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Politics : A Real American President: Donald Trump

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To: Honey_Bee who wrote (208009)6/5/2020 9:02:55 AM
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Honey Bee and Thread,
I have something to say to all of you and I think it is important. Please read this, watch all the videos, and pass it on to EVERYONE. This is very, very important. Here is my message to the world:

I'm sure by now you have seen the videos of Black Lives Matter people asking white people to kneel and apologize for their white privilege. Here's an example:

You've also seen the debasement and humbling of Mayors, Governors, Police Officers, and people of all stripes who serve our community, as the BLM folks have demanded their submission to a growing list of outlandish demands, such as "Defund the Police". So as a non-white person myself (I'm Cuban and very brown), I want you all to know that I and many in my own community are deeply offended by this. I am asking all white people I come into contact with to please do NOT abase yourself. Don't throw your pride and dignity into the toilet for these thugs and bullies. Don't hate yourself so much that you sell your soul to these people. It buys you nothing from them. The only response to a bully is to stand your ground, refuse to kneel. You don't have to be confrontational. Do what I do, when my liberal friends and I talk about kneeling. I tell them, "I kneel for no man, but I will always kneel before God. If you want me to give you a hug in solidarity on the things we agree about, then I will do so as your equal."

Kneeling is a ritual of submission and the person who demands it of you is your oppressor. They don't want solidarity or recognition from you. They want to dominate and destroy you. They want to ridicule and laugh at you. If you kneel out of fear, then you give them more power. Bullies feed on this atavistic ritual of kneeling. They get intoxicated with the power of it and they demand and will take more and more from you until you have nothing left to give. This is nothing short of what Hitler did to the Jews. If you want to know ultimately what Black Lives Matter wants from you...well, in short, they want everything. Candace Owens says it best in this short video:

Lastly, I've tried to explain to you my deep disgust for what I see going on, but I think facts matter, because we are being bombarded with non-stop fiction from the mainstream media about the genocide of blacks and the systemic racism against them, when neither of those things are true. The data simply does not support those conclusions. Tucker Wilson has what I think is his most extraordinary monologue that every self-respecting person of any color should watch, if they care about truth and dignity, and the need to face the harsh light of reality in order for us all to come out of this into a better place. Please watch it and pass it on:

My friends, make no mistake, we are in a war. This racial strife is a small fraction of what is really going on. BLM and people of color are being used as "useful idiots" towards a greater goal and that is the dismantling of our great country and a remaking of it into something completely different. First they need to divide us and make us fight, brother against brother, sister against sister. Second, they need to destroy our economy and blame Capitalism for the inequities between us. Lastly, they will need to destroy our belief in God and turn our country away from defending our values that come straight from God.

Communism is on the march. They said it couldn't happen here, but our immune system is failing. The next generation is already lost to this madness. Time is short. My community of friends has seen this before. It happened in Cuba. It happened in Venezuela. It is happening here. Now is the time to push back.
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