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Pastimes : Clown-Free Zone... sorry, no clowns allowed

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To: S. maltophilia who wrote (435049)5/12/2020 8:21:50 PM
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Here are a few others...

If I had a dime for each time the AI/Neural networks/Deep learning/Machine Learning craze came along, Warren Buffet would be mowing my grass, hoping for tips.
Big data is officially passe. New buzzword is Artificial Intelligence. New herd of AI unicorns seen in the distance.
Did people learn nothing from the complete failure of the "face recognition" systems that has failed in so many manhunts and terror cases (like the Boston bombing).

The revolutionary magical Apple Car featuring
1. Only one seat for the base model. two and four seats will cost much more
2. No trunk, ever to store anything. Apple iTrunk will pick up your bags and ship them anywhere. For a fee of course.
3. No features like moonroof till gen 3, when Apple will invent it, call iSkylight and sue every other car maker for copying it.
4. First of course a rolling box with four rounded wheels will be patented and a Cupertino jury will award damages against Toyota, GM, Honda, Ford and Chrysler.
5. The only gas or electricity you can put will be in special iGas stations that charge twice of anyone else with Apple getting a 30% cut
6. Features like cruise control, reclining seats etc will be added each generation accompanied by Tim Cook sneering at other car makers for copying these features
7. There will be a lease program where you get a new car every year in return for a low monthly payment of $1000 p.m.
8. There will be a pink model, which a certain sector of market will go gaga for, while talking about pay disparity, equality and what not.
9. the car will of course be totaled even if subject to a routine fender bender
10. Longs and analysts and reviewers will gush about how much better the traffic and the scenery is when driving the Apple Car.

Better rebrand as Coronaval Cruises. I hope Carnival includes a free pair of binoculars for each state room so that guests can see the sights of each port from 12 nautical miles out, which is about as close as the ship will be allowed to get to any port.

Elon Musk is tweeting his way to Felon Musk...

Boeing was broke a month ago. No private party would lend a dime to Boeing for even 40 weeks at any interest rate. Now Boeing is selling 40 year bonds.
What changed?
The Fed's promise to buy any bond, even those rated junk. The buyers of these debt don't plan to hold these bonds for 40 years, 40 months, 40 weeks or even 40 days. They plan to sell it to the Fed for a markup as soon as possible.
Without the Fed's promise to buy these bonds, no one would have bought a dime's worth of bonds from Boeing. This is 100% a backdoor Fed bailout of Boeing with zero conditions or protections for the taxpayer who are getting diluted by the money printing of the Fed.
For Boeing to pretend that this is a market transaction and not a thinly disguised Fed bailout reeks of the same dishonesty that brought about the Max disaster

The fed reminds me of a pilot with the plane losing altitude, who is moving the needle of the altimeter with his finger and the retail seem to be passengers who are cheering as the altimeter show more altitude instead of looking out the window and seeing the ground get closer!

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