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To: greg s who wrote (1274)3/28/2020 10:25:26 AM
From: Graystone  Read Replies (1) of 1302
Counting raindrops

Individually each rain drop isn't much and in this storm each drop could matter. The spray of micro-droplets that accompany speech are likely a major source of transmission. If you and I were in the same space our sibilants would spray little droplets contaminating the surfaces near us, whatever they might be, I have started conserving nitrile gloves by using one glove and keeping one hand in my pocket. I have found that this actually heightens my awareness of which surfaces I am protecting when I am working around my vehicle. I don't want my vehicle door handles to become hot surfaces. The customers are for the most part very understanding but that isn't always the case. Yesterday I had a move order for a customer, peter m, who had moved to a new condo. He thought the policy adopted by our company of no entry into customer homes was, in his words, "absolutely fucking ridiculous". I am doing my best to get services working but without his cooperation the chance of a positive outcome diminishes. I explained it was the only option he had, there was no choice here, he simply has to be my hands and eyes in his house or no service. So we tried, peter m had already identified the jack where he would like to put the modem, he said he was at the jack and he had everything from his old house, he advised there was a power outlet and a coax/phone outlet. I told him to get the phone cord and plug it into the wall and then into the green port marked DSL1 on the modem, he said OK he had done that. I told him to get the modem power supply and advised he could identify the correct power supply from all the others because it had a small light on it that would light up when it was plugged into power. He said he had it and he said he was ready when I asked him if he was. I told him to connect the power supply at the plug and modem watch the Internet light on the modem to confirm the modem was powered up and had started the POST. At this point I received no response from peter m and I started to hear all sorts of noises coming from my phone (picture me holding my phone out in front of me and looking at it in astonishment). There was crashing, banging, grunting, I could hear things being moved, steps coming and going, this continued for almost five full minutes, I have no idea what peter m was doing, none, not a clue. He came back to the phone and advised me that the modem wasn't doing anything, nothing at all. So I asked him to look at the power supply, he asked why? I reminded him about the power supply light that would light up when it was properly plugged in to power, something said just minutes earlier. I heard some more shuffling and moving of objects and a faint "oh" and then peter m said it was powered up. I told him the green flashing light on the front marked Internet didn't matter, it just meant the modem was starting and asked him to please watch the small green light under the DSL1 port on the back, the "sync" light, and tell me if it started to flash green or if it flashed at all, there was no response from peter m, just silence. After about 45 seconds (coincidentally, the length of time the POST takes) he reported that the Internet light was now orange, I asked him if the sync light had flashed, he replied, "the what?". So I had to repeat that explanation as well and had to verify he was indeed watching the sync light when we rebooted the modem. We repeated the whole process of going through the POST and the sync light didn't blink at all. peter m really seemed surprised as in his mind we had completed all the required work, I told him we were just starting. I could tell you how the entire two and a half hour service call went but but most readers have already gotten to the unsuccessful ending and I sincerely hope you do as well greg s.

I am in love with so many of us right now. I was watching a group of French citizens working out together on their apartment balconies demonstrating the way to fight back is to link up, like a biofilm. This is our future, we are being catalyzed. I am a technician and I decided last fall that I could not face a winter without some type of remedy. So I dug up my wife's beloved rhubarb, moved the entire patch to a new location and started to work. I poured a concrete pad and added a new breaker to the garage power panel. I built a really nice room connected to my garage. I fitted it out with used windows and a door, it is almost all glass, three walls are all window. I ordered a hot tub on Wayfair, a simple 5 person plug and play hot tub and set it up after it was delivered. Did you know that Wayfair will deliver your hot tub for free? I purchased an AR500 from Aqua Rest Spas and it was shipped from Georgia or South Carolina I think. I was able to use the spa all winter and it made a huge difference for me. Even now Rocks and I are so happy to have this small pleasure with us in isolation. That is why I am learning about biofilms, they play a role in spas. However Rock's thinks the real problem facing some people now is the problem our neighbor faces, she is an elderly lady who is all alone. If you know someone who is all alone right now then reach out and try to stay connected by phone or fenceline. Consider ways to create video links, my wife and daughter are now linked by Alexa's drop in feature after I bought my daughter one of the new Echo 5's for her house in Regina. If you have the ability to increase your availability to others, then take it. This is not a time to be counting, either coup or costs and more personal online connections are one fallout from this reaction that we can use.
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