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From: Graystone3/30/2020 10:48:11 AM
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It will get personal I am sure.

A public response to someone I love : I am writing to you here because I cannot bear to talk directly to you this morning after yesterday afternoon. Why would you even bother to present that view point to me? A little Trump, a little Bolsonaro, mixed with the same complete lack of intelligence, understanding or empathy. Tens of thousands of people are going to die for no good reason over the next few weeks just because we are not prepared, the end of April is so very far away. This is no flu, we have never had a coronavirus pandemic before, this is not some necessary event, it is no cull, no natural happening. Why do you seem to take such vindictive pleasure when you talk about what is coming for Americans? You do understand it is going to happen here as well, our health care system is going to suffer in the same way and we are going to suffer in the same way despite our best precautions. I don't understand how you can possibly look at the devastation of your human brethren in Italy and not be moved, fuck Tony is Italian, you have relatives living there, why so callous? Read just a little more than your Facebook world, no matter how much you want to fight, this isn't the time to do it, with anyone. No one is winning anything right now, no one. This virus is contagious, I don't need to read anything in the alt world to see the reality outweighs any other view, we are being hurt, all of us.
You are totally wrong about this and I don't care what you think right now. Suggesting or even hinting at complacency in the face of this tragedy is completely irresponsible. It will come to your doorstep exactly as it comes to every other doorstep.If it's comes to Danny's house he will die, as simple as that, why don't you understand, fuck, I am tearing up as I write this. Rox is terrified and I haven't even mentioned your call or the fact I yelled at you or that you hung up. If you don't want to be yelled at then stop and think about what you are saying. Sure 80% are fine, no problem at all, I agree, that's a fact, but for a moment imagine that this twenty percent isn't someone you dislike for whatever reason but imagine if it was one of yours.
I love you.
Take care of yourself and tighten your guard.
I know you are vulnerable.
I know your trying to make sense of this.
It isn't time coldness or complacency, encourage.
It isn't us and them, it is us.
I love you starshine, call me tonight, or tomorrow night or whenever, I will be out in the shed.

My youngest son was born on April 23, 1998. It is documented here on Silicon Investor and the date is of some significance to those of you who live here, we all remember Russell. I still hope that Brad and Jeff made out like bandits but leave that mystery as one I will never try to uncover, I hope they are well. I wish that Jill could have received the same bounty as she was a force to be reckoned with. The underlying assumptions about net discipline and net behaviour, in part, came about as a result of her excellent skills as an administrator of a band of digital baboons. The first true netizens were actually SItizens. As the net grew our underlying machinations and postures became symbolic and then archetypal. You cannot be here without being here and when we are here it is like being pre-loaded in the digital heart of the new land.
Jon Graystone is no myth, he is an actual person and he is in the city right now and still working. Just prior to the arrival of this crisis he took a job with a firm where I once worked. In fact he called home and told us the weird story of how he got hired. The interviewing manager asked him if he was from here, he said yes, he asked if he was related to me, he said yes, the manager told him he never thought he would get a chance to return the favour I had shown home so many years ago. So Jon is an essential worker and though he is very junior it is with a solid reliable firm. Since Jon is a RPGer and understand dicing odds I explained the crisis thusly; if you get infected you roll a 20D (20 sided dice) and anything over a 16 means you have a serious case. If you get a serious case, you have to roll again and you are hoping you don't get a 1 on that second roll because then you are a critical case. The second dice you roll is a function of your age, if you are over 80 it is 4D, 60 to 80, a 6D and so on. For people in Jon's age group that second roll is a 100D category. If you are in critical condition, which can be anyone of any age then your chances of survival are very much dependent on the medical care you are able to receive. That medical care will be unavailable in many places soon.
It is your personal battle to avoid infection for as long as possible. Stay home. Stay safe. Wash your hands. Use whatever resources you have available to help shield yourself and those for whom you care.
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