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Politics : Formerly About Apple, Inc. Unmoderated
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To: Doren who wrote (9947)12/7/2019 6:06:21 AM
From: J.F. Sebastian  Read Replies (1) of 11187
1) Bush inherited a roaring economy
Did he? I recall that the dotcom bubble burst under Clinton's watch, in March of 2000 (not 2001 like Inside Job says), and later in the fall/winter of 2000, George Bush inherited (after a contentious battle with Al Gore and hanging chads in Florida, for the U.S. Presidency) an economy with many, many people out of work who had been employed in the artificially inflated world of dotcom companies –– most of which had no promise of ever making money.

So, let's not revise history here...dictators, communists, and Nazis do that...

Other than that rather major error in the timeline, Inside Job was a good film. And yes, it was sickening.

I agree with most of the rest of what you wrote. The Military Industrial Complex has us all by the short hairs, that is for sure.

Like you, I am mostly a libertarian, but I do differ from that party's line in some important ways.

I don't believe in legalizing any and all drugs like strict libertarians do. The rampant passing of lax marijuana laws is causing problems we are only beginning to grapple with. Talk about creating a welfare state of people dependent on government handouts, give everyone free, illicit drugs and you'll see a welfare state the likes of which the world has never known.

I do agree with having social safety nets like Social Security though. Here is what I excised from my previous message on this topic, I saved it because I thought it might come up in the conversation:

"I have no problem with a program like Social Security, I consider it simply a forced savings program for those that work who would otherwise not save on their own. The belief that everyone would plan ahead on their own and set themselves up for retirement is magical thinking, at best. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their head firmly implanted up their own keister."
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