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From: Graystone8/20/2020 11:38:36 AM
   of 769658
The future of the Republican Party
Loomer, Greene

Manafort had a dead drop, used encryption and was working with a Russian intelligence agent.
Roger Stone coordinated the release of documents from Wikileaks.
Both of these men are convicted felons and close associates of Trump.
If you are a Republican this is the reality that you face, if you cannot face it then the future is bleak.
Trying to skirt those facts is possible, just join one of the many conspiracies, Q-Anon is a good example.
It states that there are pedophiles, like Ghislaine Maxwell, she is one of the accused.
You are told she is a "good person", Trump wishes her well.
Maybe Q-Anon doesn't really work here, how can rape be good you ask?
There simply no way to ignore these facts without really stretching credulity.
If you are a somewhat normal person who identifies as "Republican" this is all hot lead.
Trump has openly stated that these people, Greene and Loomer are the future of the Republican Party.
That is the Republicans that he leads.
If you are following Trump then this is your future.
You don't have to follow Trump, you can reject people like Loomer and Greene.
It means you have to reject hatred and division and even "good" pedophiles like Maxwell.
The charge is that she was the one grooming young girls so they could be preyed upon.
She used her razzle and dazzle and money to build a dream with glitter.
Then she handed these young girls over to rich men, who raped them, repeatedly
They paid well for the privilege. Men who pay for sex are often forced to pay well.
If they are deviants who want to rape young girls they really have to pay a lot.
Perhaps six figure amounts that would normally be paid to adult film stars for work in films.
What kind of person would pay six figures for sex?
As for Ghislaine Maxwell, just some higher class of evil, but Trump wishes her well.
Along with Greene and Loomer.
This isn't politics, it is about being a Republican or a Democrat, it is about reality.

Rejecting this deviant, feral creature is well within your power.
Pretending that he is the victim is not possible for anyone with reason.
Listen to him, encouraging the vile ignorance and racism of Loomer and Greene.
His campaign manager used a dead drop and encryption when communicating with the KGB.
He is wishing well to Ghislaine Maxwell.
I could list other sins but if you can take this then you do not care.
Who cares if an enemy offers bounties on US soldiers, at least he is white.
Who cares if an American journalist is cut up into pieces, he was a Muslim.
Who cares if your daughter was raped by a Maxwell client, she is female, she was probably "nasty".
What was the quote "men are insulted by that", sure we all have wives that we purchased.
If you can take what comes out of that bunghole then you deserve the shit that is landing in your world.
You deserve the total and complete ignorance that you live in and embrace.
This isn't politics, it is a descent into pure thuggery and criminality worthy of any shithole country.
Not a Goodyear.
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