families over.
Your Senator is voting to add religion to American courts, following Iran's lead.
Your Senator is voting to suppress your right to vote, using his vote to take away your vote.
Your only weapon against the Republican Senate is your vote.
Use it.
If you do perhaps a real plan can be made to help America.
It really doesn't matter what your Senator says if he or she is a Republican.
Any denial now is simply another cultist denying the deed.
They have fully participated in the destruction and profited handsomely.
Of course this cretin can say he needs no money, of course none of them need money.
You can pretend you don't need money, maybe you can go bankrupt like Trump.
Maybe the $10,000 in taxes you paid last year could have saved you.
The $750 Trump paid couldn't have saved you.
Your nose, your face.
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