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From: frmrVZguy5/30/2020 12:40:01 PM
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White protest voices: I am white, blond, blue-eyed.

If there is a basic requirement for King of White Supremacists, I am it.

However, I am not it. Here’s why, and why there is still hope for justice and our country’s Constitutional future.
I am Protestant, born to Lutheran parents, and raised on the knowledge of the Cause for Rev. Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis and the Meaning for both Faith and Politic.

The resulting Understanding is that in Heaven Grace is granted without consideration of skin, hair and eye color; and wealth and heredity. He called it Faith in Word. MLK Jr. would later call it Content of Character as distilled and purified for the world of politics. These are direct opposition to Rome in Luther’s day and all the centuries before. Moreover, these Understandings were thereafter distilled from the world of faith and restated in the world of Political Governance to create the greatest statements to date: We Hold These Truths Self-evident that All Men are Created Equal...

I am not alone. There are millions more like me, and that should give you some hope.

However, that hope is under attack and We The People need help for our common defense against seditionists.

The Armistice of 1865 ended on 911 2001. I know this because I found their Manifesto and it was written by an English fraternity man and published in London. Confederate activists are joined by immigrant violent seditionists and causing schism based on race to keep their politics in force: the politics of anti-enlightenment and anti-reformation in order to create the resulting Re-Union of the colonies under the authority of one or both of the European Traditional Nations of England or Rome.

But this means the very Cause for Severing the Bonds is once again oppressing free people here in our land. Those who are causing schism here for their own anti-schismatic pay-back are recreating the Reasons for the Original schism.

It is skillfully done and carefully described in news reporting to prevent any discussion of civil war era Causes and Parties.

You can see the invasion of person, property and papers started under GWBush almost daily in the news. It is legitimized under the excessive words and acts of the Patriot Act and its puppet FISA court authority. What was necessary for our defense has been abused and deformed into monstrous characters by seditionist officers.

White Protestant voices are also silenced by humiliation and terrorism to prevent opposition to the editors of the Carnegie financial empire that promotes the Confederate anti-Reform project known in politics as Rapprochement and Re-Unification with England or Rome. Their political theory enshrined in International Law is that only Traditional Nations and Societies recognized existing BEFORE the schisms are legitimate and all others are seditions that must be reversed. Thus, USA is illegitimate as is Taiwan. You can see the massive armies of sedition and civil war and their Casus Belli in those two examples. This is the overture to a new Great War.

50 years ago, more actually, I was a boy in a pew listening to the Sunday sermons of a pastor and social philosopher Rev. Thomas Basich who preached: Any attitude or action that denies a mans rights denies God’s Will for Grace and Salvation.

Wow. Unforgettable.

When has any monarch or Confederate ever embraced that socio-political formulation?


We are at war again. The old Cold War is again hot. Dead people again cry out from their graves for justice and their families rage in righteous anger.

What is old is new again.

I have written several essays about my discovery of it and firsthand experience of its destructive actions. I am broken. I am silenced in the political spaces of social and professional life.

I am unbowed and unrepentant for Love of Grace and all that means in both Faith and Politics.

The community of Grace must know itself and be united as it once was. Non-whites must remember their white pro-test-ant allies and understand they have also been under attack for 150 years to weaken and disrupt and silence the Voices of Grace.

I am only one. There are many.

I recall the best and brightest lambs of my youth who were struck down and eternally silenced by the terrorists of drugs and debauchery and malpractice: Ann Devout, Ted Linus, Patty Henning who each excelled beyond their peers and were the bright lights of our community. On only one street. How many of our streets were assaulted the same way? How many young lambs? How many ways did terrorists reach out and touch our homes and families and we just called it tragedy when it was war?

Hear here now.

Remember here now.

Believe here now.

Live a life of Grace-giving justice and rights politics here now.

May it be so.


a response to events and this editorial because it ain’t POTUS to blame:

“The common thread underlying the riots, COVID, China, Twitter and Trump
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