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Politics : A Real American President: Donald Trump

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From: FormerLurker5/7/2020 3:07:15 PM
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So many people in the Republican Party & even President Trump himself have taken every opportunity to repeatedly state that there were only a few 'rotten eggs' at the top but the 'rank & file', the ordinary hard working men & women, are diligent/honorable people. Well, that may really be true; I have no way of knowing. What will the future regarding the average hard-working agents be?
My hypothesis regarding the above is this>>>>>>>>>>
** If there are indictments-trials-prison-punishment-public civil lawsuits of these 'top miscreants', I believe that any agent who may have been/is so inclined to STRETCH his/her investigative powers will be exceedingly careful not to do so. Maybe they are honorable & the thought to violate the law & the public trust is abhorrent to them OR, maybe for those so-inclined and of a disposition to mimic the disgraced 'higher-ups', there would be the FEAR OF GOD to do so and every I would be dotted and every T crossed.
** If there are NO indictments, trials, etc.,human nature is such that many in the ranks (SO DISPOSED) would feel that they & the FBI are untouchable. Any study of or reflection upon one's life experiences would lead that person to have a suspicion & fear that no lessons were learned & history may well repeat itself! Any in depth formal education & graduate study in the area of the psychology of human nature, would tend to back that up. FWIW, I am fortunate in that I do have that background and I do draw my thoughts & suspicions from that discipline. It most likely would not be rampant if it were to take place (no doubt the great majority of those in the FBI do/will perform their duties in good faith & honorably no matter what) , but there would be enough of those of an opposite nature that many individuals could unjustly have their lives destroyed & be bankrupt just like so many well-known people in the Trump administration. HOWEVER, there would be a big difference. We would never learn of the trials & tribulations that these 'little people' experienced. They are not newsworthy and would be lost in the shuffle. That is the thing to fear the most, the freedom-liberty-livelihoods of those average folks (like us) would be lost and nobody for the most part would ever know it---UNTIL & UNLESS IT HAPPENED TO THEM!

If there are no prosecutions & accounting for the misdeeds that we so clearly know of, we have all been made DUPES. Our tax money & hopes for justice will have just been a 'dog & pony show'! (bread & circuses for the dumb masses). I know that many people are concerned about this this & that is why I sat down to give my personal thoughts on this most important matter.
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