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Politics : A Real American President: Donald Trump

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From: FormerLurker6/11/2020 2:16:05 PM
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AJ Muckenfus

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A 'tit for tat' proposal>>>>>>>>
The goofs/Commies/unwashed call to take down all Confederate statues, monuments, etc.
Their argument is that these celebrate TRAITORS who fought the USA & therefore cannot be glorified in any manner.

I propose a counter-argument. The noble savages aka Native American Indians most certainly waged war upon the United States (from Eastern USA to the far west); some names come to mind====
Pontiac, Geronimo, Sitting Bull etc. Do we remember the Battle of the Little Big Horn? Sitting Bull (A Sioux) with chiefs from other tribes slaughtered TO THE LAST MAN, Custer & his detachment consisting of hundreds of U. S. troops! Are there no murals, paintings, & statues of any of the Native Americans who fought our nation?---OF COURSE THERE ARE! SHOULD THEY NOT BE REMOVED????

The Mexican-American War is another example. Up until the American Victory, much of the Southwest including California was indeed, MEXICO! Did every Mexican land-owner/ranch owner/etc. suddenly pack up & flee south of the Rio Grande?? OF COURSE NOT! Many with Mexican names that can be found in the Southwest & California did not come recently but rather are the descendants of the many who remained. Do they have any paintings/writings/roads etc. named after them? OF COURSE THEY DO! By the way, we see the Mexican Flag flown in so many parts of the USA on such a continual basis that sometimes an uninformed person might think that much of our land is, in fact, MEXICO! This is the flag of those who fought the USA.
Should any display of the Mexican flag be prohibited; a flag that flew as Americans were killed? Don't hold your breath! (by the way, anybody "REMEMBER THE ALAMO")?

Only those tributes to White men are being removed--ON DAILY BASIS!
I certainly do not condone the system of slavery that existed prior to The Civil War! However, contrary to what others may state>>> for 5 years the Confederacy was in essence & de facto, a separate nation! It had it's own army-navy-government-currency-ambassadors to several European nations. Usually a civil war or a rebellion applies to certain factions among the general populace who wage some kind of rioting & attempt to overthrow the legitimate government. That was not the case in our 'CIVIL WAR'; one half of the nation just wanted to succeed & form their own government.

We also should remember that The South is the only area of the USA that was ever invaded-defeated-destroyed.
It can leave an indelible mark, just as Blacks say they suffer from as a result of slavery which ended approx. 150 years ago. Leave the bases with their names, leave the statues alone, don't prohibit the display of the Confederate Flag at certain events in the South! However, it is too late, the stupid & unwashed will have their way & nothing at this point will stop them! Next, it will be the Founding Fathers---oh wait, that is already taking place!
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