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Politics : A Real American President: Donald Trump

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From: Thehammer5/6/2020 5:02:40 PM
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Some clown from the left recently invaded our forum and put up some interesting (but debatable) stats comparing the records of DJT with his predecessor. Now, it really makes me yearn for the days when Obama was president (not).

I really do not grasp the point the fool was trying to make. Was she trying to change our minds about DJT?It was absolutely the wrong approach. Mimicking the talking points of the left and the msm will get you nowhere. Neither they nor you fundamentally understand why most people voted for DJT and will again this fall in even greater numbers.

Your stats remind me of the Wuhan virus model. You can prove or disprove all sorts of things with statistics but that only tells part of the story. It does not talk about the makeup of Congress. Seems like most congressional dims are very willing to bring on a recession if a republican is president, but republicans tend to have more respect for the people they serve. Very often, Congressional reps will save a dim president from himself much like 1994 when the economy turned for the better after Republicans were elected to Congress in record numbers.

However, I digress. If you want to come to this forum, here are some pertinent issues that you may deem to address.

1) We are proud to be Americans, proud of this country, proud its history and proud of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. American exceptionalism is rooted in those documents. We have nothing to apologize for. DJT is putting America and her citizens first and is not subjugating our authority to third world despots. Why do so many people around the globe seek to immigrate here legally or otherwise?

2) The underlying issues of this country have been festering for decades. Both republicans and democrats bear responsibility. Lots of big donors do not have the interests of the citizens at heart. The left likes to talk at ends about income inequality but never addresses the reasons. Illegal immigration, globalism and bad trade deals have hammered the poor and middle class. The wealthy and fortune 500 do exceptionally well but the poor and middle-income folks have seen their jobs evaporate. DJT has been talking about all three for decades and was willing to do something about it.

3) China, Iran and Russia are not our friends. China wants to be treated as a third world country and at the same time an economic powerhouse. They trample on their citizens rights, steal intellectual property and just put the health of the world at risk by not communicating the depth of the Wuhan problem. They restricted travel domestically but not internationally and bought up much of the world supply of PPE. DJT has been warning about China for decades.

4) Leadership: DJT has endeavored to keep his promises which is a rarity in politics. The list of “promises made, promises kept” is endless from Judicial nominees to moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem (something prior administrations promised but never did). DJT does impromptu press conferences and shows a command of the facts, something Obama rarely did. Maybe he does not sound like a politician, but straight talk buys a lot in fly over country. The press has been openly hostile and most of the media coverage negative. That is why the media’s rating is in the toilet. We like a guy who fights and corrects the record and does not smile when someone throws a shoe at him.

5) Economic plan: lower taxes, reduced regulation, and better trade agreements.

6) The weaponization of the government and their loss of individual freedoms under previous administration. Obama called the Constitution an impediment and history will show that his government spied on a future president and did everything in its power to dissolve and hamper his administration. The same thing is playing out again in the Red versus Blue states as to how the Wuhan virus is handled. The Blue states are doing everything in their power to destroy jobs, livelihoods, and individual freedoms. I suspect, if there was a dim president, they would be doing the opposite. The dim governors are acting like Nazi’s whose ideological roots they share.

7) We do not divide citizens into colors, sexes, preferences or any other demographic grouping. We are all citizens. The prior administration did everything in its power to divide the nation along any number of lines. DJT is trying to bring the country together. That is what we need. Your party sells division and you are the arbiter. I am not buying.

8) You dimshits on the left can watch cnn, stick your heads up your butt and ignore the truth all you want. Keep repeating the same lies about sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia etc but ignore any of the same by your own crowd. The fact is that DJT is making big inroads into traditional dim constituency (such as blue collar, and minority).

Go count coup somewhere else.
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